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    • Theres rule and exception. You may be exceptional but it doesn't change the status quo. 
    • Like other deceivers, when confronted with the truth, he runs off and hides. 
    • What’s wrong with you? If Sat is telling you not all women fall under the assumptions that you are making, then why are you arguing back? Clearly she is not like this. I for sure am not either. Do you have a problem with women and authority? I think I read before that your mother believes marrying a girl who stops her education at 16 is best which is an extremely odd and random opinion to have. Have you had a very negative experience with a woman? That would explain the passive aggressiveness? This isn’t 1995, it’s 2020. Where I come from, women don’t go to uni thinking about what man they can get as a result of studying, that’s last thing on an 18year olds mind. It also doesn’t mean a woman is desperate if she marries someone who makes less money than her. Have you conducted some research into the female brain? I doubt it. None of you sound to me like men who have had a string of relationships to really know multiple women and how they really think either so not sure how you think you are even qualified to make these opinions about what women think! 😆   P.S I hope you change the way you think of females if you’re ever blessed to have a daughter.
    • It's to keep the wealth in the family, its greed. When I used to to get my haircut we had a Pakistani there tell us the good thing about getting married in the same family is that the wealth stays in the family, while the bad thing is when arguments and divorces happen the entire family breaks up.  100s of years ago various clans that are now Sikhs used to get married within the same clan, so Sandhus would only marry Sandhus, Brars only married Brars, Dhillions only Dhillions, and each clan would live in the same area. It was the same with various Khatri clans aswell. At some point their leaders were smart enough and each clan broke up and spread throughout Punajb rather than living in one area, they all settled in different villages and they stopped marrying within the same clan and started marrying their daughters to different clans. This was a smart move, had this not been done then the effects could of possibly been devastating! And it would of had a lot of heavy negative impact on the Sikh community in terms on health once they had converted.  South asian Muslims on the other hand never followed this and continued inbreeding within the same families and clans. 
    • Dearest  Muslim Neighbour, When you see their behaviour in the park you can actually see their true colours, why would someone want to debate with persons who are disingenuous, liars, and bullies.  I am sure you are aware of when Hijab started to offer out Sa Ra Garvey to a boxing match because he was but hurt that he could not answer Sa Ra Garveys questions on Islam and that Sa Ra was destroying the Muslim speakers in the park.   Mr Neighbour, just because inter-faith events between Sikhs and others are not on YouTube (they might be I haven’t checked) doesn’t mean they haven’t happened I am sure you can go a an inter faith events in your local borough (you could even participate if you wish).  Further, just because they haven’t happened in accordance to how your would like them and run with your premise doesn’t count them out.  Who made the Muslims the judge and jury for inter-faith events? Mate, you are just avoiding the questions you have been asked, that seems to me you are running away.  Come on mate don’t bury your head in the sand, you guys claim so much and ask for challenges and debates at least take the time out and respond to the questions.  You claim they have been dealt with... by whom on the forum have they been dealt with? Or is it that the answers will open a can of worms?  Are the brothers and sisters on this forum satisfied with the answers? They may have follow up questions.   At the end of the day mate, you can follow what you want and if it makes you a better human being and that you can respect all persons regardless of race colour religion - fair play.  However, if you start looking at others below you and have venom for persons belonging to different backgrounds then something is either wrong with your OR the message your following.  A path should make someone more humble and peaceful. Finally, I am not sure what response you want me to say about the Adnand Rashid comment? Great you would pay to see it.  As mentioned above I have seen his behaviour at the park, I have lost a lot of respect for him.   Anyway me old China, have a good day or night or afternoon.   Looking forward to all the answers about Islam, Hadiths and the character of Muhammed that my brothers and sisters have put to you; they would be a good read.   Take care of yourself and each other (take from the Jerry Springer show from the 1990s.... Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!)  
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