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    • Sant Attar Singh Ji Mastuana wale did bachan to Sant Attar Singh Ji Reru Sahib that we both became saints, but Gulab Singh (Sant Isher Singh's name before amrit) will become a saint and a king. There was never any shortage of anything at Rara sahib, or wherever Sant Isher Singh Ji went. Sant Ji had a 108 bead mala made of gold, when a poor farmer saw this he thought if I receive this I will be able to provide for my family. Reading what was on his mind, Sant Ji handed him the mala and continued walking. Wealth was present in Sant Ji's life but they remained detached from it. But actually Sant Ji was a King and Sant in their previous life too. One time they were doing Chaur Seva for Guru Maharaj (Btw Sant Ji often referred to SGGS Ji as Guru Maharaj). Another mahapurkh said to the sangat "raise your hand if you wish to have darshan of Raja Janak". Some raised their hands and the mahapurkh pointed at Sant Isher Singh Ji saying "this is Raja Janak Ji". Raja Janak was a great saint of their time, you are probably familiar with the sakhi of them ordering Dharam Raj to free everyone from hell as they couldn't bare to hear the screams. The young son of a family living in Delhi had an accident resulting in serious brain damage. The doctors said praying to God is your best hope. The parents left immediately for Rara Sahib and it was late night when they arrived. Their request to meet Sant Ji immediately was refused and they were given a room for the night to meet in the morning. After hearing their grievance, Sant Ji just did one bachan, "stop crying and keep faith in Guru Nanak. Now return immediately to your son". When the parents arrived at the hospital their son jumped off the bed hugged them and said "where have you been? I was waiting for you". The son's body was perfect. Sant Ji was athaa shakti de maalak, but also most humble. They ordered their driver to stop the car saying "there's a mahapurkh". Sant Ji got out the car to greet a very gupt mahapurkh. Their name was Baba Uttar Dev Ji, they walked around with just a sack tied around the waist, very few people knew they were a bharam giani. Sant Ji bowed down and were asked "Isher Singh are you just wearing a white chola or are you white from inside too?" Sant Ji put their hands together and said "I'm trying to become white from inside". Baba Ji hugged them and said "I was joking I know you are white inside". Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji once visited Rara Sahib and became occupied answering questions for the Singh's of Rara Sahib. Sant Isher Singh Ji quietly began dusting off the shoes of Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji with their pala (scarf). Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji immediately got up and pulled Sant Isher Singh up from the arms and said "what are you doing?" Sant Ji replied "Gursikha Ki Har Dhoor De Hum Paapi Bhi Gaat Paahein". Sant Ji once visited a poor village where the houses were made of straw. The sangat said in the hot weather our houses burn down but we can't afford anything more permanent. Sant Ji told the village to collectively do regular kirtan as one sangat. They said if you do this your straw houses will turn into mansions. And so the village became wealthy. Some Kirtan Singh's remember their whole life 'at this gurdwara I sung this shabad'. Before starting kirtan Sant Ji would go into their dhiyaan to focus on Vaheguru and eliminate ego from the mind. After doing kirtan Sant Ji wouldn't even remember what kirtan they did or what sakhi they told. Kirtan for them was their bhagati. In fact some people would see 2 bodies of Sant Ji at the same time. One performing kirtan and the other sitting in Sangat as a listener. Sorry for the long reply. My hands will get tired typing, and your eyes tired reading, but still we won't find any limit to the greatness of His Holiness Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj 🙏
    • I already asked her some questions. She's not replying lol.
    • @MuslimNeighbour mate there are videos of when Annan Rashid is caught in a corner he just shouts and tries to speak louder and calls the person a liar or an Islamaphobe.  Hijab and Ali Dawah have also been disrespectful.  In regards to your point about how people on this forum discuss how to get people attracted to Sikhi; not sure what is wrong with Sikhs discussing this amongst themselves as all faith most likely have this discussion.  Don’t you guys have Dawah siminar and how to get people to come to Islam? Yes you do.  In fact I came across a talk (only heard like the first three mins) it was by a Muslim who stated 75% of new converts to Islam leave the Islam within the first three years; the point of the talk was about new recruits and how to make sure the stay in your system.  Therefore your point about Sikhs discussing with Sikhs about this is of no relevance.     What would be interesting is that some Sikhs on this forum have asked you questions regarding Islam and verses in the Quran as well hadeeths and the character of your prophet (I believe even on this thread) however, I yet to see your response.  You guys believe in challenging other faiths and you claim anyone can challenge/critique Islam but will never ‘win’.  I would be interested to see your response to all the points and questions made directly to you.   Have a good day mate 😉    
    • It's a nice old film that one. I guess they wanted the film to appeal to the wider Hindu audience so they added those particular scenes. There is no mention of Chintpurni in Bibi Rajnis story. There's also a scene where a snake around Shivas statue bites the rapist etc    I guess you can see the mata Chintpurni scene as, whatever power mata Chintpurni had she indicated that Guru Aamardas/Ramdas is the only and true cure, if she herself had the power she could of cured them herself ... Bibi Rajnis story is one of the most beautiful in out ithiaas. 
    • the two issues are related because it was the brother of the kidnapper/rapist  also part of the two AM kidnap team who actually tried to incite hatred and stoning of Nanakana Sahib pilgrims and granthi (father of kidnapped girl) at the news that the girl was not going to be returned to his brother.  I'm glad that he is warming a seat in prison under terrorism charges  but the truth is he created the original crime . Our spending on langar is not a problem , it's scummy people who think they are above the law just because they are one of the majority group, doesn't matter which side of the border. My husband is a sikh what is wrong with your brain ?
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