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Proof(s) That Guru Nanak Maharaj Visited Turkey And Rome Also

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All this stuff is true. I have personally met a Singh uncle ji who further knew another Singh who visited Turkey with his Turkish friend and came across (I guess) this stone


And then here is the stone from Baghdad, Iraq


Since I had Arabic in school for 9 years, I can say with confidence that the part I have highlighted in red reads as "Baba Nanak".


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Did Guru Nanak Dev Ji ever visit Rome? Now, there is an intriguing question. Since Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited the major centers of Hinduism - Varanasi, Rishkesh, Hardwar and Islam - Baghdad, Mecca and Medina it seems quite logical that Guru Nanak Dev Ji would have visited the center of Christianity. Since there is now tantalizing evidence that Guru Sahib Ji traveled as far west as Turkey then Rome is but a step away.

Although there is no evidence of this (research is there to be had for any intrepid Sikh) I did once hear that deep in the vaults of the Vatican there are records from the middle ages of a great spiritual man from the east with his companion coming to Rome and having discourse with church officials.



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I had a look at that website posted by Sunnybondsingh in the first post. Either I'm an <banned word filter activated> or there is no proof at all given that Maharaj Ji went to Rome, met Martin Luther, Galileo, the Pope etc - all claimed on that site. It's all just conjecture.

It's not even mentioned in any Sakhis - unlike the trips to the Middles East and all the other places Guru Sahib visited.

Sunny, what exactly is the proof you saw?

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Wow that is inspirational but the question is WHY couldnt Satguru Nanak Dev Ji have visited all them places? My masiji has a book in india written in punjabi, its called Janam Sakhi and she told me that because there were no cars or planes in them days Bhai Mardana Ji asked how they would get to such distant and far away places, Baba Nanak Ji said "Mardana close your eyes and hold my hand" and when he opened them, they were in a distant far away place..

In the west now we require 'solid proof' but proof enough is that Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji brought back the Panj Pyaarei, made one man fight a quarter of a million, administered the Amrit that made Baba Deep Singh Ji fight with his head on his hand.. in fact Sikhi is enough 'solid proof' that miracles can happen, because Sikhi in itself is a miracle, its a gift (altho I dont want to go into that because im a paapi and dont follow the path so it seems kind of rich coming from me)..

Going back to the topic its perfectly feasible that Sahib Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji DID visit the aforementioned places, however it also wont hurt us to uncover the proof that Baba Ji did infact go to these places..

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Khalsa04 ji, I'm not saying Maharaj Ji couldn't have gone to those places. I am saying that the information on that website is not proof. Rather, it's an attempt to gain some sort of acceptance from the West. Why do we need approval from the western world to firm up our beliefs?

It reminds me of the 'house negro' syndrome.

edit: Guru Sahib changed the lives of all they met. Look at the lives and teachings of some of the people mentioned on that site and you'll realise that they couldn't have met Maharaj Ji. Some of the claims just make us look like idiots.

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This is the picture of page no. 127 of the Martand of Giani Lal Singh Sangrur. This Gurmat Martand was Published in 1941 by Lahore Book Shop,Lahore.This Gurmat Martand has confirmed Almighty Satguru's preachings in Rome


This is the true picture of page no. 128 of Gurmat Martand written by Giani Lal Singh Sangrur and published by Lahore Book Shop, Lahore in 1941.This page also gives the name of the building as Ilahi Nur where the discussion took place.It also mentions the the name of the mountain as Zari- Ki- Paharhi which happened to be located in Greece.


This book in Turkish language confirms Turkish Sultan, Beyzeid-11 meeting with Satguru Nanak sahib in Ajmer Dargah in Rajasthan in 1511.The name of the Sultan of Ottoman Empire was Mehmet -bin- Ibrahim and he adoped the name of Turkish 8th Sultan. The books of Greek languages confirmed his his visit to India.Sikaner Lodhi was the Emperor of Delhi at that time.He accompanied the Sultan Beyzeid-11 of Ottoman Empire to Lahore. Both Rai Bular Bhatti and Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi of Sultanpurlodhi were invited to the dinner of Lahore.Both Rai Bular and the Nawab Daulat Khan spoke highly in praise of Satguru Nanak Sahib.Sultan Bayzeid -11 told everyone present there that he(the Turkish Sultan) had the glimpse of this Pir in Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan.Hence the Sultan family came to know about Almighty in 1511(Hizri 911). This also confirms the erection of a monument in Baghdad and later on in Istanbul(which has been detected by respected Prof. Davinder Singh Chahal).The reference of these books in Turkish language will be given for the kind information of the holy congregation later on when I will be able to convert the CDS and did the required scanning as the power in Greece and Italy is 220 Watts.( from my album of Greece and Rome(Italy).


Thessaloniki is about 80 kilometres from Thassos Island by ship.Satguru N anak Sahib, Bhai Sahib Mardana Ji, Sultan Selim-, Martin Luther reached Thessaloniki by boat from village Kastro(Thassos Island).Almighty Satguru and Bhai Sahib Mardana Ji stayed in the Mosque(which has many rooms).This mosque is calledHamza Bei Mosque, which is located at the junction of Venizelou and Egnatia Streets. This building accommaded until lately the Alkazar Cinema. It was built in 1467-68 and was added to and repaired in subsequent periods(This photo is taken from my album of Greece)


and is full photos which are live proofs and many other things

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