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    • A sort of odd Simran, Ardas, Dharam opportunity for the open minded... It has come to my attention that a mass ritual, and confluence of rituals is taking place to target the victimizers of children.  It is being conducted two ways.  The first and most promoted way is through mass blessings targetting children. Focusing on their sanctity and quality of life, their dignity, their protected divine nature. And reinforcing these virtues through prayer and ritual work.  The second request they've made... only to those initiated into certain practices...is to target the victimizers and hold in mind their coming to justice and their destruction energetically.  It is for all children but was inspired by brutalities here against the indigenous.  Thoughts on this? Anyone want to do Ardas for the children?
    • If any Jathas want to go on expedition to train, I'd suggest pulling up alongside this guy wherever he is and just pitching in. 
    • I think that's because they either manage to rise up to some prominence, and thus become leaders or spokespeople, or, they make a big splash and the establishment comes in and buys them off openly or covertly and gets them dependent on money controlled by the very establishment they seek to resist. The rarest scenario is someone makes a splash and a truly benevolent benefactor rewards them. Almost never happens and when it does is usually a charade.  If you got something truly good going the first thing you'd have to watch out for is getting bought out of doing good, or fiscally controlled.  That's why people like stronghold don't take certain amounts of money, and only take it from certain people in certain circumstances, and they restrict their growth and operational budget to never exceed a certain size which would leave them dependent.   https://strongholdrescue.org This is how this guy got started.     
    • Janam Bhagat Kabir Ji - 10 Hardh - 24 June
    • Ah. Ah hah! Lol. Whew. Diving into the depth of YouTube and coming back with what you wanted is like a miracle.  So I remembered running into something about treating radiation poisoning. Found it.   
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