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Guest mehtab

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Bhagat Singh veerjee (oh man i love shaheed bhagat singh), due to what i saw b4 u posted, it was my upset nature at that point when i read ur post which made me jump to conclusions...for that, i shud say sorry to u, and i m sorry veer ^_^

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We have qouted extensively from Quran on the website http://www.whyichosesikhism.com to bring out the fallacies inherent in Islam. So why are we being so squeamish about quoting from the Hindu Vedas/Upanishads/Puranas when the RSS is so viciously attacking Sikhism? We just need to show them the mirror and they will back off.

i just found a mistake on the website


Why doesn't your religion agree with or mention semitic history?

perhaps sikhi dont agree with semitic history but it does mention adam in guru granth sahib ji

baabaa aadham ko kishh nadhar dhikhaaee ||

He bestowed His Grace on Adam, the father of mankind,

auin BI iBsiq GnyrI pweI ]2]

oun bhee bhisath ghanaeree paaee ||2||

who then lived in paradise for a long time. ||2||

idl Klhlu jw kY jrd rU bwnI ]

dhil khalehal jaa kai jaradh roo baanee ||

Pale are the faces of those whose hearts are disturbed.

Coif kqyb krY sYqwnI ]

shhodd kathaeb karai saithaanee ||


have forsaken their Bible, and practice Satanic evil


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For all the RSS sympathisers and those who pretent to be Sikhs but still are Hindu at the core of their hearts, I present one incident from the Hindu scriptures and which is also mentioned by Guru Nanak sahib.


".... Indra raped Ahalya and was cursed by her husband, the sage Gautama, to lose all his prosperity ...." -- Brahmavaivarta Purana 4:47:11-45.

goqmu qpw AihilAw iesqRI iqsu dyiK ieMdRü luBwieAw ]

gotham thapaa ahiliaa eisathree this dhaekh ei(n)dhra lubhaaeiaa ||

Ahalyaa was the wife of Gautam the seer. Seeing her, Indra was enticed.

shs srIr ichn Bg hUey qw min pCoqwieAw ]1]

sehas sareer chihan bhag hooeae thaa man pashhothaaeiaa ||1||

When he received a thousand marks of disgrace on his body, then he felt regret in his mind. ||1||

Some people on this forum give an impression that they are converting to Sikhi but still are Hindu at the core of their hearts, so much so that they will not even accept Guru sahibs bani if its attacking their Hindu Gods. Guru sahib doesnt consider Ram and Krishna to be incarnations of God.

kir pMjIru KvwieE cor ]

kar pa(n)jeer khavaaeiou chor ||

You prepare sweet treats and feed them to your stone god.

'font-family:GurbaniWebThick'>Ehu jnim n mrY ry swkq For ]2]

ouhu janam n marai rae saakath dtor ||2||

God is not born, and He does not die, you foolish, faithless cynic! ||2||

sgl prwD dyih loronI ]

sagal paraadhh dhaehi loronee ||

You sing lullabyes to your stone god - this is the source of all your mistakes.

so muKu jlau ijqu khih Twkuru jonI ]3]

so mukh jalo jith kehehi t(h)aakur jonee ||3||

Let that mouth be burnt, which says that our Lord and Master is subject to birth. ||3||

Rochak & Hajaras objection is that I have used a Muslim website to gather information on the Hindu religion. Does it matter where we get the information as long as its correct and helps us in warding off the RSS attack on our religion?

I have plenty of stuff on the Hinduism and it comes from the books pubished by a Delhi based publishing house. The owner is a Jain and he brings our books in the name of 'Sarita'. RSS and other Hindu right wing organisations have taken him to court many times but every time he has won the case as he was able to prove that all this stuff is really written in the Hindu vedas and puranas.

If Rochak doesnt belive whats mentioned on the website then he is welcome to read the Vedas and Purans to bring forth the truth. He can start by explaining to us what a Shivling is and the story associated with its origin.

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Guest mehtab

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

Does it matter where we get the information as long as its correct and helps us in warding off the RSS attack on our religion?
The best way to ward of RSS is to stay united, are we united? Do we need to label an entire religion as evil/wrong just to teach a lesson to a few people? i dont think so, but maybe i m wrong. Unfortunately, i believe that if we are united, we dont need to prove anything to anyone. Each and every one of us will be a living example to keep these people at a distance. i am surprised that the authenticity of sources is of no concern. What if tomorrow someone is researching Sikhism and comes across sources that are terribly insulting to Sikhi? That would make those things that person's first impression about Sikhi. Would that be acceptable to any of us?
For all the RSS sympathisers and those who pretent to be Sikhs but still are Hindu at the core of their hearts, I present one incident from the Hindu scriptures and which is also mentioned by Guru Nanak sahib.
If u have read most of my posts on this forum, u will know that i m not an RSS supporter. My knowledge of hinduism is not scholarly. i p

refer spending time understanding and following Gurbani rather than finding faults in other religions. One of Guru Gobind Singh's 52 hukams is to study other religious texts for comparative understanding, and once i have reached a stage where i can follow Gurbani from my heart, i shall do the needful. And what my limited knowledge of Sikhi has taught me is that as a Sikh i m supposed to be respectful, tolerant, and accepting other people and their beliefs. i dont have to follow their beliefs, and also i have no right to do ninda of anyone's religion, this is what my Sikhi has taught me.

I have plenty of stuff on the Hinduism and it comes from the books pubished by a Delhi based publishing house.
hats off to you!! But unfortunately all i have is things related to Sikhism, and everywhere they have taught me to love, forgive, accept and not judge. i feel really intimidated by ur level of knowledge and also thank Guruji to have kept me away from hate.
If Rochak doesnt belive whats mentioned on the website then he is welcome to read the Vedas and Purans to bring forth the truth. He can start by explaining to us what a Shivling is and the story associated with its origin.
The Shivling represents the male reproductive organ of the hindu god shiva and sorry to shock u but i dont worship it. Since u have spent a lot of time gathering hatred, maybe u can enlighten us about its history. i dont know and i didnt try to research as i was busy enchanting myself with the glory of Sikh martyrs and

the shaheedi of our Gurus and reading translation of the banis all these years. But yes i m interested to know and am eager to poke fun at hinduism as well.

My only mistake is that i have been non-judgemental and accepting towards other religions. i feel its better if we stress on improving ourselves rather than telling others whats right and wrong. But ya i guess u r right. Maybe i m still a dirty hindu at the core of my heart. But inspite of all this dirt, i still find a place in the house of Guru Nanak, and feel its a place where even a dirty hindu like me is loved. And so i dont bear hatred towards others in the hope that they too, like me, realize how much love is there, and if Guruji wills and does kirpa on them, they too join this house of Guru Nanak, no matter how dirty they are.

This forum has become a haven for hatred in recent times. If anyone has a problem with "RSS loving shivling worshipping dirty hindus" being here then please let me know. You shall not hear from me after that.

bhul chuk di khima

Waheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa!

Waheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!!

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Guest SikhForLife

i think some people need to get out of their boxes and embrace humanity... sikhi doesnt teach u 2 blindly hate.. a few dont represent all.. and for our own good we have to stand united and show love towards everyone.. and embrace them

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Sikhi do not teach hate.If our gurus wrote something about hindu gods...then that was not for hate.They DID NOT hate hindus or muslims for what they follow.They told them what is right and what is wrong.

There are many many instances when guru ji used names of Hindu Gods with all due respect.

All I want to say is please donot post the posts filled with hatred toward other religions.Please donot give the WRONG impression to people that Sikhi hates Hindus or Muslims.Sikhi is love for humanity ...the God's creation.If somebdy hates God's creation...how can he/she love the creator.

So please do not be so intolerant towards people of other faiths.

This is what I think.I beleive that "hatred" never serve any purpose.

Bhul Chukk Maff.

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Guest SikhForLife

ya i agree 100%..

we outta stop trying to prove which religion is "better" or which is "right" or 'wrong"

we should let go of our ego..

just look at yourself? how much of a sikh are u?

personally im not even close to being a real sikh.. we shouldnt bash other religions

we dont even follow it 100%.. (most of us)

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sBy swJIvwl sdwiein qUM iksY n idsih bwhrw jIau ]3]

sabhae saajheevaal sadhaaein thoo(n) kisai n dhisehi baaharaa jeeo ||3||

All share in Your Grace; none are beyond You. ||3||

At the same time,

sMqw mwnau dUqw fwnau ieh kutvwrI myrI ]

sa(n)thaa maano dhoothaa ddaano eih kuttavaaree maeree ||

I honor and obey the Saints, and punish the wicked; this is my duty as God's police officer.

Sikhs pray for the well-being of all, irrespective of their religion or caste. Our guru sahib sacrificed his life to uphold the right to practice ones religion.

But we have a right to respond if our religion is attacked. Quoting from Guru Granth sahib can not be construed as spreading hatred.

Rochak veer first claimed that all the portions from the Hindu scriptures on the website were lies and when asked to prove it, says he doesn’t have any knowledge of Hindu texts. My intention was not to attack Rochak but he needlessly became defensive after going through those portions from the Hindu texts. I wish him all the luck in his quest for Sikhi and hope to see him in the Khalsa saroop in the not so distant future.

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Guest mehtab

yes i called them lies coz i never came across anything like that in the 18 yrs that i was a dirty hindu...i gave u my reasons why i called them lies coz they came from a site that seemed to be anti hindu propaganda to my dirty hindu mind...and i really thank u for ur wishes...may Guruji bless me with amrit soon, so that i belong to the Khalsa Panth and not to...ya u know what i mean.

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Birkhalsa ji,

It is my personal feeling that hindu scriptures are very corrupted.The only hindu scripture which has some validity is "Geeta".I dont know abt veds but purans are also flawed.I do not have much knowledge of these scriptures.i m making these claims beacuse I know few hindus who says so.I myself have read few pages from Geeta...and beleive me I was wondering why Hindus are not following geeta.

Geeta describes God so well( just as Gurus did).Geeta says not to go anywhere for pilgrimage.Geeta explains beautifully the incarnation thing.The only thing which didn;t seem right to me was that when Krishen ji started claiming that he is the god...so worship him.But then I felt nuthin wrong it that too.I took it as God is speaking through krishen ji.Beacuse the teaching were so true that u cannot refute them in any way.They were so close to what gurus teach us.

I was wondering who told hindus to be in stupid caste system. As NOWHERE in Geeta it is mentioned.I dont know who told hindus not to give equal status women when it is not written anywhere in Geeta.

I am just writing these things to say that no religion is bad.Its the people who make it bad.It was the upper caste which made hindu religion worst.As I always tell my fellow sikhs to learn sikhi or judge sikhi from the viewpoint of gurus not from looking at Sikhs.

So donot look at hindu religion from the corrupted scriptures.Look at it from Geeta point of view.

Just my 2 cents.

I dont know why I wrote that, but i just felt like.

Bhul Chukk Maff.

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    • If it relates to inherited property etc ..especially in the villages re. Land. I would work backwards and sort out a local lawyer to handle your stuff...you even have firms in the west who can sort that stuff out with you. If you are already concerned for your safety etc with nutty relatives over there ..sort out a lawyer there first. This stuff won't get sorted in one trip. So you need a trusted party over there to handle your stuff.
    • No probs. If you want to check on the ownership of the land you can look it up the Punjab land records website. You can choose the village and then you can search by owner through putting your father's name and checking that it is him by noting your grandfathers name in the results. http://jamabandi.punjab.gov.in/ You can print off the jamabandi records and associated Intekaal records (this is when some land has been sold or inherited), probably best thing to do would be to approach a lawyer who knows Punjab land laws and he could advise you whether what you relatives are saying is right or wrong. In UK we have a guy called Balwinderjit Turna who is really good, if you phone him you can ask if he can refer you to someone in USA or California who could check the jamabandis and intekaals  for you.  https://indianbusinessdirectory.co.uk/indian-law-practice-ltd-handsworth-birmingham-west-midlands-uk/      
    • Do you not think you may be wallowing in self-pity?  
    • Guru pyaari sadh sangat jee,  I am writing this post with a heavy heart. I already know the answer in my heart but I want to write this down somewhere. There were two very important downfalls in my short lifetime.  Both of them left scars that I cannot undo. The first major downfall happened in 2013. The year prior to that I was in utmost chardi kala. We were not exactly financially secure and things were hard at home, but I was at peace. I have only twice in my life experienced such peace. After the peace came the storm. I couldn't handle it and drifted away from waheguru. I lost trust.  The second downfall happened in 2022. The order of events was the same. The year prior to what happened was absolute bliss. Then something happened and I feel in despair again. Once again, I couldn't handle life's hardships and let my ego make the worse of me. This time I lost love.  I have come to understand I am a weak person, dominated by ego and maya. Life has given me two chances, and even while I am writing this I still desire ego more than waheguru. I used to have trust and love as my bond to waheguru. They both kept me going back to him despite my ego and maya pulling me to the other side. I no longer have trust or love for waheguru. And in addition to ego, I have also experienced anger in the past year. There's nothing pulling me towards waheguru. I feel like the damage I have received from the two above-mentioned downfalls is irreparable. I have lost precious trust and love. Something tells me that I won't be able to form a bond with waheguru again in this lifetime. The anger, pain and betrayal that I feel are too strong. I genuinely believe this is it.  However, I have never once said I am not a sikh anymore. Something inside me keeps telling me I am still 0.01% sikh, never a 0%. For the past few days, I have been forcing myself to do small things such as saying mool mantar, or listening to a sakhi. It's not because I trust or love waheguru, but because I know that no matter how hurt I am, I need him to feel at peace. Even if I cannot reach sachkhand in this lifetime, and I know I won't, I need him as I need food. That's my only relationship with waheguru.  I am not planning to ever love him again. I don't want to suffer again. I'd rather stay in maya and keep myself safe. I also don't want to starve, so I'll remember him just enough. It's okay. Sachkhand was never for a weak soul like myself. I have come to understand that now. Each exam I have taken in my life has drifted me apart from waheguru and given me immense pain. I am done. I'll just quietly stay here and wait for my days to be over. I'll stay a 0.01% sikh so leave me alone. I don't want to participate in any more games or exams.  I'll try again in my next janam. This one is done for.  ---- Edit: gurusahib did give me a hukumnama as a warning that I have only now understood. Even my anger is starting to die now. I am completely destroyed and just want to be left alone for the rest of my life. Don't give me more exams, I don't want it. I cannot handle it anymore. I get it, sansaar is a game. Maybe for waheguru, some of us are really broken here. We were never meant for sachkhand. I will no longer ask waheguru for amrit, in return, just don't give me any more pain. I'll stay at your feet because I need you like I need food, because it's the only place that gives me peace. I won't love you or trust you nor will I ask for amrit. Just let me stay in peace. If you cannot hold my hand when I am at my worst, then at least don't stab it when I come to you.  You left me alone TWICE.  As a kid, my mom used to tell me the story of small kittens who were thrown into the fore but didn't die because waheguru protected them. You protect everyone. At least answer my question and let me know why didn't you protect me? I am not asking why everything happened. I know we receive what we give. I must have done something bad in my other life. I get it. That's the law of the universe. But why was I left alone TWICE? You could have held my hand and helped me endure it. If I cannot fight it, you go and do it for me!! Aren't I your kid? And why was I thrown alone into a battle I cannot fight? When you KNOW I am weak, then why didn't you stand with me? Was my path not enough, was my sewa not enough? I feel like I cannot be at peace until I get an answer as to why I was left alone. This cannot be repaired. I don't want to repair it. I am disappointed, I am hurt. 
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