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A2 English Language And Literature In Bham

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Sangat Ji.

I really need help. Does anyone know of a school which does English Language and Literature?

I have phoned a lot of colleges and they do only A2 English Language or only A2 English Literature......What I need is A2 English Language and Literature.

Please if anyone knows of a 6th form or college in Birmingham which does this combination then please let me know asap because school has already started.


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Thanks I got ure PM, I called the school but it is closed. I wanted to find out the exam boards for sociology and history but the school website does not work....can you also tell me if you do AQA Sociology and History?

yeppp my school does AQA for allllllllllllll!

i hate my school tho, lol, but u only need to go for the exam so its cool : )

i hope it all works out,

if u need help ith the english paper let me know, i can help cuz i still remeber most of the stuff :p


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Omg thats gd news.....one more question....you said i only need to go for the exams - does that mean you have no lessons? Like it says e-learning on the website. What kind of school is it: do we get lessons and will they help me with UCAS???

ooooooooooh.... then yehhh u will have to be a student.... lol

yehh all students apply by ucas, and yeh there is help available : )

my school isnt GREAT but its ok :)

there will be lessons..... the english dep is ok too : )

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hey I rang the school all day today from 9am in the morning. Then around 11am for break time and 3 or 4 times at lunch time. They only have an answer machine on.....Do you have another direct line number plsssssss???

:gg: thats strange. ok penje, i'll try find a letter from school, should be on that, will let u asap :)

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