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At last someone is making a movie on Bhai Vir Singh's Novel..


We need such movies and very good on continuing to make movies... Bravoo !!

also.. is the story of sundri by bhai vir singh a fiction but not real?

From what I've read, Half of it is based on a factual story, however, the story carries on for a bit in the novel

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the trailor was in punjabi, so i guess the movie too is in punjabi


actually this looks better than The Rise of The Khalsa, because i think TROTK looked a bit amateurish

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looks awesome

is there any chance of makin movies like this in english (for those kids who dont speak punjabi - cos i got TROTK and Saahibzaade (in Punjabi) for my sis but she's too young to read subtitles and doesnt speak english too well....i know it comes down to educting her but I'm trying to get her interested first cos she loses interest easily lol

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Vismaad are doing a grand job. With Guru Ji's kirpa, if they can get one production out a year it would keep the kids occupied and expose them to new sakhis.

Also I am glad they produce the animations in Punjabi, because once again it forces the kids to make the effort to understand Punjabi.

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Sikhvibes, where did you hear that they will have subtitles?

At least some copies of Sahibzadey had subtitles. I don't know if it's the case, but a source in touch with the project is concerned that there may not be subtitles. Also saying that it is not too late to offer some feedback. I am trying to find out if there are subtitles, but because things are being prepared right now, it would be great if people would offer some feedback to the contacts at the link ensuring that there are subtitles.... or post here to confirm that there will be subtitles if they find out.

I have no financial interest in this; it is critical that we support every effort like this. I have no doubts that it takes a great deal of resources and personal sacrifice to produce this. Please do not support illegal copies.

We are always prepared to spend twice as much on dinner with friends, but supporting something crucial like this becomes an obstacle. Don't hesitate to purchase gifts for those who may not get a copy on their own.

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