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Fateh parwaan karro jiyo,

All happens as per HIS Hukam.

My son who is six foot four inches and is a handsome lad suffers from a gait problem. We've (my family) accepted it as HIS Hukam. Yes,there are times we feel bad and sad, but then I usually go into the Gurudwara and do Ardas and take Hukam and believe me after this I do not feel bad or sad. We know if HE wants HE can make him okay in a jiffy. We do what is humanly possible and look for treatments and do Ardas.

The other day I overheard a Lady tell other's in her four ball at the Golf Club that my son is a handicap. I felt like gong up and telling her despite this my son who is a Amritdhari, obedient, appeared for his final year MBA and a lad who has taken his problems very positively is better than so many kids who despite being Sikhs do beadbi of their kess, are disobedient, uneducated ( dropouts from schools or colleges), drunks and even smoke. And believe me there are loads of such kids in this Golf Club. I recall we went to meet his College Principal and he told us that usually parents come to him with bowed heads or ready to pick up fights and argue. He said we had come to him 'with our collars up',

And in Bani Guruji says that the only way to cross the ocean of life is to accept HIS Bhaana (Will). This is the hallmark of a Sikh.

Guru Rakha

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Guest HaRdKaUrWaRrIoRz

it is hukam however god helps those who help themselves, if u are failing ur tests deep down u know u are doing something wrong, thats wen u noe its time to put my a## in gear and work like i never worked before

work in the morning starting at 6 and sleep at night at 12... depending on wat field of study u may have to do more ( ie doctor, engineer etc)

at the same time pray and take out time to go to gurdwara and ask guru ji for blessings to make u successful in ur academic endeavors.

nothing good comes without hard work, rem that.

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But what about some people who have learning difficulties? And some are exceptionally gifted. They could be studying the same thing. The one with learning difficulties might study harder, but they will still probably do worse, than the rest. Even in school, there are like people who can do their work, a day or 2 before it is due in. And still get the better grades, even though they did it last minute. To some people it comes easier, while others have to work hard. Some people are born rich, while others can be born poor, work hard all their lives and still get nothing.

I believe everything is contained within Waheguru. If you go to him you cannot fail anywhere. Work hard for God, and you don't have to work hard in anything else. It all will come naturally. Just what i think.

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