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BS at its best

Guest mehtab

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I know a few ppl here who have watched and listened to Sant Ji's speaches. A guy from UK who came here was telling about the change that Sant Ji's speaches brought in his life. He was in Londan. He was used to drink alot and he was clean shaven. One day, in May of 1984 someone braught a video of Sant Ji and he watched it. He was shaken and regretted alot for drinking and cutting his hair. He was a heavy drunk and he ardas to Guru Ji that Guru Sahib leaving sharab is not in my hand, but i promise you that from this day i will never cut my hair, at least I can do this much. As the time went by, slowly his drinking habbits improved. He almost quite, but since he was addicted to liquor, he could not sleep without drinking it as a medicine. Then he started drinking it as a medicine at night and he had this thing in mind that if he won't drink, he can't go to sleep. Finally a day came, when this thought was completely wiped of his mind and Guru Sahib did kirpa on him and he quit drinking. I was listening to this guy yesterday in Bhai Sahib's room when he was talking to a friend of mine. This guys in Amritdhari now. It looks like he now has the gayan, inner gyan, he does lot of simran and he said, oste Guru Sahib Ji kirpa hai.

As most of us know that Guru Sahib changed many people's lives though Sant Jarnail Singh Ji. He was a true combination of "Sant-Sipahi", a GREAT SINGH SOORMA of 20th Century. Sant Ji was used to go to place to place, even as far as Bombay to do Sikhi da Parchar and many people took Amrit after listening to Sant Ji. I don't have words to describe Sant Ji's 'den' to Khalsa Panth. The only thing that Indian Gov't nu chubdi si, oh

si Sikhi da Parchar though him, which Indian Gov't could not bare. I think this was the major reason behind incidences in 1980s and in 1978 Nirankari Kand.

And now what do these Americans know??? There is a saying in Punjabi that "dudkh da jaleya lassi nu vi phookan mar ke peenda". This is the exact situation America is now in. US is declaring every Sikh movement and Sikh Organization of Human Rights as terrorist acts and terrorist organizations. We do not have political voice, we are sooooo weak in politics and we are the WEAKEST leaders in Politics, for example, Parkash Singh Badal, Akali Leader, who does not have even a single quality of Akalis.

First of all, we don't have Sikh leaders, and those who are and look like Sikhs by appearance, they are sold out. This is the weakest link for us...

sorry if i offended anyone... gotta go...

bhul chuk di khima...............

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