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Sikhsangat Picnic This Weekend

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Inviting all SikhSangat members to celebrate the summer in Sunny California with a SikhSangat picnic this weekend at the famous Santa Cruz boardwalk and beach. There will be a lot of activities and fun filled games and samosay and pizza and other stuff to munch on. And don’t forget the rides at the boardwalk!

Rides will be available from Stockton Gurdwara at 8am and Fremont Gurdwara at 9 am. So please call Satnam Singh or email sikhsangat@gmail.com if you need a ride.


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You lucky californian's with your sunshine and shores, while I am stuck in this congested city with all this particular matter damaging my lungs.

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Hey this is karanbir from tracy. Me and my brother needs ride! Can u pick us up from tracy?

Is there any age limit and fees?

You should call them at the contact number given . It may also be that the bus from Stockton would pass through Tracy. You may be able to make an arrangement to pick you up from a pre – arranged place. Find out from them. (It been long time I traveled through that route)

pick me up from sydney, australia or send me a flight ticket :cool:

Hey guys don’t give him such a hard time.

The town of Tracy is about 25 miles from Stockton . Depending upon which route they take, it could be on their way from Stockton to Fremont then to Santa Cruz .

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