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Questions For Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowal?

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Meethan just to let you know i have about 8 of the UK recordings from this plus about another 30 other videos of Baba Ji i am currently converting and sending them to Gurmatveechar so when the singh gets time they should be up for people to view

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In Babaji's katha today he basically talked about the power of naam to save sinners like Ajamal

and said that constant simran of Waheguru is essential for liberation.

I was lucky to spend more time with Babaji today,

he happily shared some memories from his youth when he sometimes

visited the Lopo Dera in Ludhiana where he had darshan of the Sants there

and listened to the mythological and historical kathas,

he also spoke of visiting the Sixth Guru's Gurdwara there as well as other sites blessed by shaheeds there.

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For anyone who missed the beginning,

Babaji sopke about the history of the nishan sahib

and of the keshri bana worn as the color of sacrifice for the kaum.

He also said we need to transcend the politics of Akali Dal and Congress and Hindu parties etc,

which have engulfed us because being a Khalsa Nation we are really beyond all this and only dependent and accountable to the Guru and not to false organizations.

Babaji said that the nishan sahib is the symbol of Akal Purakh and we should do namaskar to it from deep in our hearts as it is a flag of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji.

Babaji also spoke about the sacrifice of Nihang Singhs who gave their heads for the Panth like Akali Poola Singh ji and who wore the farla as a nishan sahib on their sacrificed heads.

Babaji then said that people think in their heads, 'what is the difference between me and a sant?'

the answer is that in the bodily form there is no difference, but in bandagi and enlightened atma there is a huge difference.

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Here are the set of part 1 questions:

1. What is the relationship between 5 elements and energy(daiv shakti)?

2. How matter and energy are related to each other?

3. What role does yoga play is Gurmat and comcept of Raj jog which has been used in bani.?

4. To explain the Bhai Gurdas Ji's vaar which talks about "Gurmukh Patanjali the (supposed) incarnation of the Sesnaga". Why is Patanjaliis called a gurmukh??

5. Should we give our Granthi Singh(s) more power than the pardhans? Would this help us reform our current system?

Here is the part 2 question:

1. Many beleive bhagats got mukhti through sri guru nanak dev ji nirankar? Please shed some light on avtar theory?

Here are the set of part 3 questions:

1. Is Ugardanti dasam bani, and if so what is the role of Chandi in Sikhi? In other words, who or what is Chandi and how is the idea of Chandi different in Sikhi from regular Devi worship in Hinduism?

2. What happens to Singhs who have attained Shaheedi for the panth but may not have achieved Brahmgyan/Nirvikalp Samadhi before this happens?

3. How many elements shaheed singhs are made of?

4. What is the meaning of bedah mukht avastha? How's bedah mukht avastha relates with parlabadh karam?

5. Where does one go after bairaag?

6. Please explain bit about 5 khands?

7. What is the avastha of small kids?

8. Seems like Sikhs today just don’t have the warrior spirit we were once famous for. Sikhs are getting bullied, beaten-up, ridiculed more and more. How can we become like our Khalsa forefathers, possessing their courage, bir-rass, bhagati?

9. Gurbani talks about - Shabad Guru, surat dhun chela? Please expand on this shabad.

10. Is the true that in bhramgyan avastha, surat rises above shabad?

11. Gurbani talks about- vaho vaho bani nirankar hai||. In this shabad, is bani consider vachak of nirgun paratama?

12. Is there any karam in bhramgyan avastha?

Here are the last set of questions:

1. In sri akaal ustat there is kabit by sri dasam patsah- Jaise ek aag tei konka aag uthaie ||. Please expand on this kabith and maha parloa?

2. Can we give atma saroop of sargun for understanding?

3. Is there difference between doing kirtan and abhyaas of vahiguroo gurmantar? Also is there any difference between kirtam naam and vahiguroo gurmantar? Are they both capable of being blessed with bhramgyan?

4. If man has perfect faith, even though he may not have bhagti but his faith is perfect, can his ardas move mountains?

5. There are two margs to reach bhramgyan in Sikhi- bairaag and gyan marg?

6. What is difference between Sikh and advaita vedanta?

All set of questions can be download from the link below.

Note: You will need winrar to uncompress them. You can download and install free version from www.rarlabs.com

Right click on the link below and save target as:

Questions and Answers with Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowale April 2009 Visit to Canada

The files are hosted on sikhawareness, which is now back up.

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can u ask baba ji why some people still think Baba Jarnail singh Bhindranwale r still alive wen they were really saheed in 1984?

i have herd people talk about this and it upsets me as i got inspired by them and wot they did and took amrit last year and this upsets me..

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bk 4 lyfe was you there in 1984 because you seem to be very certain that sant ji is shaheed!? Please keep your comments to your self. Thats not a necessary question to ask, sant baba thankur singh ji already gave the answer to that question you might want to do some research, instead of causing unnecessary controversy.

Didn't mean to offend.

Fateh Ji

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im very sorry god is great...but i did not mean 2 offend you

but i have spoken to many many people and saints who have all said Baba Jarnail singh Bhindranwale are shaheed and this topic is very dear to my heart as some of my relatives laugh at me wen i took amrit and laugh wen i tell them about 84 and things like that and say your so called sikhs think Bhindranwale is hiding..they joke this 2 me and say how can a warrior hide? so i would really like 2 know why a small amount of people belive this..

i do not mean to cause a fight ...and i am sorry god...pleae dont judge me..

Thats not a necessary question to ask - god is great

who r u 2 decide wot is necessary to ask...this means a lot to me...sparked sikhi in my soul...why r u so defensive and upset...i just want better answers .... i 2 wish they were alive..but i just cant see Baba Jarnail singh Bhindranwale hiding..they r a warrior a sikh...not scared of noone...

bin laden can hide ...a sikh soulja can not..especially in the dark days of now

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Which saints have you spoken to which have said that? Interesting id like to know! Which saint or sant would know better than Sant baba thakur singh ji on this topic?

Im sorry but i meant it by the fact that you was causing controversy or maybe i took it the wrong way. Yes i am no one 2 decide that.

Sorry Hope mahraaj blesses this papi

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Kalyug Brother,

I think only a Nihang like Baba Nihal Singh will

be able to give you satisfactory answers to some of your questions.

wel how do u know the spiritual wisdom of one from another? brahamgyani ki gat brahmgyani jane... unless ur already on that path.. gud for u?

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Where did I say that I am a brahmgyani?

I have meet and spoke with both of these great Mahapurukhs

(talked to Sant Jagjit Singh ji for hours last week).

I was talking to Kalyug because I know he is interested in Akali Nihang Singh Khalsa,

Sant Jagjit Singh ji is completely against the use of meat or any kind of intoxicant

and sant's words are one, not two or conditional,

this is a question of maryada not brahmgyan, so who better to ask then someone

who lives the maryada?

Baba Nihal Singh ji has already answered these questions in his kathas online

saying that sukha.chatkha is for war times.

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