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What do you eat from the following choices?  

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  1. 1. What do you eat from the following choices?

    • I am a strict vegetarian
    • I still eat Meat, but trying to quit
    • I eat Meat and i love it
    • I only eat EGGS and or FISH
    • I only eat GELATIN/RENNET (animal fat in food products)

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I am also of the same view.I dont get the reason people give for being vegie(when they r not fully veggie). Few popular ones are: 1) Killing is cruel: then why do we kill plants and why dont we liv

I try to be as strict as possible, striving to be at the VEGAN level, but I guess Vegans don't even drink milk, or eat cheese, because COWS are pressured to give milk, and never give it on their own a

Even the yogurt with flavors, such as strabery flavor, or peach flavor have kosher gelatin in it. Make sure you read the labels carefully

I try to be as strict as possible, striving to be at the VEGAN level, but I guess Vegans don't even drink milk, or eat cheese, because COWS are pressured to give milk, and never give it on their own accord, where they have machines hooked up to generate milk from them. :@ @ :) @ :@ Mainly, I just read the labels on alot of the stuff I eat, bhul chuk muaf!! ^_^

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Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

I'm an absoloutly strict vegitarian :nihungsmile: , I used to eat egg and egg products untl i was 11 but then i decided to quit. its reaalllyyyy hard givin up all the sweets and cakes but i manage

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I gave up meat after watching Daljeet's presentation, but i eat stuff with egg in it, i.e. bakery stuff. Will give up that as well with time. :@ @

I'm wiv u .

No meat or Fish n stuff

but Gelatine I try to avoid - cause its jus


and eggs


almost impossible here :@

Icecream, bread, bakery, pancakes

and all other nice ffod has it

tho NO PURE like biled egg n stuff tongue.gif

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Sat Sri Akal:

Well, Sikhs can't be vegan...they put butter (Desi Ghee) in Karah Parshad...so anyone thinking of going vegan, remember this.

Not that a cow has to be slaughtered to get the milk out of her...but yes, I do not like the treatment that the poor animals are given.

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Good point on the Vegan aspect and Karah Prashaad.

I'm a strict Lacto-Vegetarian, however am pretty much moving as far possible to the Vegan level, more for health than the aforementioned concerns (not that I support the treatment meated out to the cows, but like you say it's not going to entirely possible for Sikhs to totally avoid Diary).

My main reason for doing so is the ill-effects of diary products (mainly milk and cheese) in their mucus producing nature...particularly amongst Africans and Asians (why most Desi and Chinese Docs often advise to avoid milk products when one falls ill).

since you're involved in the medical field, perhaps you could offer some advice on this front?


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The diary products are made out of milk and milk is called Amrit in Gurbani. Therefore, milk is a vegetarian diet. Read the following tuk:

pasoo mileh chang-aa-ee-aa kharh khaaveh amrit deh.

naam vihoonay aadmee Dharig jeevan karam karayhi. ||3||

Even beasts have value, as they eat grass and give Amrit (milk).

Without the Naam, the mortal`s life is cursed, as are the actions he performs. ||3||

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I was usesd to eat meat. But now I don't for some reasons, cuz i wanna be on a safe side cuz some ppl sat its allowed in sikhi and some say it is not. if it is not allowed in sikhi, and i eat it, then i am comminting a sin. On the other side, whether it is allowed in sikhi or not, i am not committing a sin by not eating it. So I think i am better off by not eating it. But egg is in everything, such as cookies, donuts, subway breads, all in all, in every bakery item. I don't eat eggs, but I do eat these things that have eggs? What should I do?

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    • Rape culture is synonymous with so called western culture. It's a huge problem anywhere women are vulnerable and disenfranchised. It happens in our work places with alarming regulaity and our military has a huge problem with our male soldiers raping and sexually harassing female soldiers and if these females report they are retaliated against as the SARC office is run by the rapists friends. When polled? Number one fear of female soldiers going on deployment? Being raped by our own guys. Not the enemy. Not dying. Not seeing death or killing people. Getting raped by their brothers.  It's basically synonymous with white men in power. Police. All sorts.  Just ask a prostitute how many times they've been raped by a cop. 
    • I was about to ask how much overlap there is, but you answered that.  The older Greek texts are from the real Greeks not the post hellenic fakes.  I appreciate that @Suchi has a unique perspective, and is into interesting lines of thought. I also appreciate the learned Gursikhs here keeping that information commented on so as to keep things clear.  To some degree we agree with Suchi on some things, and on other topics we do not, however the ideas he expresses that we find objectionable we will also encounter from mamy others, so our responses must be ready.  I prefer the way Suchi conducts himself compared to anyone else we had in the past at all like Suchi, he's hung in there, been more candid and I respect that.  I appreciate learning from the rebuttals, and for bringing certain things to mind for consideration.  To the degree we can tackle these topics, perhaps we can interface with the truly Dharmi Brahman, and be prepared to speak Truth to the Adharmi.  Is Suchi's pressence in a way a form of homeopathy? Provided his doses and elements are overseen by the Administrators and Sangat? Who I gather have been very patient and gone to great lengths to allow posts. 
    • since you are making up BS concerning Homeopathy  I will again clarify that Samuel Hahnnemann did NOT translate any ayurvedic texts to come to his conclusions , it was the fact he was a scientist who studied poisons both natural and manmade and translator of Greek, Latin, Persian  medical texts and he considered the older greek texts assertions that food, drink and living habits affected people and it was possible to treat like with like . He curiosity was piqued when translating the writings of Cullen on Cinchona Bark from the new world and decided to experiment with it in cases of malaria, fever, his initial findings were the herbal level use of medicines was fraught with problems of accidental poisonings and sideeffects so experimented with using smaller and smaller active elements to attain the safest levels to work with. Indian medical writings are not and never have been the only places to find like cures like doctrine of treatment, and frankly it is a stretch to claim homeopathy is simply from Indian roots as the most important discoveryand base of homeopathy is potentisation which has NEVER been written about in any other medical treatment tradition . yeah yeah we ALL know about the 'corrections' being done : where the last battle of Panipat was won by Hindus , can you care to explain the past 1200 years of Indian history then ... where Guru Teg Bahadurji  Never saved the Hindus , that Guru Gobind Singh ji only gave sacrifice of his family for patriotism , just go away , rewriting failures of policy especially during Babur's invasion and showing your society's ungratefulness in the face of a moral debt tells me plenty about the character of Hinduvta and the fake hindu rastra , in which 80% become slaves without basic rights .
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