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u should smile ... it was like u were forced to make the video on gun point !!!

very gud dummala ... but just a suggestion .. wait .. i think u have cut ur turban cloth length wise to ...

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a thhaan is the roll of kapra

usually when u go to the kapra shop, they'll ask u wht color and kapra and will show u the roll and take the length

so ask them to cut 10 yards or however much you want

when you get home, rip it in half length wise, and u'll have 2 10 meter dastars!

Singhs in the Dal only use full length to tie their dumaala, they wont cut the material in half. I was once told off for this by Singhs who are well respected in the Dal.

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singhstah, ur technically not supposed to knot it, because that creates a farla

and to my knowlegde, ur not a farladhari akali, so u wud have to cover the farla, which is major beadbi

until then, just coil it

((((([): D

and i heard if you have a farla when your not suppose to have 1 and if a akali nihang singh sees you, they make you carry a 2200kg chain over ur shoulders for a punishment.(heaerd it from some singh from taksal)

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I think I saw you performing gatka at Holla Mahola at the Riverside Gurdwara, I participated as well. Was on the Fresno team lol.

Nice damalla man, I just recently went to Punjab and didn't know how long the material was supposed to be so I got two that are around 2 meters each :(.

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Much love bros, really good discussion and excellent dumalla.

About the tying the knot do you mean when initially tying your hair up in a small keski upon which the dastar is tied? Because I used to do it where you have your hair without any kapra just twisted and tied and then once id circled it twice id tuck the remaining hair under the rest and then pull to tighten it all. Honestly I always thought this was uncomfortable personally so I tried the method of twisting kapra in with my kesh and then doing circles with that combination around my headcrown, circling 2-3 times and then tucking the remaining material underneath one other piece of material and then putting my kanga in after then using the remaining material to tie circles around this entire thing to make a small keski upon which I tie my dastar. Its more of a mini dastar than a keski really. Anyways i find this method much more stable and comfortable and I think I saw it demonstrated on the Sikhnet dumalla type 1 and 2 turban tying videos on youtube. http://www.sikhnet.com/pages/tyingturbans

Perhaps give it a try and you might feel the same way, it feels more... unbroken as there are no knots just a constant circling of matter :)

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    • Haven't been on tiktok for a while.  I kind of don't want to know, but what things did you see on tiktok?
    • It's because these congress and akalis promise things to certain people. I have family back in punjab and I remeber constantly trying to convince them to not vote for congress or akali but no luck, some of them you'd rather bash your head against a brick wall then try to argue with them, no use. They often promise them government jobs and stuff, in exchange for votes, otherwise the well paying government jobs are basically impossible to get, which is we have so many punjabi sikhs moving abroad, happen to a few of my second cousins. Another reason they vote for these akali and congress is because of 'connection'. A lol of people in my family have connections with them, some are related to them. So basically if you're out and you have the punjab police asking for stuff, and your missing a few papers or don't have a licence, they'll just call one of these politicians, pr pretend to, and get away without paying anything. In punjab, it's pretty difficult to get certificates, so if you ask one of the politicians, they'll make stuff 'easier'. Also, if you do illegal things, which is really common in punjab, a lot excape jail by calling one of these politicians. 
    • Krishna's method is meant to be seen as a yudh-pentra, battle tactic. Krishna is praised in the very next pangti for his victory. Kritastar Singh was splitting heads left right center. He needed a take-down in the classic Cchhalia style. Powerful adversaries require tactics to take out.
    • I know someone who had a mild stammer. They slowed down their speech and lowered their energy and volume level when speaking. Now I can't tell  they ever had a stammer. After a few years, their slow and calm method has become a habit and requires no conscious effort. I can't say if this would work for everyone, but just thought I might share a simple self help tool. Another plus, this person has become much more thoughtful and precise in what they say because of the slower pace. Everyone tends to listen to them quite attentively when in a group setting.
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