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    • Ganika was not Amritdhari. 
    • Really good question
    • If you do enough naam simran and live decent life but you are not amritdhari.. will that help to get liberation?
    • You shouldn't pity them. They know very well what kind of guy they're getting involved with, it's just that they happen to prioritise the material benefits of the relationship before anything else. 
    • Good topic. I wonder if Aliens are in this 8.4 million lives..  I listen to Kathas and they say naam simran will give us Mukti as we keep reciting Waheguru, we will liberate ourselves. So, is this all about focus? I heard from our seniors that we become what we focus on and there are stories too such as one old person was dying and his last wish was to have a mango that was hanging on the mango tree in front of his eyes but he died before eating that mango.. then in his next life, he was born as an ant that was living in that same mango.. I get confused if I should believe these stories or not.. Also People say that all our family members, friends, relatives were there with us in our previous life too.. Due to good and bad karams we had with them, we are born again to clear those karams. So if someone loves you, appreciates you , it is because you had good karams with that person and if someone is always criticizing you , that is because you gave them hard time in your pichla janam. My mother passed away at really young age. Is it because she was done with all her karams with everyone or she will be taking birth again? She was not Amritdhari but she lived decent life with good values.  No matter how good and polite you are, some people will always love you and some will dislike you.. So will we just keep coming back to human form to get the clearance of these good/bad karams?? Can you please give more details..What exactly we need to do in order to get rid of this reincarnation cycle? What does the term rehatvaan mean. Please explain veer ji..Sorry for my silly questions. Thanks Sangat ji  
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