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Sikhs Outraged At Daily Sport Headline

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Sikhs outraged at Daily Sport headline

"The Khalsa is my complete image, I dwell in the khalsa."

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj.



This is disgusting that the British media have placed the image of Guru Gobind Singh his khalsa in newspapers such low class as the daily sport, this is beadbi of the khalsa and the Guru. Khalsa Ji wakeup we are at attack once again. Remember Sant Jarnail Singh Jis words "Don't spare anyone who insults Guru Ji!" Khalsa ji take action; don't just ignore this attack on sikh identity. This is a chain of events in India there is countless crimes against Sikhs and countless times that beadbi has been done of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj now in the United Kingdom our identity is being attacked!

To complain contact Daily Sport Newspaper on 01612 364466 or Daily Sport, 19 Ancoats Street, M60 4BT.

Please feel free to comment and express your views an opinion on what action should be taken regarding this.

Shock and disgust. That is the overall feeling of the Sikh community after coming across the Daily Sport newspaper last Thursday. The headline "BURGER SINGH!" following a double page spread of a Sikh Nihang Singh was splashed across the national newspaper Daily Sport, along with an enlarged image of a half naked woman holding a pint of beer in one hand and tucking into an Indian dish.

The image of the Sikh Nihang has a label alongside it reading "Employee of the month," and an illustrated image of a 5-star ranking placed on his Paag. The image has left the Sikh community feeling hurt and disappointed at how ignorant individuals are towards other cultures and religions. Surely it's clearly obvious that the image itself depicts a religious individual, yet to mock it was taking it one step too far.

This highly offensive image has been portrayed as mocking the Sikh community. The front page tactlessly reads, "EXCLUSIVE World's first curry chain opens in UK." The angle of the article promotes the new food company "Tiffinbites," which is the first fast food curry chain in the UK. Rather than actually promote the new company, the Daily Sport have used a photo of the Nihang Singh, which is totally irrelevant towards the article. The headline is a careless play on words "Burger King," morphing into "Burger Singh."

On the inside on the newspaper, page 4 and 5, the opening paragraph reads, "That'll be chicken tikka masala with fries, please" That's what curry-lovers might be saying soon…"

The front page with its bold headline and the tacky double page spread is hard to miss. It's no surprise that since that edition of the newspaper was out in the newsagents; it has been inundated with calls of complaint and has released the following apology.

"On the 24th April the Daily Sport ran a front page feature announcing news of the UK's first curry chain, launched by Tiffinbites. The front page announcement was supported by a double page feature within the body of the paper.

The Daily Sport newspaper recognises that it unwittingly used words and pictures that may have caused unintended offence amongst the Sikh community and would like to apologise unreservedly to both the individuals concerned as well as the community as a whole.”

An apology in the Daily Sport is expected in a forthcoming issue of the paper. It was only after consistent persistence with the reporters at the newspaper that an apology was finally released, after they realised the seriousness of their mistake and carelessness.


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Just to let the sangat know...

A team of Sikh Lawyers are in the process of challenging the newspaper and have asked me to urge the sangat NOT to bombard the newspaper with phone calls, emails and letters etc.

They are taking up the case officially and will endeavour to resolve the issue through the correct methods.

By contacting the newspaper individually will make the case more difficult for them.

May the Truth Prevail in this Dark Age...


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Thats good news, hopefully goes well... at least someone else realised about the article, i recieved a phone call the day it was printed, got my brother to get the papper then decided to txt and email some sikh ''jds'' with the info, dont know how faar they took it, but it seems maybe theyy did chase it up and hopefully something will be done.

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