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Yes... There are different ways to go about this.

1) Use one of your desktop machines as a file "server". Map network drives to each client machines.

2) Purchase a Wireless Storage Drive (http://www.nextag.co.uk/1tb-wireless-hard-...z0--search-html) and store all your media on there.

I personally use the first option. I have 1 desktop and 3 laptops at home. My desktop hosts all of my files, kirtan etc and is mapped to my Laptops.


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1) Use one of your desktop machines as a file "server". Map network drives to each client machines.
Yeah, I use option 1 at home with my home theatre PC... just give it a particular name or assign a specific IP address on your home network through your router, and then access it either as a mapped drive or through a simple folder link eg: \\home-pc

How can i assign ip address on my home network pc.. Do i need to buy another router? or will it work with my dsl router :umm: ? my 2nd desktop need to be wired with 1st desktop ? or it will wireless if i use those wireless pc card/usb thingy to catch router signal.

2) Purchase a Wireless Storage Drive (http://www.nextag.co.uk/1tb-wireless-hard-...z0--search-html) and store all your media on there.

Wow.. never heard of this one before... This will work only with my laptops (because of those 8XXXg internal wireless card)?

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Find the folders u want to share. Right click > Properties > Click the Sharing Tab > Then choose a name for that folder.. I.E "Kirtan" etc.

Then take a not of the computer name and go to each client machine and go to My Computer > Tools > Map Network Drive > then type the following in the box \\COMPNAME\FOLDERNAME

where COMPNAME is the name of ur computer and FOLDERNAME is the name of the folder u are sharing.

dont need to touch IP addressing if u are using computer name as dhcp should be enabled.

if you need further help, add me on msn ajay696@hotmail.com and i will help you remotely. I do not use Windows Remote Access i use a dedicated site for Remote Access.

Option 2 u must have wireless on all machines unless you stick a ethernet cable from the Hard disk into ur router that way u dont need wireless on the desktops.

Good Luck Veer Ji


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Setting up a network does not need to be difficult whatsoever...

That link describes how to assign IP addresses and subnet masks etc which personally is not necessary for people to know especially if they little knowledge about networks or computing in general. 99.9% of modems and routers all have DHCP as standard and usually come pre-configured. what DHCP means is that it automatically assigns an IP address to all machines attached to that network whether that be wired or wirelessly... and may i add that link only refers to machines being connected wired so would mainly apply in a business context.

That site also goes on to say that u have to setup a proxy server... u dont.


Use ur current router and connect the two desktop wired. may wish to add a wireless network adapter to one of the desktops if u do not wish to keep it near the other desktop or with to feed a wire through your house.

Router will already be configured. Take the network key from the router and connect to the router (wirelessly).

You now have internet access.

Now do as i sed in the previous post with the network drives for file sharing.

Printer sharing:

go to the machine that has the printer attached to it (local machine) then right click on the printer in printers and faxes and press share. give it a name... summin simple, printer1 for example.

go to each of the other machines and do this:

start > control panel > printers and faxes > add network printer > \\COMPNAME\PRINTERNAME

COMPNAME is the machine that the printer is locally attached to if it is not a wireless printer. PRINTERNAMe being the printers name.

or if you have a printer that has a network card you can create a print server (PM and i will give instructions).

you are now sharing internet... files... and printers...


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To put it simply, all you need to do is plug in (assuming all your computer are running windows) your "central server" computer directly into your router... usually wired is better but wireless will work fine as well.

Then set the name of the computer (right click "computer/my computer" and select properties, eg:"Media"). If you do this, you can access this computer from any other system by opening up a run box on any computer on the network and typing in \\"nameofcomputer" (eg: "\\Media"). Once it is opened up, you can make a shortcut or map a drive (in My computer, right click and select new network folder or map network drive) that'll shortcut to the computer. Just be sure to set the permissions of different folders on your system to allow sharing... that can be done by right clicking a folder, selecting properties and adjusting the sharing settings to allow for read/write access by other systems.

Its that easy!

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