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    • the race relations act in UK protects the jews and sikhs as races ... and the definiton I gave is the one in the new US census . Sikhs are one race as Guru ji defined us , one varna , one race - human  chill dude.
    • They are a strange bunch. This sikh lady from chandigarh was surprised that I dont drink    she said how can you be a sardar and not drink alcohol.  I really was speechless. She then asked me why I dont tie my dhari up.    Sikhs/indians from the cities are weirdos 
    • Guest jagsaw-puzzled-singh
      Thing is though nobody is allowed to do anything about the dog problem which has now reached epidemic proportions. Indian criminal has strict punishment in place for anyone that harms a stray dog......which is all well and good if youre in a civilised country where there is civic pride and the authorities take care of the problem but...right now...things have gotten so bad babies and young children are getting mauled to death on a daily basis. Nobody anywhere is taking any responsibility. Obviously i havent taken any survey or anything but from what i saw i would guess that the population of wild crazy rabid dogs in Punjab has gone up by more than 1000% in the 3 year gap of me visiting there. And thats the thing that really bothers me about Sikhs in the west....they just dont care or at least choose not to hear. Wild dogs are killing more Sikhs than the Indian government and yet nobody cares. A while ago- on my things that white people do thread i once explained that more Punjabis die from inhaling soot from their rasooi kitchen than TB and the Indian army/police genocideadded together and how a simple tube that costs about $10 could prevent those deaths. Not one person here even bothered asking me how me and my dad went about fitting them into the homes of poor people. Instead, everyone just seems content going on and on about the same thing blaming the Indian govt and Badal / Captain for all their worries. I'm not even joking....the mad dog problem in Punjab prevented me from full enjoyment of my land more than Captain and Modi ever could. Lets get our priorities right. Lets kill those kuthe !!!
    • Why did you take my words out of context?   I said: "At the end of the day, you have a haircut, so whatever you think or say is meaningless. Through your actions you have renounced the Sikh religion." This means, his actions show what he thinks and what really matters to him.     It doesn't matter if I say something nice or say something that's not nice. It doesn't matter what you think or what I think or what he thinks.   EVERY TIME he shaves, EVERY TIME he gets a haircut, he is renouncing his faith in Sikhi   He has made it clear where he stands by his actions.
    • Guest CuriousReader
      Let's say. I'm a good-hearted person who is... Christian. Not a Bible-banger, but a run of the mill average Christian man of middle socio-economic status, or an average man who is not a Sikh. I do charity, good deeds, et cetera. I have a wife and kids and I do my best to raise them. I contribute to society the best I can and have a fear of God, in the truest sense, fearing that God does not like bad deeds. Am I a Manmukh, or a Gurmukh?  part 2: Why does a man need to keep his hair fully untrimmed, yet is encouraged to trim his nails, which, by definition of keeping with Nature's law, is an example of "God's perfection in his creation"? What marks the difference in hair, and nails? And finally, why are women encouraged, at the highest point of Sikh theology (I.e. Khalsa Amritshak Sikh of the Guru) to become recluse to the world? If they have upper lip hair, or even, God forbid, beard hair... what average man, or even Sikh man of any level of Gurmukhness (apologies for the made-up word but I mean to convey level of Sikh spiritual state), what man would like to have physical relations with a woman who looks, well... like the male of the species. Naturally, men are attracted to femininity as it is opposite to a man's natural look (growing beard hair easily, naturally and encouraged to look like an adult). So where does this leave the poor Sikh female who may have a problem of growing beard hair or moustache hair, who is following the Rehat Maryada of the Khalsa which means she cannot pluck or trim the hair? Is that not equivalent to a "Sanyasi" man leaving his hair in knots and not showering? It looks unclean to a man's eyes, naturally. That is all.
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