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*** Annual Barsi Of Brahm Giani Baba Thakur Singh Jee

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click on link for last years Kirtan from barsi Baba ji's Barsi 2007

Sacrifice for the faith: A story from Sikh History Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh SACRIFICE FOR THE FAITH: A STORY FROM SIKH HISTORY One day from this stage, Sant Baba Harchand Singh

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Dont forget to purchase your copy of 'Gurbani Da Adab' english translation for £1 at Baba Jee's Barsi. Remember all money goes towards future projects so that more books in punjabi can be translated into english.

Sant Baba Thakur Singh Jee Tribute Video 2008

BrahmGiani Sadh Jeevai Nahee Martaa...

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Sant Gurbachan Singh Jee on Baba Thakur Singh Jee’s Desire

One day Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale got all the Singh’s together at the Dera and said to them that they needed a Singh for some seva. One Singh got up and said that they wanted to do the seva, Sant Ji said to the Singh that he wouldn’t be able to do the seva, so then Sant Ji chose Baba Thakur Singh Ji to do the seva. When Baba Ji started doing Sant Ji’s seva, Sant Ji didn’t let Baba Ji go to sleep properly, Infact whenever Sant Ji used to send Baba Ji to go and rest, a few minutes after Sant Ji used to send a Singh to go and wake Baba Ji up. Whenever Baba Ji used to come back to Sant Ji, Sant Ji used to say angrily to Baba Ji that “Have you come here to sleep?, that if you have then to go back home.”


After a year of seva, Sant Ji said to Baba Ji that they thought that Baba Ji would run away from this seva, but they didn’t. After this period Baba Ji got a lot of Bakshish from Sant Ji. ne will remember Thakur Singh was telling the truth.

Sant Ji once said that peope come to stay in the Jatha to become a Giani, Ragi etc. But theirs one Singh, one Gurmukh in the Jatha that hasn’t got no pavanah, no icha for anything. The Singh’s asked Sant Ji to tell them who that Singh was, Sant Ji replied that the Singh is Bhai Thakur Singh IchoGill Wale, meaning Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa

Baba Thakur Singh Jee in hospital

Ealing hospital. Baba Ji had been very ill on their visit to England, infact just a couple of days after arriving in England Baba Ji got very ill and had to stay in hospital. It was around 2am in the hospital room and Bhai Gurraj Singh and Bhai Amolak Singh were with Baba Ji doing seva, Baba Ji had not talked to no one while they were in hospital all they did was listen to gurbani 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All of a sudden Baba Ji’s heart beat on the machine suddenly rised and went to the top then all of a sudden it went down fast, Bhai Gurraj Singh told Bhai Amolak Singh to go out of the room and get Baba Ji’s Nephew Bhai Jaswinder Singh Nihang who was outside in another room.


While he went for Baba Ji’s nephew the doctors came rushing in and by that time Baba Ji’s nephew had arrived. In the room were the Three doctors, Bhai Gurraj Singh and Bhai Jaswinder Singh Nihang (Baba Ji’s nephew) and the doctors said to them that they were sorry that Baba Ji is not breathing or responding to anything no more that Baba Ji has passed away. Then the two Singh’s looked at each other in shock, the doctors said that they will leave us alone for a few minutes, soon as the doctors went out, Bhai Jaswinder Singh held Baba Ji’s hand on one side and on the other side Bhai Gurraj Singh held Baba Ji’s hand and Bhai Jaswinder Singh started talking to Baba Ji saying “don’t go” “the singh’s need you” “what will we do without you”.


All of a sudden Baba Ji got up and sat down on the hospital bed and started doing Vaahiguroo Jaap, Then Baba Ji looked forward and Did Namashkaar and said Fateh 5 times, on the third time they said it Bhai Jaswinder Singh and Bhai Gurraj Singh started saying it aswell but they couldn’t see anything to who Baba Ji is saying Fateh to. Then Once Baba Ji said fateh 5 times, they put there left arm around Bhai Jaswinder Singh, and they put there right arm around Bhai Gurraj Singh and tightly grabbed them and said “What ever was going to happen has happened, lets go home, im ok now, call for the car and lets get out of here”, Bhai Jaswinder Singh replyed “Baba Ji will stay for a couple of days just to make sure”, Baba Ji replyed “No I’m ok everything is fine” and then Baba Ji pulled out all the drips and wires from out of them stood up and said again “take me home, see im ok, call for the car and lets get out of here”


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Baba Jee helping Singh in jails in Gupt Form

Shaheed Bhai Joginder Singh Harchowalwale, in pathankot jail the C.R.P police had him arrested and locked up there. In the room where he was locked up was a picture of Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed. One day he looked up at the picture and he remember Baba Ji and Mehta. While looking up at the picture he did a benti and said “Mahapurkho, Kirpa Karo”. He said that he will probably get shaheed one day, either today or another day, but he is requesting that he stays alive for another year because he wants to do the panth’s seva. After he did his benti all of a sudden Baba Ji’s roop appeared infront of him, Baba Ji was wearing white clothes with a nangi Sri Sahib held in their hand.


Baba Ji said to Joginder Singh that his death is in Guru Sahib’s hands, that whatever Maharaj wants, that will happen. Baba Ji then said to him to get out of their, that the police can’t do anything to him. At this time the police where playing cards outside and there where big flood lights on outside. While Joginder Singh started walking out he got scared, thinking that if the police ask where he is going that he will just tell them that he is going to the toilet.


But while he was walking out, the police didn’t see him and he walked straight past them. He then reached a big wall, he couldn’t jump over the wall because of his body was in such a terrible state after getting tourchared by the police. All of a sudden heavy winds started, and he reached the other side of the wall, it was like someone had thrown him over the wall. At that point outside their where more police officers surrounding the area, but still no one could see him. 4km away from the jail was a pindh that he was familiar with, he went there and borrowed some money and went straight to Mehta.


When he arrived at Mehta, Baba Ji was standing at the gates waiting for him. Baba Ji held his hand and took him to their room and asked how he was and then fed him. After Bhai Joginder Singh finished eating, he told Baba Ji that what had happened. Baba Ji replied to him that it wasn’t them who helped him escape, that it was probably Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji, then Baba Ji said “Satguru Sahib Ji neh laaj rakhee” that it wasn’t them who helped him escape, that it was probably Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji


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Baba Jee at australia Airport

Baba Ji arrived at Australia airport, Giani Gurdev Singh (Vidiarthi Damdami Taksaal, also does keertan with Akj) and other singhs were at the airport waiting to greet Baba Ji. Their was a singh who had never seen Baba Ji before and never even seen a photo of Baba Ji. In the singhs mind was that Baba Ji will be really tall and big like Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, when Baba Ji came out te singhs all greated Baba Ji and that singh was surprised that, is that Baba Ji, he’s small.


As soon as Baba Ji got in his car to go to his house whenever he looked at Baba Ji he started seeing Baba Ji in a very big roop. Even his car when he was taking Baba Ji home was puling to the side because of the weight of Baba Ji and the size of what he was seeing. As soon as he got home he told a singh that he did shanka on Baba Ji and now when ever he looks at them, that he sees them in a very big roop. The singh took him to Baba Ji and the singh started asking for forgiveness to Baba Ji, Baba Ji gave him an apple and said “everything will be alright. It isn’t me whos making you see things, its Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji that’s making you see things, Oh meri laaj rakhde neh”


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A picture of Bhai Raam Singh of Akj with Baba Jee


In the Summer of 1998, Baba Thakur Singh jee and Damdami Taksal Singhs travelled to Malaysia. Baba jee talked very little and talked only if necessary. The Jatha Singhs told Baba jee that (the now late) Bhai Sahib Rajinder Singh jee (Dudley), the former Jathedaar of Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK and Chalda Vaheer Jatha who was also visiting Malaysia for Sikhi Parchaar, had come to meet them. As soon as Baba jee heard this he rushed to the door to greet Bhai Sahib. Baba jee had a long conversation with Bhai Sahib, which was quite unusual for them as they talked littled. Baba jee showed respect and love for other Gurumukh Pyaare and their Jeevans (spirituality) regardless of small differences in vichaar.

Baba jee always stood up for the correct maryada and took a firm stance on beleifs, however at the same time did the upmost satkaar for abhiyaasi gursikhs. There are also sakhis of baba jee meeting Bhai Rama Singh Jee and Bhai Rama Singh Jee doing Benti to Baba Jee, Baba Jee showed alot of pyaar to all Gursikhs and would always make them sit on his bed and do there seva.

Manvirsingh.blogspot.com taken from Discoversikhi.com, slight edit

Below of Pictures Of Bhai Rajinder Singh of Chalda Vaheer and Akj with Baba Jee



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Maharaaj Singha Dee Laaj Rakhan Geh


Baba Ji was watching the Punjab news and the rashtapati was giving the Hindu’s medals, Baba Ji watched and said “Go on, give out medals, when you have a fight with the muslims, don’t come to us Sikhs for help”.


Bhai Charan Singh and Jagowale

Baba Ji was staying at Bhai Manna Singh’s house in Tividale and they said that the Vaddeh Mahapursh Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale’s said that “Singhan da dhara di laaj rakhan geh, Maharaj Sahib”

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Meeting Bhai Sukhdev Singh ji Babbars Singhnee


Whenever Baba Ji met any Shaheed Singh’s family member, they always did their satkaar to the full. There was one time where Shaheed Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar’s wife met Baba Ji, and Baba Ji gave her and her family members a Siropa and did their satkaar. Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar’s singhanee also had conversation regarding Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar.

ARAMBH TODAY AT 5.00pm Sri Akhand Paat Sahib with JapJi sahib

**Live braodcast starting at 5.00pm on www.saintsoldiersounds.com**

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    • I've always had a deep problems with folks accepting things like obe's, mbe's , awards from Lizzie etc.  Apart from the fact that you kneel before royals to accept them (I thought us Sikhs only bowed to Maharaj ).. you also kneel before what those people represent and kind of take an oath to them. Many of these folks who drone on about racism , empire etc...can't run fast enough to pick up their 'awards' from that very establishment (empire). Very hypocritical.  Suppose Arungzeb's ancestors were around, would you you be cool with accepting a Member of the Mughal Empire ? If you look at what the British did to the Sikh Raj and to our systems and beliefs it's not far off Arungzeb's , in fact Id say the British did a better job at weakening Sikhi. As for this 'celebration' of Sikhs fighting for the British in world wars etc... The reason was that the British paid well. Go to India not a single statue or commemoration of 'indians' who fought for the British. But you have loads of statues for Bose and his Indians (including plenty of Sikhs) who fought against the British interests in ww2.  These awards by the establishment basically are awards for compliance and a nudge nudge wink wink that you'll toe the establishment line going forward. I personally have an infinite amount of respect for folks like Benjamin Zephaniah who stick to their principles, rather than selling their souls to the lot who killed and persecuted our ancestors    https://www.theguardian.com/books/2003/nov/27/poetry.monarchy       
    • Lol  First the Olympics now this, it isn't the pity prize for dudes that can't cut it.   
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