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Email Doing The Rounds

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I was also sent this email. Thought I'd share some replies to it which I also received.

ddY dosu n dyaU iksY dosu krMmw AwpixAw ] (433-13, Awsw, mÚ 1)

Dadda: Do not blame anyone else; blame instead your own actions.

jo mY kIAw so mY pwieAw dosu n dIjY Avr jnw ]21] (433-14, Awsw, mÚ 1)

Whatever I did, for that I have suffered; I do not blame anyone else. ||21||

It is most convenient to blame others and/or other religions for our own failings. Guru Sahib expects us to read, understand and abide by the principles enshrined in SGGS. I think the power point presentation should be edited to remove any insult to Islam. As for the incorrect interpretation of Islam contained in it, if we abide by the Hukam, we should have nothing to fear. If we don't abide by the Hukam then we have plenty to fear, not just the horrible actions of the few.


Unfortunately these atrocities probably happen throughout the world.

We must ask our sikh sisters not put themselves in uncompromising situations

that may leave them open to attack.

--DONOT go to bhangra gigs

--DONOT go to melas

--DONOT think a muslim boy (or lust stained sikh boy) want to be your

friend- they don't

--DONOT feel obligated to any muslim-- whether it be uni work or a

favour. --just say NO.

--DO embrace sikhi and jap naam for your protection

-- DO endeavor to one day take amrit

--DO TEACH the children from a young age about the ways of some muslim.

There is no shame in educating our young

--SIKHS should remain UNITED. At uni at school at work.

-- LOVE prevails. Sikhi is full of love and opresses tyranny. Always has

always will. This is an indirect act of TYRANNY by certain islamists and

sikhi needs to "fight back" by sikhs embracing sikhi--- or the bad behaviour

of certain muslims will always continue.

"Where there is Hate, let me show Love"

----It has been known Muslim girls start softening the sikh girls to islamic

views and introduce them to "good looking muslim" boys--- be wary of this.

--DO keep gurmat relations.

--DO go to gurdwara

But importantly, do not get over engrossed in attacking the whole islamic

faith-- Guru Nanak Dev ji told us so. If the opressors are christian,

muslim, hindu or jewish-- donot say a bad word about their religions. It is

just a few who donot "have God" and are out for personal gain (lust,

wealth, status)

It is the mindless few who spoil it for the rest within a religion.

We in sikhi have our fair share of negative influences and sects who do

damage to our faith and split it.

What we must do is respond to the actions bt increasing our OWN naam bani.

God looks out for his sevaks and ALSO looks out for those people who his

sevaks request Him to look after. We can add in our own ardaas for Guru

Sahib to protect our sikh sisters against ALL problems and pain. God is

Great and will listen if the whole sangat humbly requests it.

Bhul chuk maaf.

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