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How Sikhs Saved Their Women During Partition From Muslim


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We also need to understand that in partition alot of "sikhs" killed raped and plundered muslim villages and fleeing muslims who were innnocent. There was one incident were a muslim girls' school was raped by "sikh" and "hindu" men.

Dont think i don't know what happended to our people. My grandad fled with his family from Buradala pind on the pakistan side of punjab. He was only 16-17 with a one year child, his wife and relatives who he was responsible for. He had left his mother in the village with the trusted "muslim" servant as people were saying gandhi was going to pak and it might be united again. He later found out that the servant had killed his mother when walking with the caravan. He went back on his horse and killed the servant.

So there was blood shed all round.

I put quotations mark to indicate such people who commited these acts have defamed their respective religions and don't deserve to be associated with those religions

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