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Food Shops In Smethwick

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me and my dad were thinking about what shop to open in smethwick about food. such as a pizza shop etc.

we were thinking of a pizza shop but mr singh (chamkaur singh) has a 100% vegetarian pizza shop, so thats off the list.

what does the sangat recommend to open, 100% vegetarian.

doesn't matter about the opening cost. just ideas.

may be if your far from smethwick, give a idea sikh shops around you.

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vaheguru je ka khalsa vaheguru je ke fateh je

what about a pure veg cake shop that sells pure veg muffins etc..?

you can't buy eggles cakes anywhere unless you buy the whole cake or buy chocolate/sponge cake from mr singhs lol.

vaheguru je ka khalsa vaheguru je ke fateh je


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I Object!

Maybe you should take in consideration the competition between shops these day. Shops rarely make a profit from this business now, shop owners just have enough to stay afloat, whether you wanna be a newsagents or be in the food business, you won't last long, I seen the place smethwick, its bursting to the limit with sweet shops, from charlie's to desi. And yes even Mr. Singh didn't last long in the sweet department. Not a wise decision at all to start a sweet shop

Pizza shop: you also won't survive in their aswell. Mr. Singh if you recall moved shops. You wanna know why? From what he told me "he wasn't selling enough pizza there" moving to a district where its where it surrounded by pizza shops, its a complete risk.

And the Cherry on the cake, I remenber talking to another who another Singh who wanted to open a veg pizza shop, plus im sure you seen the new pizza shop that just opened in smethwick.

And Mr. Singh didn't get here by being a nice guy, lets just put it that way!

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    • Her name was Charlotte. 😅😁 Aside from that, bro, with genuine respect, I think the reality is somewhere between the middle of both our perspectives, but obviously a little closer to my end of the spectrum. 👌
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    • Never knew 'Singh' was a Muslim name...🤷‍♂️ https://metro.co.uk/2021/11/22/muslim-women-and-boy-3-subjected-to-islamophobic-rant-in-town-centre-15643498/ Muslim women and boy, 3, subjected to Islamophobic rant in town centre Josh LaytonMonday 22 Nov 2021 3:36 pm   Dina said she and her friend, who was with her three-year-old son, were singled out because of the way they were dressed (Picture: Dina Singh)   Two young Muslim women with a three-year-old boy are shown being subjected to Islamophobic abuse by a woman in a busy town centre. The victims were apparently targeted for their religion by the aggressive stranger who calls them ‘terrorists’ in a foul-mouthed tirade. A passer-by filmed the incident on a mobile phone as the woman yelled abuse at the trio in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, at around 11am on Friday. The perpetrator leaned into their faces as she shouted insulting remarks about their faith, and only desisted when a passer-by intervened and street wardens turned up at the scene in the town centre. Dina Singh, from Mansfield, told Metro.co.uk that she and her friend were walking through the shopping area when they were targeted for no other reason than being visibly Muslim.   The 26-year-old said: ‘I was walking through the market place on my own at first when this woman started throwing abuse at me. ‘She was saying: “Get away with that Allah”, “I’ve got my own laws”, “f**k off” and stuff like that. ‘I’m used to it, it doesn’t really bother me, so I just laughed and walked on. ‘I met a friend and we walked back round with her little boy and she started going at it again, getting worse. ‘I said, “What is your problem?” so she gets in my face, starts yelling at me, saying “my brother died in the war because of you lot” and “f**k your religion” and calling us terrorists. The Muslim convert was wearing a jilbab – a long headscarf and outer garmet that goes to the waist – and her friend was in a hijab and Western clothing
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