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Babbar Khalsa Threatens Strikes On Republic Day

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fateh jio,

theres a babbar gurdwara in germany... i have been there

last week... and it is indeed a babbar gurdwara... so many

chardi kala singhs there :nishaan_sahib_right: :2singh2:

Hanji veerji

I think most BKI Singhs (Satnam Singh, Resham Singh) are there...

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Omg guys you are joking or? the Babbar Khalsas in Germany omg, they are talking talking talking and doing nothing. They are missusing the name of Babbar. And well they are doing wrong parchar. That's why i dun think they are sooo much in chardikala. They were in front of doing anti parchar of Sri Dasam Granth with Prof Darshan Singh.

And as I heared the other Babbars in Pakistan and who are in Jail they stopped keeping contact to them.

Baki it's very sad that, the name is lead in wrong direction. I wished the chardikala Singhs of Babbar Clan would take the Sewa and to lead the Clan. Because There are so many CHardikala Shaheeds in that clan. We need more of them...

Bhul Chuk Maaf karne ji

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Whats a Chardikalla Shaheed??

All Shaheeds are chardikalla

And all Jathebandis had Shaheeds...

Very True!

And can everyone chill, Singhs have been forced in to hideout, they can't do much at the moment, let's all be a bit more reasonable, it's very hard for them to reach KP Gill, besides, you don't see other Singhs doing something about it. Although, there are videos showing Ghagga being kicked off stage at Gurdwareh (which is good!). Forgive if I have spoken falsely!

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One question ... what do you think is the better life style?

one where you are scared for your life... when you have to have your bodyguard check the toilet before you sit on it or one wjhere your shot and made a martyr by the gov?

there are still many chardi kalla singh and singhni out there .... only that we sikhs are used to looking at the negative. ( not saying that what you guys are saying is false, but there is another side)

well i know which id want ....

cant wait till the days when the khalsa joins together

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