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Singh Better Than King - Babbu Mann


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Just heard the new album by Babbu Mann - Singh Better Than King - all I can say it is the most revolutionary album I have ever heard from a singer like Babbu Mann - the issues mentioned - the Panthic Dardh in the songs paints a picture of what state the Sikh Nation is in and what state our homeland Panjab is in ,from corruption,fake gurus,destruction of the Panjabi language,useless leaders and so on.Along side that references are made to the modern day Sikh Heros such as Babbar Jagtar Singh Hawara - and our histroical Leaders/Heros -

A must have album for all

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kharku singer but without sikhi and sikhi sidhant

aise singer da ki achaar paona jeda naujwana nu sikhi to door kare

khima muaf karna je karde bachana lagan par aaj sanu ganeya di nahi kirtan di lod hai te hamesha hi rahu

bhul chuk muaf karna ji

yh you are absolute right jio

...but please have a look on it

just think on those who never went gurughar and from the day begning they start listening songs and they have no idea about what kirtan is ..these guys ..following latest hair styles ..now those guys start wearing turbans thinkin about what thier past is ..i.e 84 movement , antisikh movements ..

this is my personal experience i know few guys..who changed

i konw these can be changed in this way..

as we know there is lot of parchar ,kirtan,katha is in progress everywhere ..but have u seen those group of youth aged between 16-28 clean shaven,addicted with all drugs .,.have u seen them on any of these samelans ..NO..NO

where they can be found

only few places


akhara (live performance)

so if someone try to adress this youth and tryin to realise them what are they and what they supposed to be

they better gonna listen rather then any kirtan or katha

now just think ...is my above statement is wrong

if yes then am sorri

bhul chuk maaf

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Guru Payareo main appp jinna wadda nahi aa but jo mere apney veechar aa oh share karna chaunda aa .. dont knw m rite or wrong .. if m wrong plz forgive me

i heard one song Ik baba nanak si ..

I agree that are lots of babey who are not following the real rehat of khalsa panth . ajj ik aisa banda jo kudiya cherda cherda singer bann gaya, nasheybaaz, and patit , oh ajj sikh panth nu dass reha ki this baba is doin this , and he talk bout kaar seva thing, ki oh paise de dher laga ke bethay aa .. go and meet baba harbans singh ji kar seva wale .. je oh paisa collect karde aa ta apney mehal banaun layi nahi Guru Sahib de darbar sajaun layi... ajj vi jaa ke dekh ajj vi jadon main milan janda baba ji nu singha nu pusho baba ji ?? . oh kehndey aa baba ji ta seva kar rahe aa sahmney gurudwara sahibd di parking bann rahi aa uthay jao.. eddi birdh avstha and hun vi seva ch lagey hoye aa .. and yea uss bandey nu ajj babeya di audi di chinta aa parr ki oh apniya gadiya shad dauga jo le ke ghumda aa.. Babey nanak ne tur ke duniya ghaa diti .. edda hi Guru Gobind Singh ji Sikh layi khalsey di shaan layi parwaar waar gaye, Bhai Taru Singh ji , Bhai Mani Singh ji shaheediya paa gaye .. oh nahi disda ki uhna kesha de layi shaheedi paa layi te main sir munh munn ke kanjriya nacha reha aa ... Uss de ehh song sunn ke kayi veer jo santa de diwaan sunde si and sikhi layi tayar ho rahe si oh vi tut gaye .. oh kehndey aa veer ji ki faida sada dil saaf aa ehh babey kirpana paa ke ehh kamm karr rahey aa gadiya ch ghum rahe aa .. what i personaly think he have no right to say bout this .. we were trying to unite our singhs here sum from Akhand kirtan jatha and sum from sant samaj andt taksaal but now again they started arguing due to this song ... and jo assi try kardey si panthic ektaa sabb khoo vich .... i dont knw what to say else ... but haan ehh zaroor kahunga kissi vi aisey bandey nu kuj kehan da hak nahi jo app pakka nahi

ਅਵਰ ਉਪਦੇਸੈ ਆਪਿ ਨ ਕਰੈ ॥ਆਵਤ ਜਾਵਤ ਜਨਮੈ ਮਰੈ ॥

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Babbu Mann has done a great job in making this album he has spoken the words our leadership has failed to in order to have a successful movement we have to include everyone - who is in the Sikh Community ranging from Amritdharis to Moneh to those who hardly go to the Gurdwara or do Bani - we have to understand this is not just a religious struggle but also a struggle for existence for all Sikhs the common factor in all this is the Sikh Nation is being attacked and being finished,instead of critising him we should applaud him - where is our Akal Thakt Jathedar,or Makkar or Badal when it comes to the issues he has raised in this album where are all the Sant Baba's ?Nowhere

He does not care about cash profits from this album or the one before uchhian immartan and asquian di line - as he himself has said piracy will always spread the music online and he will get minimal profit so the question of making money does not come in.

The lyrics and words may offend some people but it is the harsh reality - the reality is a singer like Babbu Mann can paint a pic of reality while our Sikh Leadership/National as well as religious fail to do so.This album will do more to awaken the masses than any Makkar,Vedanti,Badal or Gurbachan Singh will ever do - by that I mean appeal to the average villager - farmer peasant,labourer as they can relate to what is sung about by a guy just like them - Babbu Mann.

The Sikh Movement for Freedom and fight for justice is not just one for Amritdharis or Pure Sikhs it is one which includes the whole Sikh Qoum from A - Z

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