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Handmade Kirpans For Sale

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Sat Sri Akal

the cold steel blades are nice but not made by the master sword Smith Jot Singh Khlasa who has won countless sword/knife making awards , along with the kirpan donated to Anadpur Sahib commerating 300 years of Khalsa , the achivement of Jot Singh Khalsa is somthing all Sikhs should be proud of and owning one of his kirpans is a honour for me, but each to their own


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Gurfateh Ji

If anybody looking for a Army Style Kirpaan you can have one ordered and also personalised.

We request for kirpaan specifications as we are going to manufacture some very unique kirpana both for Singhs and Singhnia, so please send us any designs or requirements and also we are setting up service if you want gurbani/Dasam Bani Marked on your kirpaan (The Markings on the Blade are exact caligraphy of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji"

email for further details

God bless.....the txt below is from the website for Army style Kirpaan!

This is the first addition to the Zabar10 range of products, an excellent quality full tang fixed blade Kirpaan, with 440 Stainless Steel blade, machined aluminium handle, wood style grips for comfort with word "Kirpaan" engraved, and supplied with a leather sheath which can have army style Name Print on the back.

This kirpaan is very innovative and very versatile and I should add extremely sharp due to the fact the steel grade on the blade is 440A, which is far superior to the cheaper and more commonly used 420. However, the factory incorrectly marked these 440C, so grab a bargain while stocks last.

We currently use a variety of manufacturers but we are in the production of our own innovative army style kirpaan!

Comes with custom Gatra, snug fit for the sheath, this is hand stitched with safety button

Note NOT PURAATAN SHASTER...just for the record :)

Follow link if interested





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