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KKV using Akhalee Nihang Baba Hardeesh Singh Jee Velling Vahleh's account

Thanks to Nihang Singh attached is the receipe of how to make Shardaaee

I may have made PLENTY mistakes when typing the receipe so scuse a Bhenj. I HOPE its what is called a "basic" SrdweI - I had to ask Singh for the receipe - I could have mixed and/or forgotten somethings. Mind you when my MamaJee made it in India, he had this whole other stuff in it aswell....so I dunno - anywho enjoy!

If the attachment doesnt open - PM Harry (Singh_In_Welling) and I'll send it you through email. I don't get how this silly attachment thing works lol :happy:

Just so you lot know when I say Nihang Singh (^^ in bold), I dont mean Hardeesh Singh - am talking about another Nihang Singh - just letting you know if theres any problems with your Shardhaee or whatever it aint either of there's fault - its moi's :happy:

And yes the attachment don't work - sorry :console:


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For those who cannot open attached file, please see below;

Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsaa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fatheh!!!

Just as you would before starting anything, do Ardws.

Throughout making SrdweIjust as preparing anything to eat or drink, it is important to recite pwT (Paat) and or ismrn (Simran). For better taste use

srb loh(Sarbloh) utensils.

There is no certain amount to how much of the following ingredients you put – use according to use. First time users I recommend start by making a little bit then increasing if you can handle it, (just in case you’re allergic to anything).

SrdweI doesn’t really have any set ingredients – the following are just seen as somewhat basic ingredients – you can add other beneficial ingredients if you want to.


1 bdwm (Nuts)

2 pqwsy jW imSwrI

3 Cous Cous

4 kwlI imrc (Black pepper)

5 soNP (Sohnf)

6 jl (Water)

7 du`D (Milk)


1. cwdr (Clean Sheet)

2. pqIlw (Pan)

3. kUMfw Gotxw


1. After doing your pMj ieSnwnW (Washing your face, hands, knees, feet and cleaning your teeth). Begin your pwT(Paat) and or ismrn (Simran).

2. Place a clean sheet on the floor. On the clean sheet place the kUMfw Gotx, and pqIlw (Pan).

3. In the kUMfw Gotx put in the bdwm (Nuts) and start to crush until it makes a smooth paste. Once that has been done put in the soPµ (Sohnf) and as before crush and mix with the bdwm (Nuts).

4. Add the Cous Cous, and kwlI imrc (Black pepper) and continue to crush and mix.

5. Once that has been done in the pqIlw (Pan) put jl (Water) inside and add the pqwsy jW imSwrI in and stir with your hand until dissolved.

6. In the kUMfw Gotx so far you should have crushed and mixed bdwm (Nuts), soPµ(Sohnf), Cous Cous, and kwlI imrc (Black pepper). To this add du`D (Milk) and mix thoroughly.

7. Finally to the above mixing add the pqwsy jW imSwrI vwlw jl (Water) that you had dissolved and mix until a smooth shake. Add thejl (Water) and du`D (Milk) according to how thick or thin you want your shake.

Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khalsaa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fatheh!!!!!

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Shardai does not have milk in it either, nor have I ever seen it made with sonf, two key ingredients are also missing from the above, sugar and lechi.

Why is there no mention of a Sher Kaan either?

From what i was told by some nihang singhs is that milk IS used IF they can get hold of it. If not they dont use it. In Panjab milk can be hard to get and expensive in large quantities, so because nihangs cannot afford it, its just not used.

Ive also never seen it made with sonf??? LOL new recipe maybe?

laichee is 1 of the main ingredients that needs to be added. makes it taste good :)

whats sher kaan?

edit: also its not cous cous lol its 'Khas Khas' (poppy seeds) as the other guy mentioned

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Could be wrong, but I think where it says 'cous cous', it should be 'khas khas' (white poppy seeds). I don't think they had cous cous back then?

Well like I've said before I may have made PLENTY mistakes :happy: - I don't add them poppy seeds or whatever - I keep straight - I made it the way its said above - as for the no milk or lehchee'yaa etc - I asked my MamaJee - he goes you can add whatever you want so kee pathaa hon - anywho if I've got it wrong I didnt do it intentially - but most of us that didnt know what Shardhaee consisted off have been given SOME kind of idea even if I've made mistakes!

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The poppy seeds in India have some nasha in them, the ones you get in England (East End packaged) are so refined and cleaned they will not affect you in any way. These are normally put into food to thicken them up.

The reason why milk is not used is because it is heavy and fattening, adding it to the rich badaams and sugar will make the Shardai even more richer and thicker to drink. Shardai is normally taken before excercising, the badaams have slow release of energy, the kali mirch helps with digestion and the lechi cools the body down. Without the excercise and bal, drinking too much shardai will give you the runs.

The Sher Kaan is the cloth in which you "Shaan" the Nugda into, removing the husk of the ingredients and extracting the drink in its purity, a desi seive.

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poppy seeds

like feem?



No, like the ones they put in bread (except khas-khas are the white variety rather than black) etc. You can make alcohol from grapes, but grapes are not alcohol........

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Gurfateh !

Here is an article from the original <edit> - I copied it - old stylee - yes I typed it out ! - It's from I think around 2000

The pictures are from various sources - the 'fuzzy' ones are from <edit> - yes we have ways and means of capturing pictures even if you don't want us to !!! :D

It gives a description of the preparation of Shaheedi Degh - The Pictures at the end give examples of the preparation of Shardaai from paintings.

Enjoy !

Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

Shaheedi Degh - 'The Drink of Martyrs'


The first step of preparing Shaheedi Degh is obtaining five ingredients, Badaam (Almonds),Cuss Cuss (dried Poppy Seeds), Kali Mirch (Black Pepper), Green Ilechi (green Cardamon) and hand picked marijuana leaves. Within the Akali Nihang Dals they will not use almonds cracked by anybody else. They must be cracked fresh by the 'Sukhi Singh' - (The bringer of Happiness Singh, The Nihang that prepares the Sukha)................The Sukhi Singhs must take an Ishnaan before they commence the preparation of Shaheedi Degh. More Satkaar is given to Shaheedi Degh than is given to the Karah Prashaad in any Western Gurdwara Sahib.


Water from taps is never used. The roots for this Maryada can be traced back to the arrival of the British in India. Before the British came there were no taps, the Akali Nihangs were at war with the British and out of principle refused to drink from the water system that they had created. Other Bibeki Akali Nihangs state the pipes that carry water are punctured in many places consequently the water maybe infected with some impurity. Fresh water is raised from the well in an iron bucket. This way the Sukhi Singhs can be sure that the water they use has not been tampered with.

All five ingredients are placed into the Snheri (Golden Vessels, refers to the stone mortar), the Sukhi Singh adds a little fresh water and begins to perform ragrha ( circling movement) with the Slotr (heavy wooden club). This is done until all the ingredients have been reduced to a green thick paste. Throughout the preparation of Shaheedi Degh the Sukhi Singhs must have their mouths covered and their minds on Gurbani or the Gurmantar. This is vital to the preparation of Shaheedi Degh, only when Gurbani is on the lips of the Singhs preparing it does it become true Shaheehi Degha. Only then is it blessed by Shaheed Singhs.



Only vessels of sarbloh are used to prepare Shaheedi Degh. The use of Shaheedi Degh is vital to Satguru Khalsa Panth Singh Sahib Ji, during the darkest hour of the Gurpanth's history, Sukha was a great friend to the Akali Nihangs. The warrior who had many horrific wounds would be able to continue to fight in one last battle thanks to the aid of Sukh Nidhaan. It's use as part of a whole system of medicine is also talked about within Akali Nihang Singh tradition.

After the paste has been completely ground down it is placed on top of the Sher Kan (Ears of a Lion, Cloth used to extract the moisture from the paste). Water is poured over the paste through the Sher Kan, thus all of the nourishment and flavouring is removed from the paste. This process is repeated many times.

The Sher Kan are squeezed until all the goodness has been removed from the paste........






..............................The consumption of Shaheedi Degh is not compulsory for any Nihang Singh. There are many Nihang Singhs that do not drink Sukha. Within the Dal Panth diversity is a strength not a weakness ........................Shaheedi Degh is prepared twice a day. If this maryada was abandoned then Buddha Dal could reclaim the Dals Nagara (Battle Drum) and Nishaan Sahib.


In this picture we can see the Nugda, this is the dried paste after all the essence has been removed. This Nugda is said to represent the heads of the enemy, after offering Ardas to Akaal Purakh, SatGur Nanak jee and all of the Shaheed Singhs this nugda is thrown against something hard, this represents the smashing of the enemies head.

A battle song is sung before the Nugda is thrown this is known as Nugda Charn.


Nugda Charn ;

"Grinding Sukha, black pepper and almonds. We make ready a court fit for kings. Whatever Nugda is left we strike at the heads of our enemies. Oh enemy here comes a Nugda picking off your children. Your enmity with the Guru's House will not last long. Today live your life to the fullest. Tommorrow the Khalsaa is attacking. Holding swords in their hands. You would not be able to run and save yourself. Breaking your castle. Grabbing your moustache. Sitting on your chest. Smashing your face. Colouring your face black. Tying you and bringing you into the presence of the Nihnag Singhs. Nihang Singhs are going to take their revenge from you in the fullest. Here comes a ball leaving not walls or trenches. Oh filthy evil foreighn scum where can you run and hide? . Death comes ahead of you Death comes behind you Crying the Battle Cry KAAAAAL !!!!!!!

(Text from <edit>)

(Pictures from various sources)


Some depiction of Shardai from paintings

Circa AD 1850


Mid 19th Century


Unknown age


<Image removed - by member request>

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