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Marijuana And Nihangs


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  • 3 weeks later...

Yes ... oki let me give u a very quick itehas oh that battle day ... sikhs knew one day before that next day they will send elephant ... of the strongest sikh whose name came in history as "Dunni Ram" guru sahib told him if they are sending elephant we will also send our elephant to fight him and that to alone ... hearing this dunni ram got afraid (may be he was also againt shahhedi degh) and in the night ran away from anandpur sahib ... but while juming the high walls he broke his hip bone and died ... next day early in the morning when sangat told guru sahib ... that dunni ram tried escaping and died ... guru sahib prepared his smallest sikh ... baba bachitar singh stood only 4'11 ... to fight elephant ... he dressed up did his morning nitname had his degh and then went to fight the elephant ... this is as per sikh history ... but u will hardly find it in sikh history column on the last page of the weekly newspaper ... which is the main source of sikh history of todays youth ...

killer !!!!

some of these last comments are hillarious...seriously some of these modern jathas are nutty

Yep, good replies, to the jathebandi syndrome =D

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why do you all argue, if those that want to be akj's and disregard puratan khalsa warrior traditions let them. Im sure those that dont, will continue to uphold asli puratan maryada. According to rattan singh bhangus panth prakash, the khalsa was created to standardise the warrior, eliminating caste, creed, etc. The rules of the khalsa were simple, 4 kurehata, but how they lived was determined by the activities going on at that period - battle, hiding,etc. They ate meat to survive, and made sukha as a antibiotic as well as a boost. The khalsa(nihangs) are a warrior sect of sikhi, we are lions, dont disregard the truth for something that is within fairy tales.

I guess this is the way it should be, back then all the shaheeds were all nihangs, and they were only a few of them, and theres only a handfull of dalpanth fauja now aswell.

Regardless of this forum, and peoples views everyone is still going to do what they want!!

Khalsa are NOT a sect they are dedicated Gursikhs i.e. what the panth should be .

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    • Hey bro, by Vaheguru ji kirpa you are doing incredibly well. You received Amrit at young age, and from Sri Anandpur Sahib, wow that’s awesome! Amrit doesn’t ‘break’.  All young people are the same, kaam is strong at that age. As for feeling down, honestly every person in this world is miserable and down. Life is harsh and unpredictable. Death doesn’t always come in old age it can come at any time. Daas is not from any Sikhi background at all. My younger brother passed when I was 9, that’s what started spiritual curiosity. Religion is a game, spiritually is something different. Maybe life has to be unduly cruel to show you deeper things.  The purpose of human life was to merge back with Vaheguru. Kulyug, maya, 5 vikaar are absolute snakes which wrapped themselves around people to distract them of that purpose. Bro Vaheguru expressed his love towards you by arranging you meet Satguru ji. Now you gotta take strength and fight. Your strength will come from gurbani, sangat, seva, simran, keertan, katha. Sikhi history will give strength too.  Guru Sahib Ji loves you so much, he sacrificed his chaar sahibzade for YOU. Focus on your relationship with Guru Sahib Ji. Love him back and trust him. ❤️
    • No your amrit has not "broken" if you haven't committed any of kurehit of tann, physically. You mention kaam and mann, so I assume it is chetvan kaam. Worst you can get is a tankhah from panj piare otherwise. Biggest influence on your mann will be sangat around you, be sure to filter through your sangat and environment. Keep your head up Singh. 
    • Maharaj, any updates? Daas is planning on doing the same in the coming future.
    • Guest faseyahoya
      So I am 16 and was blessed with khande di pauhl exactly 1.5 months ago at anandpur sahib. Before that, I practiced everything a khalsa would do. nitnem, chastity, naam abhyas, etc. I have a pretty good image in public and people. Before, i felt like guru is very much near me, but now I feel like i am being seperated from him. I still do nitnem but i really want to defeat kaam and other evils. I read other threads but I feel like this is the only option left. I quit social media for 6 months but now my manmukh mind is back at it. I have committed no kurehit. Please tell me my amrit is not broken.
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