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Rare Photo Of Our Home

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This is the only picture we have where nearly the entire half of our lovely Earth is visible. When this picture was taken, the camera was in between the Earth and the Sun. You can see the atmosphere has a thin halo around the Earth. Do look at it in full size to truly appreciate it.

Edit: For Guests, since they can not see attachments => http://i29.tinypic.com/30j692s.jpg


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i can see my kite to ...

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    • this is the mentality or lack of ... we are dealing with apology for the incessant swearing he does but it seems he does know how to speak, anyone who can read hindu can you translate the reply to the tweet about help of gurdwarey http://www.punjabspectrum.com/?p=22739&fbclid=IwAR2WuHIy_Wa9PVpFGZCCwC_ya_Wic_5u-Zy2IAMOGaP4dxpvQpLO9pVjfVI
    • There is no more unpredictability then there has been in the previous decades. There will always be unpredictability. 
    • I dunno i get a feeling that we entered a new decade of unpredictability in the world and anything is possible nothing should come as a shock. A bit like how 1900's stock market crash deep depression lead to ww1. We have alot of retail companies and financial businesses going bust, got this mad global virus thats no going away anytime soon. We almost had USA kick off with Iran earlier this year... now we got hindu/muslim thing in india and turkey vs syria/russia which could lead to alot of instability in the world.
    • I don't think they would want a civil war but since this CAA has come out there has been agitations (been happening for a few months). If Hindutva boys did nothing then the Muslims would be more emboldened.  By bringing out it into the open will mean the muslim agitators will have to think several times. They see India as a Hindu nation  (which it is) and where they feel that they should give fellow Hindus sanctuary.  How many times do you hear about how muslim's brotherhood,  how Islam comes first etc.  
    • modi spent the first year mouthing off to multiple nations bordering his own and nearly started conflicts on two borders , China and Pak , he had verbal diarrhoea . They are not concerned at all with hindu refugees unless they are Kashmiri Pandits, Ihave never seen them boasting as usual with pictures saying they've built anything, gave them a living allowance, place to stay, passport so I suspect it is all a ruse and excuse. They've never done anything for their country even during the struggle against the British in fact, they were in British pockets during early 2oth C. They are trying to reverse history and get revenge for it on muslims who couldn't afford or want to leave India. Civil war will leave them free to loot the country fully without let or hindrance. they are just thieves - so maybe true to their arabic definition
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