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Quick Question On The Panj Pyare

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Listen to katha, there are many arth for each pangti


panch in sri jap ji sahib does not mean 5, panch also means to be accepted/chosen. why 5 is so common only guru sahib knows


Re: Important Bishraams in Siri Jap jee Sahib

Posted by: kulbir singh (IP Logged)

Date: July 30, 2008 10:43AM

The next four pauris (pauri 16 to 19) of Siri Jap jee Sahib open many spiritual secrets to the seeker. The contain observations of this world by Guru Sahib and talks about the creation of Vaheguru.

Let’s first look at Pauri 16. The subject in the first four pankitis of this pauri is the continuation of the subject in the previous 8 pauris (4 pauris of suniai and 4 of manai). The subject changes with the fifth pankiti.

The word ‘Panch’ here refers to those indivuduals who have been described in the preceding 8 pauris i.e. Gursikhs have done ‘sunana’ of Naam and ‘manana’ of Naam. Such individuals have been called ‘Panch’ by Guru Sahib.

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haha. :whs:

somethings guru ji does for a reason,and no matter how much we try to understand his wonderful ways..we never wil!

sabh tere choj viddaan sabh terakaarano

Everything is Your wonderful play; the whole creation is Yours


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i doubt it woz exactli 5. but mayb guru ji chose 2 say 5, to symbolise that they represent his 5 senses. just a thought :)

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This Shabad is by Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 13

ieku isKu duie swD sMgu pMjIN prmysru]

eik sikh dhue saadhh sa(n)g pa(n)jee(n) paramaesaru||

One is a Sikh, two the Congregation and in five resides God.

nau AMg nIl AnIl suMn Avqwr mhysru]

no a(n)g neel aneel su(n)n avathaar mehaesaru||

As cyphers added to one make the infinite number, likewise getting attached with Sunya (God), the creatures also transform into great men and Kings of the earth.

vIh iekIh AsMK sMK mukqY mukqysru]

veeh eikeeh asa(n)kh sa(n)kh mukathai mukathaesaru||

In this way innumerable small and big persons also become liberated and liberators.

ngir ngir sY shMs isK dys dys lKysru]

nagar nagar sai seha(n)s sikh dhaes dhaes lakhaesaru||

In town after town and country after country are myriads of Sikhs.

iekdUM ibrKhu lK Pl Pl bIA lomysru]

eikadhoo(n) birakhahu lakh fal fal beea lomaesaru||

As millions of fruits are obtained from a tree and in those fruits remain millions of seeds (In fact the Sikhs are the fruits of the Guru-tree and in those fruits the Guru resides in the form of seeds).

Bog Bugiq rwjysurw jog jugiq jogysru ]19]

bhog bhugath raajaesuraa jog jugath jogaesar ||19||

These disciples of the Guru being enjoyers of delights are the emperors of the Kings and being knower of the technique of Yoga are Kings of Yogis.(19)

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