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there is weekly kirtan @ stratford road, south bham..

i think it is 7pm till 9pm..

there is weekly programmes @ soho road gurdwara ....

from the top of my those are the only programmes i can remeber ..

and o ye weekly khalsa house programme @ w'brom nr edward street...

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are there any midweek programmes at bebe nanaki gurdwara, or anywhere where events are posted?

Progs at bebe nanaki gurdwara

Every Sunday arti/simran at 9:30am followed by keertan.

Simran from 7pm-8pm on sundays

Simran from 7pm-8pm on tuesdays and thursdays and sukhmani sahib paath on wednesday from 6:15/6:30pm but will start again week commencing 21st april because of the lari (continuous) of akhand paths.

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