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Akaal Productions - Roots - Rize Of Our True Soul-jah'z Album

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AKAAL Productions - Allow Knowledge And Allow Life





For More Information contact info@akaalproductions.com



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Omg this is it man!!!!!!!!!! everyone needs to hear the samples

if u thought sikh unit were good ,every ones gona 100% LOVE THIS!

u have to check the samples no other songs give the bir rass vibe or even the make u feel the pain of 1984 as much as listening to delhi delhi and riZe of our true soldiers track. A must have if your apart of the panth;). its a great way to inspire the youth who have left the sikhi path and to remind our elders of the pain and issues which affect us 2day. GREAT SEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllluhhh Productionssssssssssssssuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10! 5 stars

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All thanks and praise go to the One Almighty Lord!

It's finally here, after years of preparation, the ROOTS - Rize Of Our True Soul-Jah'z album is now with us.

This is the debut album from AKAAL Productions and features some of the greatest Sikh and non-Sikh artists the world has ever seen, past and present.

The album itself commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Sikh Holocaust of June 1984, when the Indian army reduced the Sikh's most holiest shrine (Golden Temple) to rubble, and November 1984, when the Indian government sponsered the butchering of innocent Sikh men, women and children.

October 31st, was the date when the massacres started and 25 years on, Sikhs are still awaiting justice and those widows still see their husbands murderers walk the streets freely.

We humbly ask everyone to support the cause of the widows and their families, by purchasing the album, as proceeds will go to help those victims of the Delhi Pogroms of 1984.

The album will be available to buy in person from Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (Sikh Temple), 106 East Park Road, Leicester, tomorrow (31st Oct), or alternatively can be ordered online at: www.akaalproductions.com/shop/roots.html

For any further information regarding the ROOTS album, or regarding the 1984 massacres please contact us via our Facebook Page or email us directly at: info@akaalproductions.com

- AKAAL Productions - Allow Knowledge And Allow Life

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excellent album, unique in style. track 11 is tooo emotional, makes u shiver, track 12 and 13 kill it too. i love all the tracks really. really good and powerful album.

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With Guroo Saahib's Kirpa, the Album is selling fast! So please get your copy now before stock runs out!

The album is available worldwide through - www.akaalproductions.com/shop/roots.html

A unique album featuring some of the worlds most prominent Sikh and non-Sikh rappers - L-FRESH AKA THE L, HUMBLE THE POET, MC G-SINGH, SIKH KNOWLEDGE, LION UPRISING, THA ADVOCATES, THA PROPHET ENTERTAINER and 2PAC, yes you read correctly - 2PAC! The ONLY Sikh Hiphop album to be fully endorsed and supported by AMARU ENTERTAINMENT and THE OUTLAWZ!

Get it now!


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    • Yes, knowledge of different schools og thought in india and even in islam is very helpful for Gurbani. Good taksaals/vidhaalye and steeks/tikakaar will teach you the background of every shabad. As the gurujis had many conversations myriads of people from all schools. And some of gurbani is those responses, background is very important.  Even knowing the stories of Rama etc.
    • Actually islam means submission. Not peace.
    • Don't be suprised if alot of videos that exposed these people and things go missing. The so called protecting kids and hate speech is a sham its actually denying free speech and free expression of thought. Cos alot of mild videos with alternative views and thoughts are taken down and channels closed for no reason. There are some nasty racist and pedofiles that deserved their channels closed but those warning people about stuff and videos even featuring crimes by governments and groups they got taken down too. Yet they were important in highlighting the crimes of these people so people could see the truth about what they got up to.
    • Here is my list of current problems we face as a kaum.  Traveling around giving aid / langar to non-sikhs. This thought was put into Sikh psyche as a strategy to destroy Sikhs from within by the enemy who wanted to move Sikhs away from position of strength to weakness. Guru ka langar never went around the world helping non-sikhs like this. Guru Ka langar was based on giving langar to the local sangat community. However was the non-sikh poor masses who came to the Sikhs and gurdwara's to get langar and get parchar to convert to Sikhi that made non-sikhs want to be a Sikh. This current innovation which has been created and run by idiots and is wasting sangats money giving langar away for free with no benefits for the kaum. The biggest gift a Sikh can give to a non-sikh is parchar because by that parchar the Sikh too will have to reform their character to live by what they preach. Not having well armed sewadaar guards of Gurdwara's. Safety and security of guru's house and his congregation should be paramount yet what do we see today? any afghan ahmed abdali, isis salafi muhammad musin, mughal aurangzeb can walk in and kill without any hindrance like we seen recently. What is the fall out? Sikhs will stop coming to gurdwara's and thus gurdwara commitee's lose income and gurdwara shuts down eventually. The non-muslim hating conquest loving isis type jihadi mullah nutjob wins as sikhi is seen as weak and finished eventually because gurdwara's are no longer safe spaces for people wanting to worship and congregate.  Sikhs of sarbat da bhulla mindset. Well meaning humanitarian liberal Sikhs but very gullible very politically and religiously naive not understand the full context of meaning of sarabat da bhalla and when to apply it. perhaps most of them have a sort of stockholm sydromme imprisoned by cultures and ideologies that are against Sikh interests and prevent their own community to survive. Fake Sikh puppet leaders. They are only in it for their own power, fame/popularity contest or financial gain (eg recent akal takht jathedhars, sgpc leaders, DT harnaam singh, Badal dal, congressi captain amrinder singh, etc). We need to support leaders who openly fight for the interests of Sikhs without being shy about it. Not having our own sovereign state nation. To conduct our own economic, military, religious and political affairs is the very reason we have so many problems. But its not necessary for the community to survive and thrive if other problems are dealt with. Inter-faith marriages and lack of promotion of inter-caste or inter-race Sikh marriages. Sikhs should activity promote inter-caste marriages within punjabis at the very least and help promote those non-sikhs to convert to Sikhi to marry someone within the faith.  
    • The tell-tale sign of an appointed gatekeeper of public discourse. Guiding the narrative and traffic of discussion away from "dangerous" areas that might prove to be troublesome for those at the very top. Someone like that gets to that position usually through attendance and membership of lodges... You can tell we're under lockdown. The mind goes to strange places when all the work of the day is done, lmao.
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