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Akaal Productions - Roots - Rize Of Our True Soul-jah'z Album

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AKAAL Productions - Allow Knowledge And Allow Life





For More Information contact info@akaalproductions.com



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Omg this is it man!!!!!!!!!! everyone needs to hear the samples

if u thought sikh unit were good ,every ones gona 100% LOVE THIS!

u have to check the samples no other songs give the bir rass vibe or even the make u feel the pain of 1984 as much as listening to delhi delhi and riZe of our true soldiers track. A must have if your apart of the panth;). its a great way to inspire the youth who have left the sikhi path and to remind our elders of the pain and issues which affect us 2day. GREAT SEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllluhhh Productionssssssssssssssuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10! 5 stars

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All thanks and praise go to the One Almighty Lord!

It's finally here, after years of preparation, the ROOTS - Rize Of Our True Soul-Jah'z album is now with us.

This is the debut album from AKAAL Productions and features some of the greatest Sikh and non-Sikh artists the world has ever seen, past and present.

The album itself commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Sikh Holocaust of June 1984, when the Indian army reduced the Sikh's most holiest shrine (Golden Temple) to rubble, and November 1984, when the Indian government sponsered the butchering of innocent Sikh men, women and children.

October 31st, was the date when the massacres started and 25 years on, Sikhs are still awaiting justice and those widows still see their husbands murderers walk the streets freely.

We humbly ask everyone to support the cause of the widows and their families, by purchasing the album, as proceeds will go to help those victims of the Delhi Pogroms of 1984.

The album will be available to buy in person from Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (Sikh Temple), 106 East Park Road, Leicester, tomorrow (31st Oct), or alternatively can be ordered online at: www.akaalproductions.com/shop/roots.html

For any further information regarding the ROOTS album, or regarding the 1984 massacres please contact us via our Facebook Page or email us directly at: info@akaalproductions.com

- AKAAL Productions - Allow Knowledge And Allow Life

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excellent album, unique in style. track 11 is tooo emotional, makes u shiver, track 12 and 13 kill it too. i love all the tracks really. really good and powerful album.

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With Guroo Saahib's Kirpa, the Album is selling fast! So please get your copy now before stock runs out!

The album is available worldwide through - www.akaalproductions.com/shop/roots.html

A unique album featuring some of the worlds most prominent Sikh and non-Sikh rappers - L-FRESH AKA THE L, HUMBLE THE POET, MC G-SINGH, SIKH KNOWLEDGE, LION UPRISING, THA ADVOCATES, THA PROPHET ENTERTAINER and 2PAC, yes you read correctly - 2PAC! The ONLY Sikh Hiphop album to be fully endorsed and supported by AMARU ENTERTAINMENT and THE OUTLAWZ!

Get it now!


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    • Has any1 without a already existing medical condition even died from this thing!?  Every1 that is dyeing is either old or already had some health problems.  1000s of old people die of normal flu in this country every year. Iv been going out to grab something from the shops every day.  My mum works in a hospital full of patients with this virus and majority of them are old people in their 70s and 80s. And even some of them are recovering and going home. So far only around 3 or 4 people have died in that hospital. 
    • yh, these people are basically brainwashing and taking advantage of the poverty and struggle that these kids are facing. the living condition in that sh1t hole of a country is so bad that a lot of these people dnt have much to lose either way!  look at how all the british women leave the comfort and luxury of this country to become jihadi brides, it all starts of with isis webcamming with these women and brainwashing them. As mentioned in the video they often show videos of non muslims treating muslims bad like videos of Palestine to arouse anger and revenge in their heads.  iv seen videos of isis people where they say that watching videos of executions is part of the training.
    • I think thats the correct assessment once nato and us troops leave its gonna be a jihadi royal rumble again just like syria was recently and still is in some parts. The only 2 reasons they hadnt left is because they didnt want to leave the previous ancient gurdwara that is very important to Sikh heritage and history. And secondly most of them are not economically well off enough to afford to get out through legitimate or illegitimate means. They are in a very dire situation surrounded by rabid evil islamic dogs who have no love for them. Perhaps if USSR had used weapons of mass destruction and dropped them on afghanistan just carpet bombed flatten it until all islamic influence and corruption was removed maybe afghanistan would have a chance to breath but right now the islamic jihadi virus has got a strangle hold over it. The problem india faces is when NATO leaves the attention from these bastards will turn towards them especially in kashmir. Both pakistan and india is in the eyes of the map of IS-K. Pakistan thinks its safe from is-k al-qaeda but it isnt they are playing with the devil right now but they will get hurt again as they decide to over run the pakistani government kuffar regime that isnt implementing their version of sharia islamic law.  
    • There is likely to be a war in the region soon. I think this is all the prep for this. 1984 is something I don't think I've really got over, but whatever the case, right now, I think apnay in areas that are obviously hostile to them should take up India's offer while they can.   Anyone who is streetwise and savvy knows the score with isolated minorities. Quack quack!! We have our own history which has repeatedly demonstrated what happens to men and women in these situations when it goes off. And it may be that having floundered in the middle east, certain fundamentalist groups will now focus on the safer, secure areas around Panjab (Pak and Afghan) to operate from.    
    • I think you guys have to acknowledge that sants/ jathedars like baba avtar singh sursingh vale and other sants from nirmale anr other backgrounds have addressed sangat to be aware of corona and to practice social distancing/ cleaning hands/ clean clothes etc.  real sants dont ignore the realities of the world. From the realities/ pains their consciousness has been shaped to subdue their minds. Theyre aware of the “physics/metaphysics” sides of things
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