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    • Creating a network across punjab of these village cooperatives would help us farm crops we can market to our state first and foremost, and then look at national and international market conditions to see what could be grown for particular time frames. Sharing Punjab wide data it's possible to create non-binding agreements of zones for growing certain crops. This prevents exploitation of our resources and prevents glut. If we continue to blindly grow rice and wheat when India has a surplus, then you know what is eventually going to happen. Never a good idea to have all your eggs in a two crop system, especially a system that has depleted the ground water to a depth that will not replenish, and what water is in the ground is unfit for drinking, hence the malwa cancer epidemic.
    • Addding on to what I said earlier, transitioning out of agriculture isn’t going to shut down agriculture. You can manage the same level of farming in Punjab with 1/100 the current number of people directly engaged in it, especially with modern technology. Villages can create cooperative farming lease agreements and continue ownership while living in the city. I know my farming community, there is no way in hell they will part with their ancestral land. Keeping ownership and as a partial income source without actually farming it will be the best-case scenario. I’m unsure what the average acreage of a Punjab village is, my guess would be around 500 acres. But imagine having farming scale at this level. It would be much easier to diversify, cut down on input costs, build storage facilities so they aren’t dependent on mandis, and even direct marketing.
    • Plenty Punjabis doing well in non-farming fields in UK   https://www.instagram.com/punjabi_builder_in_england/?hl=en   https://concretesingh.com/  
    • With all the experience in farming and that in runs in the blood in Punjabis, plus Punjabis are generally fairly literate (compared to some in other countries in Africa, Asia and S America), they should be doing better in farming. There's even Punjab Agricultural University  https://www.pau.edu/  
    • Just needs more green sludge. Lol. 
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