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Excommunicated From The Panth Giani Gurbaksh Singh Gulshan In Slough Doing Katha

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request for him to be excommunicated from the panth giani gurbaksh singh gulshan is in slough doing katha on rehat maryaada

He was brought in by the pardhaan and Gurdwara stage secretary-we know this because he said their names on stage

huknama by akaal takhat


Summon Missionary Gulshan to Akal Takht Sahib : Shahbaz Khalsa

Wednesday 6th of September 2006

Panthic Weekly News Bureau

AMRITSAR SAHIB (KP) - Panthic Organization Shahbaaz Khalsa has requested Sri Akal Takht Sahib to take action against the UK based pro-Kala Afgana missionary Gurbaksh Singh 'Gulshan'

As reported in Panthic Weekly last month in "Makkar bypassing protocol for New Granthis" , Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee (SGPC) Chief Avtar Makkar has been severely criticized for his attempts to install several controversial Granthis in Sri Darbar Sahib complex without proper background checks and proper procedures and that interestingly Gulshan's name appears in the list of those the SGPC chief is interesting in hiring for the job as a top granthi.

View Original Letter from Shahbaaz Khalsa (in Gurmukhi)

Below is the translation of the petition forwarded by Shahbaz Khalsa vice president Bhai Sikhmander Singh Karmuwala against Gurbaksh Singh 'Gulshan'



September 4, 2006



Sri Akal Takht Sahib

Sri Amritsar

Re: Letter of appeal on so-called scholar Gurbaksh Singh Gulshan's anti-Panthic activities

In this humble request our organization, Shahbaz Khalsa, wishes to make you aware of the anti-Gurmat activities of Gurbaksh Singh 'Gulshan.' As the anti-Panthic forces like the Kala-Afgana lobby and Joginder Singh Spokesman, in the past kept brewing new troubles in the Panth, in the same manner the individual named Gurbaksh Singh 'Gulshan' in his book 'Darpan Sikh Rahit Maryada' has criticized and objected to the Sikh Rahit Maryada and (the Bani) Rahiras Sahib. Openly rejecting the Five Banees of the Amrit-Sanskar (ceremony), he has stated that their recitation in the Panth was started from 1936 only.

From time to time, this so-called scholar has supported ex-communicated individuals Gurbaksh Singh (Kala-Afgana) and Joginder Singh Spokesman. For example, in the April 200 issue, page 36 of the Spokesman, the editor writes about having this so-called scholar installed as the Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib :

"Giani Gurbaksh Singh Gulshan is conducting parchar of Sikhi in Britain and other western countries in a very effective manner. He is very professionally and is a Sikh missionary with a deep understanding of Gurmat. If someone like him is installed as a Jathedar of Akal Takht then Panth would never face critical situation such as we have now.

Furthermore, this individuals in 2004 January issue of Spokesman, page 50 stated his support for the pro-Kala Afghana conference held in Mohali :

"The Mohali conference is a great undertaking, and such conferences should be held at a worldwide level.

It is our humble request that this so-called scholar Gurbaksh Singh 'Gulshan' should be called to appear before Akal Takht Sahib and the appropriate action be taken, accordingly.


Sukhmandar Singh Karmuwala (vice-President)

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Finally, has he actually been kicked out, the guys dodgy, he is funny tho, he chats alot of nonsence, i find him halariuos, Baba Deep singhs head didnt come off, bhai mani singh wasnt cut limb by limb, bla bla bla. Im like get a life mate.

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Has anyone made the commitee aware?

its happened before where ex-communicated or dodgy parchaaraks have been allowed to go on stage and the commitee had no idea about them. Just get intouch with them before taking further steps.

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Here we go again guys ! :homer

1. Gulshan has NOT been excommunicated from the Panth -despite letters asking for him to be done so. FACT

2. Gulshan is entitled to his own views about Baba Deep Singh, etc -they are meaningless in the grand scheme of things and do not contravene Gurmat. FACT

3. There was a hate campaign against him last year. He performed at GGSG, Bradford, GNG, Smethwick, GNP, Coventy, Gravesend, etc and other Gurdwaras in India (despite a huge childish campaign to disrupt the programmes, not a single internet karkoo attended any of these events) -I have seen the videos. HE SAID NOTHING ANTI-GURMAT. FACT

4. His Parchaar of Akal Takht Maryada is prefound, meaningful and provides a balanced historic context in accordance with Gurmat. Perhaps the anti-Gulshan supporters cannot understand these concepts or goes against their baba's teachings.

5. Taliban Taksalis versus Sikh Missionaries -grow up guys ! Haaad hundi singoo...

PS. I look forward to your many kala afgana, RSS agent, indian government spy allegations against me !!! :p T:

PPS. I am neither for or against Gulshan -but this is classic infantile dribble that is distorting facts :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Guest fordcapri

I agree with some the things karla afgana talks bout.

alot is of what is said bout him is not true,like people say that he is agianst baptisim, i doubt it when he is Amrithri himeself.

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I wish he will come here to Germany once, so I will be able to kick his <banned word filter activated>

Yep that would be really wise -your actions would work in a Taliban country !

1. You with a criminal record. Unemployable/ out of work. Family beadbi

2. He will really shut up thereafter and crawl under the rock he come out from

3. We would give you a suroopa for your sacrifice

4. Like you guys kicked Prof. Darshan Singh -LOL. I was there and believe me it was just a rant and rave. Totally pointless. Not a single punch/ kick thrown.

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