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Annual Akhand Keertani Jatha Youth Smagam & Amrit Sanchar (uk)

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Gurfateh Jee,

During the day there will be Veechara on various aspects of Gurmat but the main focus will be Veechara on Naam. So if have any questions about personal spiritual Jeevan attend the smagam!!

Also for those preparing for Khanda Bate Da Amrit it would be ideal for you to spend as much time with Gursikhs and Guroos Sangat. Very important for you guys to attend all of the smagam!

Cant waaaaait!!

Gurfateh Jee

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could to see veechar happening. instead of veechar on naam, why not have properly naam abhiyaas sessions during the day..

if veechar is done, then should focus on shaheeds of gursikhs and none gursikhs from when Maharaj left Anandpur Sahib to Chamkaur Sahib, and then Mukatsar Sahib

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Bhai Sahib Arjun Singh & The Bazaar Incident

Bhai Arjun Singh jee was a companion of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee.

Bhai Arjun Singh jee was a very great soul. When Bhai Sahib was arrested, he too

was arrested by police and they asked him if he knew Bhai Sahib. His

response was very interesting. He said, "what to talk about me, the

three worlds know Bhai Sahib". The police released him after keeping

him in detention for couple of days. He knew not what fear was. He

worried not about anything. He stayed in the divine state of Naam all

the time.

One day, he was submerged in the divine colours of Naam that he

wandered unintentionally to that part of the city where flesh trade

takes place. He was young and handsome and as is the custom of flesh

trade bazaar, the working women there started calling and seducing

him. At that point Bhai Sahib jee got aware of his surroundings. He was not

a normal person like Ajamal who was hit by Kaam when a young

prostitute had just looked at him provocatively and this way lost his

whole life to Kaam (Theres a Shabad About This). Bhai Sahib jee was a very

accomplished Gursikh and right away he was hit by immense bairaag.

In full bairaag, he in his loud piercing voice started doing

kirtan. Imagine what chaos would have occurred at this bazaar at the

sight of a Saint doing kirtan. The hearts that were burning with the

fire of Kaam were extinguished in an instant. The women who just a

moment ago were trying to seduce Sant jee, fell at his feet. Their

hearts were purified by the effect of Gurbani kirtan. They beseeched

and they implored to him to save them from Kalyug. Bhai Sahib Jee stayed

oblivious and when they continued their imploring, Bhai Sahib Jee freed

himself from them and hurriedly left the place by declaring that

those will be saved who accept the amrit of Siri Dasmesh jee. Such was

the character of Gursikhs of those times.

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Master jee had received amrit in childhood and so when he went to his job in JaRaanvala,

the Village council saw him and his lifestyle and complained to the District Board

Officer, “Why have you sent a Sikh (Singh Sabha member) to our village?” In those days

the mahnts, Nimralas and Udasis had all made a fuss that the Singh Sabha were bent

upon destroying the Sikh faith. They complained that the Singh Sabha would initiate socalled

low castes with Amrit and include them in the Panth. In those days, amritdhaarees

were generally called “Sikhs” In some places it is still this way.

Soon however the village people changed their mind after seeing Master jee’s purity of

conduct. Master jee would encourage his staff and the students to work hard and as a

result his school began to achieve excellent academic results. The students that came in

contact with Master jee all became good Gursikhs.

Master jee’s own children relate how once they grew up a little, Master jee would wake

up at 1AM. He would wrap himself in shawl or a blanket and then turn his attention to

the Guru’s feet. For the next for or five hours he would be lost in meditation. N one knew

why he spent so long in this state. Once, a very close sister in the Sangat asked Master jee

“in such a long meditation, what do you read? Our nitnem paat is finished in an hour an

hour and a half….”

Master jee replied, “When I read BaaNee, my stubborn mind leaves the presence of Guru

Sahib and goes about in different thoughts. When it returns, I commence the paat from

where it had stopped. Because of this, it takes me such a long time.”

Master jee would never share his inner experiences. From this, we learn that Master jee

was firm in his believe that the paat of Nitnem should be done with the consciousness

attached to the feet of the Guru, and in his presence. If Nitnem is not done with

consciousness, it is only a physical act.

Master jee would listen to entire ran sabaees while sitting in the attendance of Guru

Sahib. His face would glow red. Once, while speaking to a very close friend, Master jee

hesitatingly said that it is difficult to stay focused on outside keertan for long periods,

keertan can also be heard inside. These are inner spiritual experiences that Gursikhs

always refrain from speaking about.

Old Singhs in the Jatha say that Bhai Sahib Randheer Singh used to listen to divine

keertan and then coloured in those spiritual waves, used to do keertan himself. The raags

all used to stand in his attendance with folded hands.

The point is, that in a Gursikh’s life, by the grace of the Guru, that time does come when

they may be engrossed in naam or keertan for many hours at a time. It is the Guru’s grace

that Master jee stayed in this spiritual state till his final breaths.



We don’t’ know when Dr. Surinder Singh’s life took a turn and leaving worldly affairs and worldy comforts joined the Jatha

like his father. He received amrit and became a full-fledged Singh, and engaged himself

exclusively in naam and baaNee, leaving his job. He sustained himself on whatever little

money he had earned. Dr. Surinder Singh jee never even dreamed of marriage. He was

knowledgeable in homeopathy and gave Singhs free medicines. Different medicines were

always in his pocket. At keertan smaagams, a crowd of Singhs was always surrounding

him and he would give out medicines and also discuss Gurmat.

Jathedaar Baoo Mul Singh jee used to say, "Bhai Surinder Singh jee is the Sant of 100

Sants". Whoever saw Veer jee’s high spiritual state could not help but be affected.

Near the end of April 1962 I was organizing an akhaand paath saahib and ran sabaaee

smaagam at Dhooree when Veer Suinder Singh came and stayed at our home a week

before the smaagam at our request. Dr. Surinder Singh taught us how to serve the

Singhs during the smaagam. He helped us grind flour for the akhand paath saahib, and

also oats for the oatmeal. He organized the service of the paathee Singhs. He used to say

that if there is an akhand paath saahib, five paathee singhs should leave their worldly

work so they can constantly stay in the flow of GurbaaNee. By doing this, their

consciousness is elevated. It now seems as if those who do seva at akhand paaths now do

not understand the importance of these events. Whatever time is left after worldly work,

one hour or maybe two, is used for rauls and the rest of the time is for work. It is for this

reason that even after akhand paath saahibs, our consciousness is not affected.

I remember that because of Veer jee’s orders, five paathee Singhs agreed to stay at our

home. By good fortune the five paathees were all chardee kalaa Singhs: Sant Jvala Singh

jee, Giani Daleep Singh jee, Master Joginder Singh jee, Bhai Amreek Singh jee and Capt.

Sher Singh jee.

Truly, listening and serving in that akhand paath saahib had a special ras to it. We should

always try that for 48 hours five paathee Singhs should stay at the akhand paath place and

do the sevaa of paath. There should be very little talk. Then watch what spiritual miracles

take place.

In 1962, Veer Surinder Singh jee was just starting to move his fingers on the vaja’s keys

by divine inspiration and sang just a few shabads in Sangat. He had learned no raags. I

listened to his keertan from 1962 onwards. His soul would blossom and the keertan

would also cause an amazing bloom in all. He would be enraptured when doing keertan.

Usually when there was a keertan smaagam, Veer jee would come in the divaan and bow

before Guru Saahib and then sit at the very back. I used to tease him and call him a "back

bencher", but he would just laugh and say nothing. We would especially go to find him at

the back of divaans and in some corner and then bring him to the stage to have him sing a

shabad. He used to say to me many times "I like to listen to keertan (more than perform


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I agree, should veechar be done on guru sahib jees shahibzadeh as thats what the annual kirtan smagam commemorates? however doing veechar on naam abhiyaas obviously has a big role in ones jeevan.

could to see veechar happening. instead of veechar on naam, why not have properly naam abhiyaas sessions during the day..

if veechar is done, then should focus on shaheeds of gursikhs and none gursikhs from when Maharaj left Anandpur Sahib to Chamkaur Sahib, and then Mukatsar Sahib

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