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Sant Jarnail Singh ji

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so u no in 1984 wen the attack happened, wuz it easy 4 the government 2 kill sant ji. cuz i read it took days 2 enter, but sant ji n his forces killed just 88 soldiers. while sant ji's army lost 200+.

that has 2 b a load of BS, rite? sant ji wuz whey more powerful. i read he nearly wiped a whole division of the india army. so now can sum1 clarify this?

I read in "sikh history" by khuswant singh that rajiv gandhi in one of his speeches told people that 700 Indian soldiers were killed in the operation.Thats why army was so mad that they killed every sikh they saw.Its a pretty big number, isn't it?

Khuswant singh is the biggest fool, and should be shot, or should be burn alive.

As he drinks Alcohol while listening to Bani and he called Sant Ji a fool and the Mov

ement a waste of time. He said Khalistan will never be. I know this as I saw this on TV.

He had a bottle on hes table while he was drinking alcohol, and he was playing Rehas Sahib, and he said I do this every night.

So don't buy hes books. He works for GOI.

Thnx for the info.I know he drinks and not a good guy.I like that guy cuz he was the only guy who stood in parliament to ask for justice for 84 roits.He was the only guy who stood in parliament to point out all the flaws in the Government white paper for operation blue star.He gave a nice account of the events for 1984 in his book.He straightaway proved that government arugument is full of flaws.He gave away his parliament position after delhi roits.The most pathetic thing was NOBDY in whole of parliament stood with him to ask for justice.

I have his speech he gave in parliament.I will post it soon.

I am not pro-khushwant, but I like the way he writes.I like him as an author.I dont consider him a sikh.The nice thing abt him is that he stood for sikhs when AKALIS and NAHANGS and ministers like buta singh were goin against SIKHs.

The worst thing abt him is that he never understood the personality of Sant ji.He praised sant ji for makin youth come back to sikhi.He praised him when sant ji said"first become khalsa(i.e keep kesh and take amrit) then ask for khalsa raj.....cut hair(monee) asking for khalistan doesn't make any sense". But then he started posing him as if he(sant ji) is creating a rift between hindus and sikhs.

So, i just wanna say here that he is worst as a sikh(though he has kesh) but he is good as an author.

Sorry if i offended anybdy.

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I will try to find the exact source of this but I read that the Indian government had 50 Commandos for operation bluestar.

Let me just explain here Commandos are like ... one commando is like 500 soldiers. He has been trained for years, physically, mentally and emotionally. He is solid as steel, he is a spy, a soldier, a strategist, a leader, a fighter. He knows hand-to-hand combat, simple sword fighting, rifles, hand pistols, bombs, helicoptors, tanks, complicated warfare, guerilla warfare, negotiations, hostage situations - he is a sergeant, general - a supersoldier.

The Indian government had 50 OF THESE GUYS sent into the Harimandir Sahib complex.

50 of these guys is equivalent to thousands of normal soldiers. These guys are so hardcore and so effectively trained that they can defeat so many enemies without a single bruise.

50 OF THESE COMMANDOS were sent to kill the Khalsa.

The Khalsa killed 49 in the first FEW HOURS.


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ive heard that indras plan went horribly wrong apparently the indian forces had heavy casualties which they didnt predict in the end she got very nervous and had to call something like 6 or 7 regiments from different parts of the country i recall reading "gorkhas, bengal or rajput rifles and a few others. I also read that it wasnt 200 singhs defending darbar sahib but something like 30 odd left from the 200 (besides the sangat who came to celebrate gurpurb)the other singhs also came to give their head for shahadat at the start but were asked to carry on the movement after and ordered to go by some of the singhs so in no way did they "leg it" their role was just as important for the panth for the future movement. did you hear the singha tha jaikara from darbar sahib when it started it truly sounds like a deep warrior thunder echoiing through on one of the 1984 documentaries with some punjabi guy doing a commentary on the latest news at the time !! to think how much energy and life the singhs must have had to defend is just breathtaking.

i think the number of dead hindian soldiers will be higher than 700 if 7 regiments were bought in to battle for many days ( how many soldiers in each regiment, the indian fauj is officially over a million but likely to be much more )but the gorment will not disclose honestly its casualties cos its their besti in their face against just a handful of shaheed singhs.

one of the indian soldiers afterwards stated something like "if i just had 3 of these divs ( rude reference for shaheed singhs) i could take on the whole of the pakistan army". although he addressed the singhs with an insult thats an

eye witness account measurement of the shaheed singhs demonstrated fighting abilities in the face of the indian fauja.

also i hear that the estimates of the sikh holocausts from indian mock azadi to present is not 250 000 but something like 1.2 million i still have to research the sources on this human rights topic .if anyone has that please lemme know.

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thank u so much 4 tellin me. m sure 4 a whole division wuda bin more troops. there wuz a whole tank regiment that got blown up, n surly loads more troopers than 700. i think there were 2000 in an interview i red. cant memba.

did sant ji no if gandhi wuz gonna get darbar sahib? n y did she wanna go in? i heard she wuz reluctant 2 go in (but thats indian media).

also, u red in search of the tru guru by bhai rama singh? well it mentions a shaheed singh sayin 2 bhai sahib ny1 hu attacked darbar sahib always ended up bein reduced. so y hasnt indra gandhi n her little crew bin dissolved. they r still the main opposition in india. like the tory conservative of the uk. so wots goin on. surly if sum1 challenges an avtar alwayz dies straight away.

is kushwant singh that guy hus kinda fat with an orange paag?. send a pic of that if possible of kushwant singh plz.


gur fateh

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Singh jee,

about Kushwant...well he is a writer and would always write the stuff that sells!!! he does not care about what the hell happened. he is only there to get his share of the sales. B)

here is what he says:

"Truth, Love and a Little Malice, earned me the most money. It earned Rs. 26.5 lakh [1 lakh = 100,000] in the first six months. It is a very big figure for India. Possibly the biggest ever in Indian publishing. " in this article..


and also read what this Sehajdhari guy called Twana is talking about! :@ these guys run the so-called Sikh-Diaspora Yahoo group, the hood of Sehajdharism. :@ @

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