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Rss Force Conversion Of Thousands Of Christians In Orissa


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As many as 50,000 christians left homeless because of attacks in state of Orissa by RSS hardliners.

THe chrisitians left homeless are being kept in a camp which is under armed guard by the military and police. But they are still not being protected because frequent attacks happen.

The camps in which christians are now living in are still being frequently attacked because of their faith.

Chrisiants being persecuted because of their faith. Because they are the minority in the Majority Hindu Nation.

People being doused in petrol and being burnt alive...even disabled children... ring a bell? doesnt it seem very similar to what happened to sikhs in 1984? organised mobs going around attacking people...here are some striking similarities:

Check the sky news report for yourselves and think about the similarities.

They want to wipe out christians like they wanted to wipe out sikhs in 84.

In Orissa present day--------//////----------In 1984

-Priests killed------------------in 84 many Granthis were shot dead in many gurdware

-Nuns Gang raped-------------sikh women were gang raped

-Bibles burned-----------------saroops were burnt and thrown on roads

-Homes smashed--------------sikh residence and businesses were the targets

-people burnt alive------------tyre round necks and petrol used to burn sikhs

-Disabled children killed------they showed no mercy to elderly or infants

-Very under-reported to supress info----media black-out was impost

-human rights orgs denied access----amnesty international was banned from punjab/delhi

-no police action to help victims-----no justice for 84 anti sikh riots , politicians are protected

The similarities go on and on and on...

As democratic as India may be.. or is said to be...

It will take out minorities in large numbers. The christians are the targets of the extremists right now....sikhs were the targets in 80's....Muslims in 2004 (gujarat riots) and christians in present day.......you never know who its going to be next year. Thats why i put so much effort and emphasis into highlighting what is going on In Indian state of Orissa right now, beacause these minorities being targeted are by the same powers that targeted sikhs before.

Same ball game just another target.

Its resulted in thousands of deaths of Sikhs, christians, muslims, dalits.

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These hindu extremists are disgusting and they need a good lesson from the minorities in india. I wish the Sikh panthic groups could help these refugees ooo wait we couldnt even get that sacha sauda baba how will we help other helpless people?

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