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What Is Dasam Dwar.


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The body has nine doors or openings into the outer world i.e eyes, ears, nose, mouth etc...

when these are 'open', meaning when we are immersed in the outer perceptions of physical reality, our bodies have a constant flow of mental/physical energy outwards and inwards.

now through meditation, we close our eyes, still our minds and bodies because we are trying to keep that mental/physical energy inside, we are trying to close those nine doors,

because by doing so the 'tenth door' shall open.

the tenth door is the breath gate, it is the highest chakra or energy center in the body it is also called the third eye and is in the area of the pineal gland in the brain at the point above and between the two eyebrows, it is the point that the soul leaves the body at death and thus it leads to heavenly vision.

Sikhism forbids meditation on the lower chakras, the tenth gate is the starting point for Sikhs, it is the final goal for Hindus.

the shabd-dhun or spiritual sound vibrates from Sach Khand, directly from Akal Purukh, this spiritual sound can be heard in meditation at the tenth gate when one reaches that high stage and at that point, the soul envisions the light of God within and tastes the nectar of the Lord--this is the begining of brahmgyan.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

the tenth door is the breath gate, it is the highest chakra or energy center in the body it is also called the third eye and is in the area of the pineal gland in the brain at the point above and between the two eyebrows, it is the point that the soul leaves the body at death and thus it leads to heavenly vision.

The highest chakras are actually above the dasam duar, outside the physical sareer. The point you describe is the trikuti (aagya chakar) and not the dasam duar, which is at the top of the head.

Sikhism forbids meditation on the lower chakras, the tenth gate is the starting point for Sikhs......

No, it doesn't - I don't remember the relevant Gurbani but if you read Sant Isher Singh Ji's diary or listen to the recordings labelled aatmik gyan (or parmartak parvachan) they make it very clear and in the audio recordings, actually take Sangat through the chakars that are relvant in Sikhi.

the shabd-dhun or spiritual sound vibrates from Sach Khand, directly from Akal Purukh, this spiritual sound can be heard in meditation at the tenth gate......

True, but we get the ability to hear Anhad Shabad before reaching Dasam Duar.

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This is a very simplistic explanation I came across, please correct anything which may be inaccurate.

Dasam Dwaar: 10th Door

One of the results of meditating on God in Sikhi is that your 9 doors will close. When I say close I mean they will not be affected by bad stuff around you. Example: At the moment our eyes serve as a great means of distracting us from God; we see so many things around us which are much more interesting than Guru Ji is. Our 9 open doors cause a lot of trouble for us in various ways e.g. swearing/slander/lust. When someone has reached a very high spiritual level these doors will 'close' - the person won't be affected by lust/anger/greed etc. The doors won't allow bad thoughts/distractions in, even though the person will obviously still have the use of their eyes/ears etc on a physical level.

The 10th door opens at this stage. It can be described as one of the stages of enlightenment. Those whose dasam dwaars have opened and who have chosen to write about it will tell you that in their minds and even their ears they can hear constant Gurbani Kirtan. No matter where they are there is this magical sound in their minds: this is called Anhad Shabad, and is described in Anand Sahib. The two books I mentioned (Bhai Rama Singh's & Bhai Randhir Singh's autobiographies) mention this I think. If you like you can borrow these from me over the Christmas, I'm sure some shops in Bham/Midlands will also have them.

Dib Drishtee: 3rd Eye

Put simply the words Dib Drishtee has been derived from Sanskrit words – Divya - meaning divine, secret, occult etc and Drishtee meaning nazar, eye, seeing power etc. The Dib drishtee is located at the base of the skull near the medulla oblongata. If you look into a mirror it would be located at the front of your face just above your eyes in between your eyebrows.

You may have heard about Ridh Sidh, the magical powers which come from naam simran. These powers include the ability to read minds/predict the future. It is not the aim of a Sikh to get these. The aim of a Sikh is to rise above them and not be affected by them. They are like a test from guru sahib to see if you can forsake all the wealth, pleasures of this world just for him. They come as a by-product of doing Bhagti. These Ridh Sidh encompass the opening of the Dib dristee.

Although it is very real we must remember that it not a physical organ as such it is best to think of the Dib dristhee as the eye of the soul - it allows for an insight into the world like no other. As you can imagine it's very difficult for someone like me to explain it when I'm nowhere near such a spiritual state. However to give you an idea of what kind of things can happen: with Dib Drishtee we can leave our body and go to other places in the world or other spiritual planes (our souls) and our body stays where it is. It allows us to see all sorts of things which can’t be seen without it being opened e.g. the Shaheed Fauj of Guru sahib, the ghosts/angels, Dharam Raj and his Jamdoots etc. It also allows you to see the life-forms you took before becoming a human.

Dib Drishtee has been described in many religions/dharams. Even some new sects today talk about the third eye, but their ideas on it differ considerably from what Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj tells us about it. In Hinduism you will hear it being described as a Chakra (google it). Many people today consider it to be a metaphor of inner awakening, a realisation that there is something bigger than yourself. It entails the ability to see good in everything. For us it is a bit more than that.

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Daswan Dwar is the tenth gate; the spiritual realm that lies immediately above that of the universal mind in which the soul, for the first time since it left its eternal home with God, knows itself as pure soul, free of all coverings of the mind. Daswan Dwar is therefore said to be the realm of true or mystic self-realization, though the soul has yet to realize its identity with God (God-realization). The soul at this stage has also achieved liberation from the wheel of birth and death.

From the vantage point of Daswan Dwar, the soul's entire past history of transmigration is crystal clear, like looking into a mirror. But by the time it reaches this level on its journey homewards, the soul is not interested in knowing its past. It always looks ahead or upwards, towards the divine Source of all. The soul here has the urge to continue higher, since it has not yet reached eternity - daswan dawar and the spiritual realms below eternity being subject to grand dissolution.

The created realms below daswan dwar are known generally as trilok (three worlds). Hence, Sri Guru Amardas Ji writes:

He alone is emancipated who conquers his mind,

and mammon(dirt) clings not to him again.

He abides in the tenth gate (daswan dwar),

and obtains the knowledge of the three worlds.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji 490

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I am grateful to all of you for taking the pains for espressing their views on Dasam Dwar. It is clear that the tenth door is within the body. Whether it is physically presennt of not is a matter of significance.

The tenth gate is hidden[ang 1031] and it appears that the tenh door is hidden in the body else the above tuk @ ang 1031should not have mentioned. I am not very clear about it.

Secondly ,it has been stated by some of my friends that it is the place of soul as well. Naam abhiyaas makes one realize this door.

What is naam abhiyaas? Is the japping 'waheguru' and reading and reciting equivalent to 'Naam abhiyaas.'? Kindly quote with thelp of Bani.


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Dasamduar is at the highest point of the body(middle part of head). When the dasam duar opens, the mortal EXPERIENCES the meaning of the tukk (jo pinde, soee brahamdee ie. whatever is in the universe, same stuff is inside the body). Once dasam duar opens, the mortal looses interest in seeing the world THROUGH EYES. The world through eyes appear to be SMALL AND STATIONARY and the body becomes the world(universe). Dasam duaar becomes the door to Sachkhand. When the dasam duar opens, worldly transportation(cars, cycles, aeroplanes) SEEMS LIKE A JOKE, seems like people have gone mad, its like a keerreee moving from 1 tree to a nearby tree in an infinite forest.

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although i have limited info on the subject, i recommend the following books for extended reading:

Bhai sahib Bhai randhir singh jis Autobiography

Undithy Dunia by Bhai sahib Bhai randhir singh ji

Anhad shabad by Bhai sahib Bhai randhir singh ji

anhad shabad is a bit confusing, as in bhai sahib talks about propa deep stuff but that explains the ridhi sidia and the revelation of the anhad shabad, whilst the autoboigraphy talks about the opening and all the spiritual things associated with it

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gurfateh jeeo

naam abhiyaas. anhad shabad. dargaahi keertan (keertan from heaven). dasam dwaar. karam (sunjog,vijog,bhaag). maya. etc.. all these are part of the same story.

first. dasam dwaar is the dorway to heaven. (read the 5 bania. jupji sahib anand sahib. tells you more than you need to know >cus in effect, you need to know nothing to get to god! jus do naam!<)

amrit is all bout dasam dwaar aswel. when you get initiated, amrit is put onto/into your dasam dwaar. it is at the top of your head. some people get confused with the '3rd eye' dib-drisht. dib-drist is when you see god in all.(hindus and muslims alike!) hindus say that there are 3 naars (veins), sukhmana, ira, pingula. and they do silly things with these veins. (swami raamdev with that nose hold thing... left and right thing...) guru ji tells us that, dont do this, and gur shabad samaao.keep waaheguru in your mun.. thats y we dont do all the chakar buisness. and simply concentrate on our middle of forhed (3rd eye. to get dib drisht) and open the dorway to heaven.

but. even dasam dwaar is somwhere where we can fall. heres where most people disagree. but gurbani sez it... >>>

mY hir hir nwmu ADwru rmeIAw ]

mai har har naam adhaar rameeaa |

I take the Support of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

iKnu plu rih n skau ibnu nwvY gurmuiK hir hir pwT pVeIAw ]1] rhwau ]

khin pal rehi n sako bin naavai guramukh har har paath parreeaa |1| rehaao |

I cannot live, for a moment, even for an instant, without the Name of the Lord; the Gurmukh reads the Sermon of the Lord, Har, Har. ||1||Pause||

eyku igrhu ds duAwr hY jw ky Aihinis qskr pMc cor lgeIAw ]

eaek girahu dhas dhuaar hai jaa kae ahinis thasakar panch chor lageeaa |

In the one house of the body, there are ten gates; night and day, the five thieves break in.

Drmu ArQu sBu ihir ly jwvih mnmuK AMDuly Kbir n peIAw ]2]

dharam arath sabh hir lae jaavehi manamukh andhulae khabar n peeaa |2|

They steal the entire wealth of one's Dharmic faith, but the blind, self-willed manmukh does not know it. ||2||

<<<<<< for a long time i thought y doesent it say nau dwaar hai ja ke... but it just takes a bit of thinkin...

basiclly,people get stuck in the ridhia sidhia (27-special powers) when their 10 gate opens and they can get lost. SO. once the dasam dwaar is opened, its still a fight.

just like the best ride is at the end of brighton peer!! :)

this is the way to god. so we must open the door, then still keep reaching for him. dont stop wen you open the door. it also, may shut...

naam abhiyaas.

we all no wot naam is. (to wotever extent we can no! because, hai beyant.endless..) so what is abhyaas?? abhyaas means in the literal sense, to 'do'. like karo.

jog AiBAws krm DRm ikirAw ]

jog abhiaas karam dhram kiriaa |

the practice of Yoga and righteous conduct

in sukhmani sahib. do=practise.same difference..

so naam abhyaas is juping naam. from god, through the void, came naam on which the gurus hoped onto (onto the naad of naam) and then, bani was rachaad.

so bani came from naam. bani is there for one reason. for us to do. we have ardaas. y do we have it? if we are to keep our mun from any wants and desires? y do we have ardaas wen we are not allowed to as for personal things??? because each shabad is an ardaas to god/guru. shabad is the ardaas. i.e. >god, have mercy on me< ...meher karo... kar kirpa har naam devaayo... and so on...

so in doing the naam juping/ naam abhyaas, we get closer to god and reach higher avasta.z. (spiritual level)

slowly, we get our anhad shabad going inside us (<banned word filter activated> ghar anhad vaje-and this whole pauri in the anand sahib.pauri 5 of 40). like the engine of a car starts. then we start to hear keertan from heaven. this sound inside oneself and the sound of keertan from heaven is the same.

then (if we are lucky) our 10 door opens.

har har-jun doe aek hai.. saagar mahe boondh, boondh mahe saagar..... mohe pita gul laavae..(how beautifull... a hug from god)

and we become in anand. this is when baani like the above comes our of ones mouth.. khin pul rehe na sako bin naavae.... and like hum na sakat kar sifit tumaari...

hope that explains the naam abhyaas to you.

through our karam we have got the life we have. we are not destined to go to heven or hel which is a chakar anyway which is why people say sikhs dont "believe" in heven or hel -which isnt totally true.

through dharam and rehet and above all, NAAM juping, is the way how to get into heven and THEN merge into god.

we are destined to only be in a situation through karam. how we act in that situation, is through our actions. how are we gona find our way and to know how we are to act????? dhan sri guru granth sahib ji MAHARAAJ..

for the sake of dharam sikhi was born. no rituals, fasts, pointless things, just going to god. stright. which is why guru gobind singh ji dasmesh pita rachaad amrit. it was the will of god for amrit to exist. cus god told guru ji to rachaa it.

maya will stop at nothing to steal the naam you kamaa. earn.

so a jugti... soon as you do some naam, do ardaas. say, i am moorakh. god you keep my earnings as its all yours anyway..

we cant keep a single thing as we loose everything all the time because we are such moorakhs..

to know more, just download sikhi to the max2. type and learn. so easy!

surf it. jus like the web is surfed.

gurfateh jeeo

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