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I am wanting to find out detailed information about Death in context of Sikhi and what the Guru Jees taught and what is written in Guru Granth Sahib jee.

In particular:

  • What happens when a person dies?

  • What does Jamdoot do during the death process?
  • What is the role of Dharam Raj/Dharam Rai?

  • In terms of Re-Incarnation; who goes back through the process and who is 'saved?'

This information would really help. Thanks folks!


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It's a very deep topic and Gurbani goes into a lot of detail so your best bet is to go straight to Guru Sahib and search within Gurbani for your answers.

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    • too many organisation abound and zero coordination as shown in that video I posted about sikh NGOs meeting with authorities in Ludhiana , need was for langar for 100,000 but food for 500,000 was being made on daily basis in this time of hardship, then it was being givem to the same group of people in the same 4 locations by sikhs going one group after another. As the Singh says NO ONE is dying of hunger in the towns as those same labourers are being given food rations and money by either their bosses or the goverment ON TOP of them grabbing up langar and then 'feeding it to our cows because it makes our kids sick' . wheat crops have failed this year due to combination of hailstorms and curfew only 30 % yield , we are wheat eaters  and what is the state government's response ? Not save stored grain for state population but to send 20 trainloads out of Punjab to other states who also have their own crops to eat. Remember this is the same Ahole who OK'd the deliberate flooding of punjab's fields to disrupt farming yields for 5 Years . Punjabis are literally scared to say/do anything that the hindus may object to even if they are totally merciless in diverting all tax revenues to centre , reduce investment in healthcare to such an extent that there is no way hygiene could be maintained . fake medicines have flooded Punjab's markets killing those in need. Sikhs HAVE TO COORDINATE efforts, resources outside of SGPC/RSS/CONGRESS/Akali  control Gurdwarey have to become property of Guru Panth ONLY and serve the people's needs : educational, medical, spiritual, Fitness and Defence. The days of Langar roadshows have to stop , these politicians will have us expend our last penny and cook our last grain to feed others so that we are brought to our knees. Time to put on our airmasks and help all other sikhs put on theirs . Guru ji did not do langar roadshows he made dharamshaley for those who came to His door; he helped and he didn't help those who could help themselves but expected people to do kirit first and if that failed then rely on langar. Our own people are suffering in the villages behind closed doors , don't see many NGOs worrying about them ... It is a truth that the most money collected for charity is by the sikhs in Uk, Canada  and India   we are talking millions of pounds/dollars and then we also donate time, effort food  on top . If we were  coordinated properly there would be proper use of Golak and no replication of effort and wastage . Quite easily we could build the hospital wards, vet clinics, schools colleges  with  which we could  serve our people and others to free education, healthcare , we could educate the nurses, doctors, scientists, engineers we need , we could give/lend money to farmers to switch to organic farming again and permaculture methods . Water preservation/harvesting could be a major target for sikhs as well since we are being squeezed from all sides for our natural river water. Problem is the wrong people are being listened to .
    • yes dasvandh was only meant to protect the gareeb sikhs from being taken advantage of, doing parchaar of gurbani/sursikhi and running pangat (but history shows that sikhs used to donate seperately for degh and pangat)
    • five years training , five year volunteering then 12 years practice . daily dose of 30 c , that was back while I was training
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