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Bhindranwale - What's The Score?


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Why are there doubts about Bhindranwale?

How do people on forums profess to speak knowledgably about him when most were children or unborn when he was around?

How much are they prejudiced by their own religious affiliations?

Some say he was defending Harminder Sahib, some say he was taking refuge because he was too scared to fight outside, thinking the army would not invade there.

I know this is the wrong place for answers, but how can I get historical accounts FROM THE PERIOD? I know the majority will be biassed - heck, I was at barely out of Infants at the time, and I remember thinking even the BBC were a mouth-piece for the Indian government. My dad didn't tell me, because he didn't believe Bhindranwale was a SAINT-soldier.

By the way, I do not want to judge the man, I just want to my own quasi-scholastic study of what was a great man, whatever his true motives may have been.

Are there any fair biographies? Or even unfair ones? Would rather not touch the latter.

Many thanks. Who knows, I may even be able to write a biography myself! :-P

P.S. Before nayone uses the T-word, governments the world over have used the label "terrorist" to refer to anyone who actively opposes those in power. This is an outrageous abuse of political language - a terrorist is by the very definition, one who terrorises a population.

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Guest peacemaker

Show some respect to "Bhindranwale". Most people refer to him as Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale. That's how you should start off. :rolleyes: I can tell this thread is going to be a fight, just by some of the things you said.

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Sat Sri Akal,

Remember one thing, GOVERNMENTs are the biggest terrorist.

You can start with book from Mark Tuly, i think it is a book from an independent writer.

For me Sant jee was a great Sikh. I have only one thing i wished from him. At least S. Amrik Singh should be sent to Pakistan to guide future gen.

I always wish that they should have some ideology for future course too.

They thought India would never attack Darbar sahib.

Read about Pheruman's death.

If you can read 2001 June edition of Sikh Shadat, it is great.

can you read Punjabi? I can post some links.

You are the judge , just use your heart and soul it will tell you truth.


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Ok here we start.

See Burma, China, India, Chehneya,Afganistan,Africa continent, South America.,israel,palestine.

Remember vietnam, sri lanka, philipinese.

earlier Italy,germany,japan,us,Britain.

There will be atleast 40 govt indulged in genocide of its own people.

So power corrupts.

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