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What’s life and what should we do in our whole lives? It has being a question down the ages. Just several days ago, a friend younger than me told me he was wondering what life was and did not know the goal of life.

His question also re-taught me something about life. In the past few days, I am always trying my best to forget something, because I think it is an effective way to keep

enthusiasm for life. Maybe there are some persons and some things that we think we can never forget but one day we finally find they are no longer in our memory.

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In my opinion, life is just akin to a train. There are always some people coming and some people leaving. We have no idea when they will come and when they will go. Some

persons promised they would stay with us to the end and we should know there is a chance that they may leave with no auspice. Confronted with this fact what should we do? Perhaps we will be sad but that is not what we should do. No matter what we do he or she won’t come back. What we should do is to be happier and do what we should do.

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I once read an article about life and it says that life is just like dramatic. I also agree with it. In fact we are always playing a character of the dramatic. In the dramatic

of life no one can experience it with himself. In our own life we should be the leading role of ourselves.

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The idea of it varies form one person to another. For different persons, it has different meanings. But what we know is that life is very short and we should hold fast to it, treasure what we have and forget what does not belong to us. Only by this way, can we live a wonderful life.

P.S. I like the song one-way street of Wangfei, because I think the lyric explain life well. Maybe I can not express my ideas accurately because of my poor English but I also appreciate the opportunity to reflect on our life.

Reflection on life

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