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my parents won't let me date. i really like this girl too and she's nice, smart and pretty. i get A's and always listen to my parents. i even do shabaths. how do i convince my parents to let me date? they won'y even let me hang out with girls or talk to them at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mature replies only please.

To the OP - I would encourage you to search the forum for topics on dating, I am sure you will find the answer to your question in previous topics.

Oye, listen if u gonna talk bout this crap, take it to some other forum!!!

o girl ney tenu ladoo daynee??? think of her as ur sister man... use sense

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It is then your problem.

I was talking about hukam of Guru.

It is in Bani

May be spelling mistake ;(

Dekh Prayian Kudian Diyaan Bhenna Jan |

Netar Naa Dekhee Prayee Rupad |

It is strictly prohibited in Sikhi to see girls in wrong way.

Love marriage has much higher rate of divorce than arrange marriage. As parents have seen more world then you, and they are much better to judge and take decision.

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Guest I_sold_out
You dont read posts read the post previous to it ;)

I just want to say bro it is a sikh forum not a general forum.

Yes, and you have clearly established the fact that I'm not a sikh, right? May I be excused now?

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Expressing such desperate behaviour for girls, you are no way sikhs (not just to this topic)

Grow up.

Sikhs should no way behave in this manner.

Girls should be treated with diginity and there is no way should see girls only as an object for love.

If you dont respect them and see them in wrong way, then in no way you are sikh.

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Guest I_sold_out

How come in any picture I've seen of sikh "marriages" the couples don't really look that excited on the wedding day? I mean, this is their wedding and all, but most just treat it like it really isn't that special. They don't have any smiles in the pictures that I have seen. In a love marriage, you wouldn't have that problem, I believe.

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So you only have problem that your wife should smile on wedding day.

See the truth is arrange marriages are much more successfull.

You should post such questyions in some social forum.

It is sikh forum and it is in Gurbani that you should see the girls in a way as sisters etc.

So if it is not related to sikhi go to some social forum and ask questions.

Sikhi in no way allow dating.

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Even if you are Athest, Muslim Christian Hindu . Jain ,buddhist. You should respect girls.

A person should have good character. He should be able to die in peace, that he has not done anything wrong.

Comparing with other people and judging one good person is wrong idelogy.

I the end it will be only between you and God, nothing else.

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