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Aad Pooran Madh Pooran Ant Pooran

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jYqsrI mhlw 5 vwr slokw nwil (705-18)

jaitsaree mehlaa 5 vaar salokaa naaial

Jaitsree, Fifth Mehl, Vaar With Shaloks:

<> siqgur pRswid ] (705-18)

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

slok ] (705-19)



Awid pUrn miD pUrn AMiq pUrn prmysurh ] (705-19, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

aad pooran maDh pooran ant pooran parmaysureh.

In the beginning, He was pervading; in the middle, He is pervading; in the end, He will be pervading. He is the Transcendent Lord.

ismrMiq sMq srbqR rmxM nwnk AGnwsn jgdIsurh ]1] (705-19, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

simrant sant sarbatar ramnaN naanak aghnaasan jagdeesureh. ||1||

The Saints remember in meditation the all-pervading Lord God. O Nanak, He is the Destroyer of sins, the Lord of the universe. ||1||

pyKn sunn sunwvno mn mih idRVIAY swcu ] (706-1, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

paykhan sunan sunaavano man meh darirh-ee-ai saach.

See, hear, speak and implant the True Lord within your mind.

pUir rihE srbqR mY nwnk hir rMig rwcu ]2] (706-1, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

poor rahi-o sarbatar mai naanak har rang raach. ||2||

He is all-pervading, permeating everywhere; O Nanak, be absorbed in the Lord's Love. ||2||

pauVI ] (706-2)



hir eyku inrMjnu gweIAY sB AMqir soeI ] (706-2, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

har ayk niranjan gaa-ee-ai sabh antar so-ee.

Sing the Praise of the One, the Immaculate Lord; He is contained within all.

krx kwrx smrQ pRBu jo kry su hoeI ] (706-2, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

karan kaaran samrath parabh jo karay so ho-ee.

The Cause of causes, the Almighty Lord God; whatever He wills, comes to pass.

iKn mih Qwip auQwpdw iqsu ibnu nhI koeI ] (706-3, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

khin meh thaap uthaapadaa tis bin nahee ko-ee.

In an instant, He establishes and disestablishes; without Him, there is no other.

KMf bRhmMf pwqwl dIp rivAw sB loeI ] (706-3, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

khand barahmand paataal deep ravi-aa sabh lo-ee.

He pervades the continents, solar systems, nether worlds, islands and all worlds.

ijsu Awip buJwey so buJsI inrml jnu soeI ]1] (706-4, jYqsrI, mÚ 5)

jis aap bujhaa-ay so bujhsee nirmal jan so-ee. ||1||

He alone understands, whom the Lord Himself instructs; he alone is a pure and unstained being. ||1||

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