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Akj Uk International Akhand Keertan Smagam March 2008


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is there a video or audio of bhai amolak singhs 1978 talk, i herd it was rather interesting, the amount of pyaar he showed and comparisons of gursikhs he made. . . ? :)



bhai sahib was soo pyara man..he got bare upset..bare hard topic to talk bout...the sangat started doin jaikaaraay... it was amazin man, talk as off the hook...there was tru ektaa bak in thoos days...us papees now will never get that far...

jus cum bak from khalsa skool..where he was doin keertan..for an hour, small prog.. he did amazi keertn man:

AMg 261

ang 261

Page 261

pauVI ]



hy Acuq hy pwrbRhm AibnwsI AGnws ]

hae achuth hae paarubrehum abinaasee aghunaas

O Immovable Lord, O Supreme Lord God, Imperishable, Destroyer of sins:

hy pUrn hy srb mY duK BMjn guxqws ]

hae poorun hae surub mai dhukh bhunjun gunuthaas

O Perfect, All-pervading Lord, Destroyer of pain, Treasure of virtue:

hy sMgI hy inrMkwr hy inrgux sB tyk ]

hae sungee hae nirunkaar hae nirugun subh ttaek

O Companion, Formless, Absolute Lord, Support of all:

hy goibd hy gux inDwn jw kY sdw ibbyk ]

hae gobidh hae gun nidhaan jaa kai sudhaa bibaek

O Lord of the Universe, Treasure of excellence, with clear eternal understanding:

hy AprMpr hir hry hih BI hovnhwr ]

hae apurunpur har hurae hehi bhee hovunehaar

Most Remote of the Remote, Lord God: You are, You were, and You shall always be.

hy sMqh kY sdw sMig inDwrw AwDwr ]

hae suntheh kai sudhaa sung nidhaaraa aadhaar

O Constant Companion of the Saints, You are the Support of the unsupported.

hy Twkur hau dwsro mY inrgun gunu nhI koie ]

hae thaakur ho dhaasuro mai nirugun gun nehee koe

O my Lord and Master, I am Your slave. I am worthless, I have no worth at all.

nwnk dIjY nwm dwnu rwKau hIAY proie ]55]

naanuk dheejai naam dhaan raakho heeai puroe

Nanak: grant me the Gift of Your Name, Lord, that I may string it and keep it

amazin smagam man!!!

rainsbais was good..so as all the keertan @ khalsa skool!!! brap

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