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Our Maan ( Our Mind ) Why Do We Let It Get The Better Of Us?

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Our Mind is the one thing which may be difficult to control, But Sikhi is in my view the only religion which teaches how to control taste less disires and world wonts.

For example, If you walk up in the moring, not at Amrit Vela, you may have a shower, then do Nitnem, BUT! Have you noticed that when you do Nitnem, your thinking of other things beside The Nitnem your reciting. BUT, if you get up at Amrit Vela its a COMPLETLY diffrent thing, you get up do your shower and then Nitnem, you dont, not for once think of anything else besides Sikh or the Nitem your reciting. It may be hard to take in, but its true. Your mind will be more focued then at Amrit Vela then not. But im not telling you to get up at Amrit Vela, but we all should, Because im a Manmuck, and i've noticed when i get up, but its difficult, BUT theres area may way which i think can help, latly i've been Singing the Nitnem your reading. SERIOUSLY! it works just sing it dont read it without any love, It works, with Love for the True Guru, your Mind will change :D

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