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Tonight On Sikh Channel Live

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just a small request : please change the rehras sahib to some one who reads bani shudh and read sampooran rehras sahib + put some kirtan on at night , the dharmik geets are getting annoying at night now lol keep up t great work.. and excellent live programmes !

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TONIGHT ON LIVE (Sat, 30 May 2009)

4.30pm : Prof. Pritam Singh 'Dard'

5.30pm : Rehraas Sahib (pre-recorded)

6.00pm : Bhai Sarbjit Singh 'Bilge Wale'

7.00pm : Bhai Iaqbal Singh

8.00pm : Bhai Balbir Singh 'Damdami Taksaal'

:D bhai balbir singh does amazing katha... :D

keep up the good work sikh channel....

guru kirpaaa


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Has the Wednesday youth Discover Sikhism discussion show with Bhai Manvir Singh and Bass been scrapped? I only saw the first show and they announced it was a weekly show but last Wednesday night it was Katha happening instead.

Also can the Sikh Channel play different kirtan during the day time. I have seen the Atam Ras Kirtan Darbar being played a hundred times! At the end of the day its kirtan but it would be nice for the channel to play different kirtan and not repeat. It feels as if the channel have a machine programmed with the repeat button.

Lastly on bank holiday Monday I was watching the channel with my wife and kids and was bit worried why a Nirmala lady who was clearly not Amritdhari because she wasn't wearing a Kirpan or in Sikhi sarup allowed to do Katha? I have seen Namdharis in the past do Kirtan and Katha on the "Sikh" Channel. And now a Nirmala. Does the Sikh Channel have some Sanaatanists working for it something? How long till Nidar is allowed on if you are going to allow Namdharis, Nirmalas and Udasi who don't believe in Amrit and don't believe Sri GurU Granth Sahib is the only Guru.

Look forward to a response.

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Can we please play videos from sikh events and also those of baba isher singh jee rara sahib, baba varyaam singh jee watrara sahib, sant gyani jarnail singh jee khalsa bhindranvale . . .this has been asked several times now from alot of sangat, and its going to be 2 months soon into the launch . . .what are we doing for 1984?


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