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Premier Showing Of Bhai Taru Singh Animated Movie

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Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

Vismad Producations the creators of the animated movies :- Shaibzadey , Rise of the Khalsa & Sundri, now are launching there new animated movie “Bhai Taru Singh”:-

The story of Bhai Taru Singh is one of a true Saint Soldier who lived during an extremely difficult period for the Sikhs. The Mughal rulers of the time were brutal towards all the citizens, and especially the Sikhs. Bhai Taru Singh Ji bravely stood up to the regime which earned him the respect of all Hindus and Muslims from the surrounding villages.

Being a Khalsa, Bhai Sahib risked his life to save a poor Muslim girl from the clutches of an evil Mughal official of the area, for which Bhai Sahib was arrested by the Governor of Lahore .


Movie is a highly captivating emotional drama bejeweled with some exceptional music including:

· Soulful Shabad Kirtan by Bhai Satwinder Singh Raagi (Delhi )

· Inspirational Vaar by Tiger Style (UK)

· Soulful songs by Jaspinder Narula

Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha

Cross Road



Date :- 20th September

Time of showing :- 12:30pm

Contact:- Bhai Tarnjit Singh – 078 778888 74

Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha

Princess St


DE23 8NT

Date :- 20th September

Time of showing:- 5pm

Contact :- Bhai Baljit Singh - 07795545475

If you want to book a showing at your local Gurdwara then contact me to arrange a showing.

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

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Sadh Sangat Jio,

The animated movie Bhai Taru Singh, is also being shown at:

Woodside Hall

36 Glenfarg Street


G20 7QF

Date: Sunday, Oct 4th 2009

Time: 5.45PM

Please encourage any relatives that you have living in Glasgow to buy a ticket and come along to watch the animated move.

Harjit Singh



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Sunday, Sep 27th 2009 1.30PM

Windsor, Ontario

Gurdwara Khalsa Prakash,42 Country Road,Windsor, Ontario

Harjinder Singh (586-764-2363)xharjindersingh@gmail.com

Bhupinder SIngh (313-670-8474)

Sunday, Sep 27th 2009 3.45pm

Edinburgh, UK

Dominon Cinema 18 New Battle Terrace Eedinburgh Cinema Tel: 0131 447 4771

Galab Singh (07970433372) mail@vismaad.com

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Saturday, Oct 3rd 2009 2.00PM 4.00PM

New Jersey, US Clearview Cinema12 Morris Hills Shopping Plaza 3165 US Highway 46 Parsippany, NJ 07054

732-642-3232 | 323-375-7755 mail@vismaad.com

Sunday, Oct 4th 2009 2.30PM 4.30PM

Connecticut, US Hilton Stamford Hotel Executive Meeting Center 1 First Stamford Place Stamford, CT 06902

Inni Kaur (203.259.6574) innikaur@gmail.com


Saturday, Oct 3rd 2009 6.00PM

Birmingham Conference Hall, NCA.

Nishkam Centre 6 Soho Road Handsworth Birmingham B21 9BH

Kiranjot Kaur (0121 515 4229)kiran.jheeta@ncauk.org

Saturday, Oct 3rd 2009

Slough ( U.K)

Khalsa Primary School, Wexham Rd,Slough SL2 5QR

Onkar Singh 07737749556 onkarsinghslough@yahoo.co.uk

Sunday, Oct 4th 2009 6.00PM

Birmingham UK Conference Hall, NCA.

Nishkam Centre 6 Soho Road Handsworth Birmingham B21 9BH

Kiranjot Kaur (0121 515 4229)kiran.jheeta@ncauk.org

Sunday, Oct 4th 2009 5.45PM

Glasgow Woodside Hall 36 Glenfarg Street Glasgow G20 7QF

Harjit Singh (07877381183)ssyp@hotmail.co.uk

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can I se it anywhere in India...can we expect DVD'S to be found here in India...I live in Chandigarh...!

Wahegurji ka Khalsa , Wahegurji ki Fateh

We are hosting the Premier show in India , here at Pune , next week. After that (by about 10th Oct) DVDs will be available. I will keep you updated.

Wahegurji ka Khalsa ,Wahegurji ki Fateh

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    • you really are a piece of work take your false propaganda and shove it ....  history from all sides indicates that what I said is true , the mughals and afghanis, and angrez /portguese were helped by brahmins , and stating that brahmins spread their knowledge to everyone is bogus , sanskrit is a secret language and used to control dissemination of knowledge to only those who were allowed to study/hear it . Over 80% of people who claim some link with Hindu faiths are NOT allowed to read/hear so called religious texts; how is that fair dissemination? The fact that people now can study sanskrit despite not being born Brahmin is purely out of a foreigner paying enough money to be taught then that person took that knowledge and writing his own books . It was never a altruistic sharing from scholar direct to the wide world Homeopathy was invented by the xperimentation of Christian Samuel Hahnneman in Germany , it has zero to do with Vedic anything .
    • Not just North Punjabi/Mirpuri Pakistani types in the UK, presumably the below article refers mainly to white males   Samaritans volunteers met vulnerable callers for sex https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58057031 By Jennifer Meierhans BBC News Published 50 minutes ago Share IMAGE SOURCEGETTY IMAGES Samaritans says it has introduced new safeguarding measures after volunteers met vulnerable callers for sex. The charity, which offers a helpline to people in distress, will reportedly monitor calls in future to prevent inappropriate relationships. The Telegraph found incidents of middle-aged men using their position to meet up with female callers for sex. The charity told the BBC it did not dispute that a "very small number of safeguarding incidents" had occurred. Samaritans chief executive Julie Bentley said the "extremely rare" incidents had been identified and that swift and appropriate action had been taken. According to the Telegraph, a memo to volunteers said 44 serious incidents had occurred since 2017. Ms Bentley said Samaritans' 20,000 volunteers provided vital emotional support to anyone who is struggling, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Volunteers on the charity's telephone service have answered more than 13 million calls in the four years from January 2017, she said. 'Robust investigation' "Running any national service on this scale means that, on extremely rare occasions, high standards are not always met and from the millions of calls answered, a very small number of safeguarding incidents were identified," said Ms Bentley. "Our robust investigation procedures meant these incidents were handled swiftly and appropriate action taken. "Any safeguarding matter is one too many and as such we review our practices on an ongoing basis and have introduced further measures as part of our commitment to delivering a consistently high-quality experience for our callers." Incidents are investigated by the charity's Serious Safeguarding Panel and are reported to the Charity Commission, Samaritans said.
    • I think this type of attitude helps keep Panjab economically backwards.  
    • This history seems true. It's not a new discovery, and this Zorowar Singh palit has a history and legacy in Bassi Pathaan that people there still acknowledge.  Info has been out about Zorowar Singh Palit since the late 60s at least, when Ganda Singh put out Sri Gursobha. That people here haven't heard of him here says more about their own piss poor study of history than anything else.  Plus this figure being from a tarkhan background would have motivated the usual jut casteists to jealously try and bury his memory, so that probably played a big part in his occlusion and hence so much ignorance about him. I'm not too familiar with Uhdoke, what makes you say the above about him?    
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