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*seris Of Terror Attacks In Mumbai** Bomb Blasts Shootings Indian Sources Say @ Least 80 Dead


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Bombs have gone of at Hotels in Mumbai along with car bombs and shootings at public places,Indian sources say at least 80 are dead at the moment.The finger is being pointed at Islamic Militants namely a new group called the Indian Mujahadeen.

They say westerners were targeted and have now sent in the ATF Anti Terrorist Forces into a hotel in which 'Hostages' are being held.

The news unfolds..



Knowing the Indian Govt and its evil ways I would say that the ATF have gone in to carry out False encounters.The 'terrorists' will either be shot or escape,and a day or two later people will be found with ammunition and the legendary RDX Explosive.

Recently India was in the World Headlines of all the leading papers regarding Hindu Terrorism from Hindutva Groups like the RSS and Bajrang Dal.The outrage caused by the Orissa ethnic cleansing of Christians and forced conversions to Hinduism caused outrage and casued the UK House Of Lords to discuss the RSS and the EU Parliament and Pope to protest their disgust at the Indian State for what was going on.

Also this week a Hindu Woman /Sadhvi was arressted by the ATF for her involvement in terror activties ,NOTE:This was in Mumbai as well.Looking back to how the Indian State has dealt with Sikhs and defaming them, ie: Bus Attacks on innocents then blaming Sikhs,Bombing Cinemas and blaming Sikhs,blowing up Air India 182 over the sea and blaming Sikhs,we cannot rule out the possibility that this is an inside job by that I mean by Hindutva groups to deflect attention from their terror activities,the reason for targeting westerners would be to stop them talking about 'Hindu terrorism' and Hindutva in their respective parliaments as they are doing now and to cause them to look at the Muslim groups.India may well use this as a reason to crack down on Muslims within the Indian State and by crack down I don't mean arrests

News on the Hindutva Sadhvi


Hindu Terrorism:


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I am watching CNN and its pretty scary what people are capable of....gosh....Suspicious of americans and british citizens inside the hotel but not sure about it yet.....this is insanity

U guys notice the red threads on that guys wrist.....do hindus only wear that thread or can muslims wear it too?

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Im almost certain this is a ploy by Hindutva groups to deflect attention

live coverage


3 ATF senior members inculding the head of Mumbais Anti Terror force have been shot dead? This is the same guy who got the Sadhvi arressted ,I wonder how such a senior guy can be shot dead just like that, troops are planning to 'storm the hotels' say the BBC

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the police have said they couldnt understand the language the terrorist were using.....so it looks like they are terrorists from outside of india and they were targetiing westerners....asking everyone for their passports...oberoi hotel still has hostages under the terrorists, troops are storming in the hotels trying to save the survivors inside the rooms. the police cut out all the electricity at the attack spots....so its crazy

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