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Non -Amritdharis and Naam Simran

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So all the Pirs and faqirs, and bhagats whose writings are in Sri Guru Granth Sahib were worthless? They were not amritdhari Sikhs. Sikhs claim so proudly how Guru Granth Sahib contains the message of Muslim Pirs, bhagats and then some people feel only Amritdhari sikhs can do naam simran, PULEEZE, i don't know what sikhi u people practice maybe the oxford elite variety with the big ego...

I agree wit u veerji.

That is a good question, where do you all think, or how much of bhakti did Bhagat Kabeer ji, Namdev ji, and everyone else did. We cant say. THey werent amritdhari, so do we class them out ?

Ok, i agree wit Mehtab veer, yes we need to take amrit. But simply saying, that ifyour not amritdhari you cant do naam simran!! :wub:

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we guys blow simple things and make it a HUGE and more complex for a newbie to understand..

Simple .. Naam simran is not copyright material of anyone and you can say.. my naam simran style is much better and effective than other style.. (That's pure haumaay) .. Everyone and anyone regardless of it's shape, form, sex, race, religion can do it without the approval of anyone..

No matter who you are.. Do simran as much as you can.. and don't LET anyone judge you whether you are eligible to do it or not..

Bhulla chak kay maaf karna ^_^

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:wub: )

Non Amritdharis aren't allowed 2 do Naam Simran? who's stopping them?!

A LOT of sehajdhari sikhs i know do naam simran and play panj bani paath in the morning in the car on the way to work/uni. Gurbani is universal to all mankind. As for the point on the bhagat contributors to SGGS ji- it's straight forward; they did not take amrit and did many things like hold fasts, pray in the jungle, live their lives seperately from their family (opposed to grehst jeevan), prayed to idols, etc. But at the end of the day they attained mukhti due to factors like ridding themselves of ahunkaar or having a succha heart. The point of taking amrit is that we have a much faster pathway for our spirit to travel by comparison. We can live a day-to-day family life with Gurbani giving us the chance to meet the True Lord


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:wub: When Everyone complecates Sikhi , it makes my head hurt.

Let me give you the final words and these are the final words. My Guru NANAK DEV JI Said this


^^^ i dont see any need to attach any extra conditions to the above, do you?

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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It was actually pretty cool.

We should scan that for the rest of the Sangat.


hah i agree wif japnaam singh we should scan it it was niceee not ugly


how about we not...



dontttt worriii bhenjiii itll be alright :wub:


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