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Playstation 3 - Call Of Duty Clan

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Haha cool. I've completed all of the game too, including the activities/races. Just need the remaining tags and I'm done. Can't be bothered with the online side of achievements!

I'll add you when I'm online! By the way, Resident Evil 5 and FEAR2 demo's are up on XBL :D

As for PES2009, I haven't played it in a while. No real improvement over the past games. As always with Konami, they take one step forward, and two steps back. Online is nightmare. No 2v2 groups online (like PES6). Become a legend is the only the plus point of the game really and the rest is the same. There are glitches (floating players/players going beneath the pitch etc) that shouldn't be in the final product. It is exactly the same as PES5 but with better graphics. I believe the glory days of PES have gone...

I have tried the FIFA09 demo, although I didn't really enjoy it, at least they are moving forward with the 10v10 online, graphics etc. Lets see what this year brings.

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i enjoyed playing fifa liek wehn it laods ur like playing still it awsome but cod4 just ripsss it man it the ultimate game.....i wonder how cod5 is i hard its not the good :S .......and im online cod4 add me lets make a clan and play!! :v1: :D

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add me ~ idon'thaveaps3 ~ COD is the best gae man, even though it's a fish, and something to do with getting to level 55 10 times lol.

I vote for ps3 over x-box 360 though!!!!

trust me it sounds wack but honestly it a wicked game getting to the 10 pprestiege get it well beat every one ahaha

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i dont have a xbox or a ps3....the last console i had was a sega dreamcast!

therefore is it possible for pc users to play the games mentioned along with xbox/ps3 players and dont suppose there is a crowd of singhs playing counter strike source or team fortress 2?

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