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The Origin And Power Of Love


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True love has an origin ,and when its power is unleashed it strikes like a arrow ,which, as it strikes your heart unleases the power within you to feel it ,experience it ,and to love back .The lens of our understanding concerning this, are put into focus by Bhai Nand Lal when in his 'Ghazals (8)' he says

mra ra b-yak izarai abruu shaheed krd,

aknu elaj nist ke teer aaz kma guzsht

i.e With one twitching of His eyebrow ,Guru Gobind Singh ,can martyr/strike us with His Love,

There is no treatment when the arrow of love is shot from Guru Gobind Singh's bow .

Guru Ramdas Jee in the second cchant of Asa Ki Vaar ,says ''har prem bani man marea ,anialeh ania ram raje '' which means ''Gurbani's pointed arrow has smitten/struck my heart with God's Love''.When this Love strikes us ,Gurujee says in cchant 1 ,that ''My eyes are wet with Amrit ,and my soul and mind imbued with God's love ''.Gurujee dyes us with deep red (chalula rang) (i.e real hot ,alive ,bursting ,permanent) love ,whereby we feel wet ,soaked and overflowing with God's love .When such a love hits us up ,we become empowered to rid ourselves of our little fancies/infatuations/romances and attachments because Gurbani says 'sachi preet hum tum seo jori ,tum seo jorh avrh sang tori'

Thus as you can see the problem the world has is that it 'tries' to love and it doesnt work ,then you get confused and depressed about love ,and start becoming choc-a-block mixing it up with attachment .This is because we are ;trying '.Thats precisely the problem ''-trying '' i.e coming from our ego ,our man -made efforts .Even great swamis and modern day gurus preach pleasing to the ears messages about love .However, Gurmat pinpoints why love can be allusive and how to actually get it .

Someone who posted somewhere on here about love quotes swami vivekanada on love .However ,from a Gurmat point of view swami vivekananda got his understanding of love totally wrong and mixed up ,if you read the article on Love written by that swami . There, the swami says ''love is meant to be free'' ,but in gurbani ,love is the costliest thing around that we can only get as a gift through Guru Maharaj's kirpa ,as i have quoted above .Guru Gobind Singh Jee says in tavprasad savaiyey ''Sri Bhagwan ki bhae kirpa hu te ek rtee bin ek rtee ke''. If i think something is all free and passing around freely ,i do not need to ask God for it because it is free and freely available ,and i can use my human ego and effort to get it and mess about with it . However ,the constant prayer of a sikh is for Gurujee to love him/her and to be able to love Gurujee and all beings . Infact during Amrit shakna we give our heads ,our lifes ,our bodies to Gurujee for this purpose ,and as Gurbani says ''meh to mol mengi leeh'' ,i.e i have purchased it very very costly.

Concerning love the swami further goes on to say that for true love ,'' Give and don't expect.Advise, but don't order.Ask, but never demand.'' This is totally wrong .When a mother gives her child love,she has to teach her child how to respond back in love too ,else that will grow up to be one selfish ,unloving person, and panj pyares in many situations have to order ,not just advise ,and that is seen as their true love, likewise in Gurbani sometimes even with God you dont just ask -you demand and beg for it stubbornly till God gives you it(pavoh daan dhith hoe mangu). That swami in his article claims that those 3 things i just quoted are the secret of true love .Gurbani says the secret of true love is to surrender (jis pyareh seo neh ,tis ageh mar chaleaeh),that love is a gift from Gurujee and to receive this Divine Love ,then if its not happening yet ,then pray to God during ardas and this costly gift will be bestowed upon you . This is true love ,originating from God/Gurujee ,and when we receive it ,its very very humbling ,yet is like a permanent dye ,and is ''lethal'' and ''fatal''. Whoever comes in contact with such a Sikh will experience such a mind blowing love from that Sikh that it will be a world apart from the confusing ,short-fused, often conditional , self-originating love that he has experienced before .

In Anand Sahib ,Guru Amardas Jee proclaims '' baba jes tu deh ,soee soee paveh.paveh ta so jan deh jes nu,hor kea kareh vechareah'' i.e O Father ,he to whom You give ,obtains it ,what can the other pitiful /poor men do? The real truth about many supposed swamis who look ,talk and behave as if they have met God and understand love and then preach sermons of love ,which fall short of the true reality of love as expounded by Gurmat is summarised by Guru Arjan Dev on pg 738(SGGS), in raag suhi. Read the whole shabad starting with the verses''sewa thori mangen bohta,mahal na paveh ,kehto pohta............'' i.e people who claim to have reached but haven't, even with their convincing sermons and garbs.Gurujee in that shabad says such people with no real love in their heart utter and proclaim and sermonise about love as if they are imbued with love .

Bhai Gurdas in Kabitt Swayye(14) says ,

prem ras bash hoe petang sangam na jane

birhe bechoh meen hoe na mar jane heh


In order to become one with my dear Beloved,I,a deceitful lover ,not possessed by His love,

did not learn from a moth how to die in separation from him ,

nor did i learn from fish how to die in the separation of my beloved.

Bhai Gurdas goes on to say

jau lau an-ras baas

tau lau nehi prem raas

i.e, As long as one's attachment is to wordly pleasures

Till then one cannot know the essence of love

In that swami's article a girl opens a hand with some water in it and shows it ,and its meant to be ''As long as you keep your hand caringly open and allow it to remain there, it will always be there. However, if you attempt to close your fingers round it and try to possess it, it will spill through the first cracks it finds''. However ,as i have explained its God's hand that gives us love ,and in fact when love is given ,its best not to treat it all free and casual as that can breed carelessness and complacency ,but rather to appreciate it,look after it,and to water it and let it grow .

God/Guru loving us deeply (which in turns gives us thecapacity to love God/Guru and all beings) is so precious that Guru Nanak Dev Jee, lets out a secret as to how we can be in the business of receiving it and get into the business of being loved and to love . Gurujee in Jaap Jee Sahib ,4th pauri (verses ,4 ,5) ,asks Himself ''What language should be uttered by the mouth so that He may bestow His love on us after hearing it? ''. Then Guru Jee Himself gives the answer ''During amritvela dwell upon the TRUE NAAM and ponder on God's greatness''

Gurbani also teaches us the value of remaining pure , watchful ,careful ,mindful and wise in matters concerning love rather than treating it as some free commodity in a lot of cross comparisons between the attitudes and final outcomes for a sohagun vis-a vis a dohagun.(sohagun -a womwn succesful in loving and being loved by her husband and dohagun ,the reverse ) in SGGS .

True love is like a particle of nucleur fuel .When you do get it ,its mind blowing for both you

and anyone around you .Thats why,m Bhai Nand Lal ,makes a prayer in Zindagi Naama (vs507),

Dar dile goya hvae sounk bksh

bar zobansh zraa-eh azh zaunk bksh


O Waheguru! kindly bless my heart with a yearning of love for you

please bestow upon my tongue just one particle of the fondness for your love

So powerful is the fire of love that Bhai Nand Lal says

Aa chuna shokhtm azaa aatish

Harr ke beshuneed choo cnar bshokht


I was burnt in the fire of Guru Gobind Singh's love so much

That anyone who heard about this got burnt too like a pine tree! hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Its through Gurmat that we really begin to understand what love really is .The love we experience/experienced before we got really close to Gurujee ,pales in comparison to

the love we experience once Gurjee's arrows of love hit us .Such an arrow hits deep in our heart .Kabir (pg 1374 ) says as this arrow hit,I fell on the flow (lagt hi bhoe gerh preah,prah kleje cchek).It is an intoxicating experience that can knock you off your soberness(mere hirdeh sudh bodh sabh viser gyee). God's love helps us to differentiate between love and attachment and has the power to help us to be humble ,to be honest and to be extremely kind and loving ,to show no favouritism ,to make no one ever feel lesser loved by us ,to sacrifice for other's sake and to love God's creation with sensitivity and tenderness ,to desire other's success and to be joyful in other's blessings .God's love ,at the same time helps us to be bold ,to be empowered and have strength in our words ,thoughts and actions .God's love helps us to be people with juicyness ,passion and to never pity ourselves ,feel victimised ,unloved or depressed .

There is no stronger person than a person who is constantly feeling ,appreciating ,throbbing ,pulsating ,dripping and feeling intoxicated with this tiny but extremely mind blowing thought that God and Gurujee loves him/her .No one could be wealthier and more joyful than a person filled with prem ras ,love essence gifted by God .

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the world has is that it 'tries' to love and it doesnt work ,then you get confused and depressed about love ,and start becoming choc-a-block mixing it up with attachment .This is because we are ;trying '.Thats precisely the problem ''-trying '' i.e coming from our ego ,our man -made efforts .
Fantastic!!!! :BOW:
from a Gurmat point of view swami vivekananda got his understanding of love totally wrong and mixed up ,if you read the article on Love written by that swami . There, the swami says ''love is meant to be free'' ,but in gurbani ,love is the costliest thing around that we can only get as a gift through Guru Maharaj's kirpa

That swami in his article claims that those 3 things i just quoted are the secret of true love .Gurbani says the secret of true love is to surrender (jis pyareh seo neh ,tis ageh mar chaleaeh),that love is a gift from Gurujee

Great post veeray. However, the love Swami Vivekanand talks about is basically within the realms of human beings, and I personally didn't find much divine connection to God with it. I tried to connect to it through Gurmat, and only some of it worked out that way. It was mostly what I would categorize as majazi ishq or worldly love. The love talked about in Gurbani and by Bhai Sahib Bhai Nand Lal Ji is the highest form of ilahi ishq, i.e. divine love. Its where like you rightly stated, surrender is the best way to express it. You are also absolutely right in stating that love is indeed a priceless gift. Freedom sounds like a fancy term, but too much freedom is prerequisite to going haywire. So on that note I agree with you as well.

Whoever comes in contact with such a Sikh will experience such a mind blowing love from that Sikh that it will be a world apart from the confusing ,short-fused, often conditional , self-originating love that he has experienced before .
There is no stronger person than a person who is constantly feeling ,appreciating ,throbbing ,pulsating ,dripping and feeling intoxicated with this tiny but extremely mind blowing thought that God and Gurujee loves him/her .No one could be wealthier and more joyful than a person filled with prem ras ,love essence gifted by God .
Priceless words brother! :WW:

I would like to sincerely thank you for expressing your perspective and shedding some more light on things. Makes a lot of things clearer now. Ultimately, it is Gurbani that is our source of existence :)

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I found another mind blowing write up of Bhai Nand Lal Ji from Tapoban. Bhai Kulbir SIngh Ji's translation is simply out of this world!


Re: deen duniya dar kamandey - need translation Posted by: kulbir singh (IP Logged) Date: January 03, 2008 07:01AM

I will try to translate to the best of my ability. I don't have a steek of Bhai Nandlal jee at this time, therefore the translation may not be up to par:


mw nmy Awrym qwby gmzey imXZwin aU ]

Xk ingwhy jW i&zwieS bs bvd drkwir mw ]


The first pankiti means that I cannot sustain or bear the movement of the eyebrows of Siri Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaaj. 'Maa Namay Aaraem taabay' - I cannot bear it. "Ghamza-e-Miyghaan-e.oo" means the Ishaara of his eyes. The word "Ghamza" is used to describe the killer glance of your pyaara. Mirza Ghalib has used this word in one of his shayers as follows:

Yeh paree chehra log kaise hain.

Ghamza-o-Ishwa-o-Adaa Kya hai.

Ghamza means ishaara or communication done through eyebrows. Bhai Nandlal jee is basically saying that when his pyaara i.e. Siri Guru jee looks at him, he can't bear it i.e. he is so much filled in Rass.

The second pankiti means that 'just one glance that is life-filling, is enough for me'. Yak means one, nigaah means glance, jaan-fizaayash means life-giving. Darkaar means enough.


gwih sU&I gwih zwihd gwih klMdr my Svd ]

rMghwey mu^qil& dwrd buqy A~Xwir mw ]


Here Bhai Sahib talks about the spiritual greatness of Guru Sahib. Sufi means a Sufi Faqir. Zaahid means a religious scholar that follows Sharia to the fullest. Kalandar means a spiritual faqir. Ranghaaye is the plural of Rang or colour. Mukhtalif means different.

The whole shayer means that 'O Guru Gobind Singh jee Maharaj, you alone pervade or exist within the Sufi, Zaahid and a Kalandar. These seem like different colours, but in reality you alone are pervading in everyone.


kdr lwly aU bjuz AwiSk ndwnd hyc ks ]

kImqy XwkUq dwnd cSim gOhr bwir mw ]


Kadar means keemat, laal means jewel, Bajuz means without, aashiq means lover. Chasham means eye, gauhar means jewel.

The whole shayer means that the price or kadar of a jewel is not known by anyone other than the aashiq or lover. The price of Vaheguru-roopi jewel is known only by our eye (chasham) that is shedding jewel-roopi tears all the time.


hr n&s goXw bXwdy nrgsy m^mUir aU ]

bwdw hwey SOk my nOSd idly huiSAwir mw]


Har means every, nafas means every moment, goiya means Bhai Nandlal jee, Nargis is a kind of flower, Makhmoor means intoxicated, Bada means liquor or sharaab and here it means the spiritual sharaab of Naam.

The whole shayer I think means that every moment 'Goiya' (Bhai Nandlal jee's poet-name) stays intoxicated in the yaad or remembrance of beautiful flower like Vaheguru. Even though he is intoxicated in the spiritual shauq, still his heart is hoshiyaar or alert in his yaad.

Bhai Sahib's baani is of very high level and my intelligence is very lowly. A lot of mistakes may have been committed. Sangat bakash lave.


Kulbir Singh


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Thanks for importing Bhai Kulbir Singh jee's article . His posts are always informative and inspiring .

I remember many years ago in my life i had to look after and allowed a load of young people live in my house to help them out . Iwould come back from work around 5ish feeling rather tired and exhausted,sweating and hot .You know the feeling when your emotions are running thin ,and you are on the verge of feeling snappy and edgy and your strength is as thin as a pencil line .Right after coming back ,i had to administer the house ,and with their assistance ,cook for them too! But i remember ,that ,then i would take a nice cold fresh ishnan and we would all sit together for Raehraas before Shree GURU GRANTH SAHIB MAHARAJ ,parkash was in our house .Then we would all do keertan together and simran for at a couple hours .O man! allll my tiredness would just melt away and my heart would get filled to the brim with love for all of these people no matter how annoying they were .Thats when i learnt a valuable secret that Gurbani is the source of the a great love that can swell in our heart out of the blue instead of trying to mentally work it out .

Gurujee can express His love to us through anyone in this world ,Sikh or non Sikh when He chooses to!. Once ,my landlord ,who was also in the neighbouring house,who incidently was a 'sikh' asked me and my gursikh mates to get out asap because she couldnt stand the loud ''noises '' we made when we sang keertan every evening! blimme ,i was confused where to go . But a young Sikh boy from the neighbourhood ,out of the blue ,came to my door and said his grandmother wanted to see me .My first thought was ''here comes more trouble!''.But when i went to her house she turned out to be a strong ,tall ,straight backed ,Gursikh lady with a keshkee and displaying kirpan in gatra . She said she had heard of my predicamant .She said she wanted me and my gursikh veers to stay in her house .She got her son to immediately divide the house into front and back putting a wooden divide in between .She said because we have SGGS parkash we have to stay in front!and she and her family moved to the back .I had no choice but she was insistent . They were very very poor but for this poor family it was a blessing that we had moved in! With the little they had,every evening they would make dall and chappatis and bring it around just before raehraas started .Then it would be served out as langar to this family and my veeers right after ardas and vaak .

This lady's son was a very very poor man with loads of children(the days before condoms).

But omg omg omg around 3 or 4 a.m the morning after we had just moved in ,i was still asleep but suddenly heard a soft but clear voice of a woman singing in the back part of the house where this family had just moved into .I recognised it as the voice of the Gursikh Matajee's daughter in law! In a thin voice she was singing to herself from SGGS shabads, tu mera pita ,tu heh mera mata'' and then sachi preet hum tum seo jori !!!!!!! Tears filled my eyes .I started thinking omggg this family has hardly anything to eat ,but this bibi is waking up ,taking a little atta ,kneading it into dough ,and her heart and tongue are singing God's praises .You have no idea what a big lesson i learnt about love that morning compared to a million sermons about love ! That simple act of a poor person singing to God while the world is asleep ,thanking God for his gifts ,and acknowledging God's love and Gurujee as mum and dad! The language of gursikhs is the language of love!!! we dont speak english or punjabee ,we speak love!

Many years later ,and i am in England .I have decided to start my own business .Its 1996 .In january 1997 ,in my new cafe ,an english lad 22 years old ,tall and slim ,comes in ,sits down ,tells me he is a vegeterian .He opens his hand,shows me a load of coins and says 'Listen ,this is what i have ,take whatever you want and please serve me some thing vegeterian .I n my heart ,i felt as if Guru Nanak had just come though this person to eat from my hands .I do not know why but thats what i felt .So i just took as few little coins as i could ,went in the kitchen ,and brought out a plate of rice ,salad ,vegetable curry and chapatis .I could see his face light up in joy! He started talking and told me in 1992 ,he had as a back packer been to India and went to the Harmandir Sahib and had bowed before SGGS . Anyway we became friends .One day he looked at me (early1997) and said to me ''why do you look sad and worried ?'' I told him ,look its early days of my business and i have not enough income left to pay back my bank loan and rent .He insisted i follow him to the bank ,i declined .He then put his arm around me and practically forced me to walk to the bank with him .At the bank he went to the counter ,withdrew cash .He came back to me and said ''Listen i have withdrawn £600 .thats all the savings i have in the world .Lets put this into your account now and save the situation .He wouldnt take no for an answer .Omg ,a poor white guy 23 ,hardly knowing me deeply ,has just taken out all his life savings of £600 and given them all to me . I felt this was the kautak of GURU GOBIND SINGH MAHARAJ who can show up in the least possible of persons in any form he wants . This person i am talking about even took a Sikh name of Anoop Singh ,i adopted him as my son and brother ,and educated him through Guru Maharaj kirpa and now he has done a Masters in economics at University of Bristol and works in the Birmingham Police .Whenever i go Birmingham he takes me to whichever Gurudwara i want to go ! At the 2008 vaisakhi festival in birmingham , we went into Guru Maharaj parkash tent and then sat for langar .He complained '' Aaah they are slacking ,there is only chapatti and a little dry sabzi ,i need some dall '' haha hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Anyway enuff of my stories for now hahaaaaaaaaa .Time for some techno simran! hahaaaaaaaa .

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I got no words! :WW:

Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Raag Sorath on Ang 596

soriT mhlw 1 duquky ]

sorat(h) mehalaa 1 dhuthukae ||

Sorat'h, First Mehla, Du-Tukay:

puVu DrqI puVu pwxI Awsxu cwir kuMt caubwrw ]

purr dhharathee purr paanee aasan chaar ku(n)tt choubaaraa ||

In the realm of land, and in the realm of water, Your seat is the chamber of the four directions.

sgl Bvx kI mUriq eykw muiK qyrY tkswlw ]1]

sagal bhavan kee moorath eaekaa mukh thaerai ttakasaalaa ||1||

Yours is the one and only form of the entire universe; Your mouth is the mint to fashion all. ||1||

myry swihbw qyry coj ivfwxw ]

maerae saahibaa thaerae choj viddaanaa ||

O my Lord Master, Your play is so wonderful!

jil Qil mhIAil Birpuir lIxw Awpy srb smwxw ] rhwau ]

jal thhal meheeal bharipur leenaa aapae sarab samaanaa || rehaao ||

You are pervading and permeating the water, the land and the sky; You Yourself are contained in all. ||Pause||

jh jh dyKw qh joiq qumwrI qyrw rUpu iknyhw ]

jeh jeh dhaekhaa theh joth thumaaree thaeraa roop kinaehaa ||

Wherever I look, there I see Your Light, but what is Your form?

iekqu rUip iPrih prCMnw koie n iks hI jyhw ]2]

eikath roop firehi parashha(n)naa koe n kis hee jaehaa ||2||

You have one form, but it is unseen; there is none like any other. ||2||

AMfj jyrj auqBuj syqj qyry kIqy jMqw ]

a(n)ddaj jaeraj outhabhuj saethaj thaerae keethae ja(n)thaa ||

The beings born of eggs, born of the womb, born of the earth and born of sweat, all are created by You.

eyku purbu mY qyrw dyiKAw qU sBnw mwih rvMqw ]3]

eaek purab mai thaeraa dhaekhiaa thoo sabhanaa maahi rava(n)thaa ||3||

I have seen one glory of Yours, that You are pervading and permeating in all. ||3||

qyry gux bhuqy mY eyku n jwixAw mY mUrK ikCu dIjY ]

thaerae gun bahuthae mai eaek n jaaniaa mai moorakh kishh dheejai ||

Your Glories are so numerous, and I do not know even one of them; I am such a fool - please, give me some of them!

pRxviq nwnk suix myry swihbw fubdw pQru lIjY ]4]4]

pranavath naanak sun maerae saahibaa ddubadhaa pathhar leejai ||4||4||

Prays Nanak, listen, O my Lord Master: I am sinking like a stone - please, save me! ||4||4||

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