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A summer break focussed on learning and sharing the essence of Sikhi. Khalsa Camp has a long tradition of inspiration and knowledge.


Khalsa Camp 2008 will located in the West Midlands. The exact location is only revealed to registered applicants.


Khalsa Camp 2008 will run from Friday 29th August through till Wednesday 3rd September 2008.

For more information, FAQ, photos, comments on previous camps, visit khalsacamp.com

For all queries please email: mail@khalsacamp.com as they will not get responded to on the forum.



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quick question, if i can only attend on the 1st,2nd and 3rd- would that be allowed?

if so then would it be at a discounted price??

I want to know that too. I am working so I might only be able to come and join the sangat for evening kirtan. Would I be allowed to come only for an evening?

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Bhai Surjit Singh Ji - Amazing Inspiration.


Bhai Sahib playing Volleyball on Beach! :)


Rainsbaaee Keertan outside!


The good old "Youth & Social Issues" workshop/discussion group! hehe


This is what happens to you if you refuse to have a shower. LOL. (JOKE!!! It was a water fight! Thank Waheguru I was inside at the time!).


OMG! There's a Singh with a bucket on his head at the back!

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Doing Vichaar outside on the grass (too hight, sun in your face and can't see anyone! lol. hehe)


Bhai Sahib showing campers how to do Guru Ji's sevaa.


Amazing Gursikhs. Inspiration. - Bhai Joginder Singh Ji and Bhai Tarunjeet Singh Ji.


Abuse - Poor bhaji! lol.


Sea-side bath (udhaa, the water looks more dirty than clean!!).

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